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 Abstract  UML Diagrams  Technologies  Screens  Testing

 Conclusion

 This System will be the best ecommerce solution for courier business.  It Provides online tracking system of consignment and shipping detail for any time of shipping.  It is a comprehensive courier software system designed to manage all aspects of a delivery business

Deliveries management. Receivables Management. Dispatches management.Description  Finding the status of a consignment from online at any time.  It provides Consignments Tracking. .

dispatches. deliveries.Existing System  Current system is a manual one where in consignments. receives etc details are maintained in books.  It is not secure to maintain important information manually .  User need to wait more time to get his application status.

Proposed System  Easy to track the status of applications at any level at any point of time.  It is a software application which avoids more manual hours that need to spend in record keeping and generating reports. .  It can generates required reports easily.

.Modules Admin Module:  This module deals with functionality like accepting requests for new branches and adding new branches etc.

Admin user. Dealers Module:  This module deals with major and crucial part that includes the details of available branches and dealers. Corporate user and Normal user functions. Dealer. .User Module:  This module contains three users.

no of items. Employee Module:  This module deals with the functionalities recruiting and terminating employs when a new branch is started. booking date. all these details will be included. address of the shipper. .Consignment Module:  It provides the details of shipper name. branch id. receivers details. contact no. description of the material.

Hardware Requirements  Processor  Processor Speed  RAM  Hard Disk  Key Board : Intel P-IV based system : 2.0. GHz : 256 MB to 512 MB : 40GB to 80GB : 104 keys .

0 : Tomcat 4. DHTML. HTML. J2SDK 1. Java Script .4.Software Requirements  Database  Server : My SQL 5.1  Front end : JSP / Servlets.

UML Diagrams .





Class Diagram Login -username -password +authenticate() Admin Menu -menuid -menuname +generate() Branch -branchid -branchname +addBranch() +updateBrancnch() Add Branch -branchid -branchname +updateBranchDet() View Branches -location +list() DB Connection -dbparams +connect() +disconnect() Request -reqid -branchdet +addBranchRequest() Add Request -reqid -branchdet +updateRequests() View Request -branchid +display() .

Technologies .

Java in turn has a profound effect on the Internet. .  Java’s object-oriented and memoryprotected design allows developers to increase reliability.  Java is coming into its own as a language Ideally suited for server side development.Java  Java is programmer’s language.

JDBC API is used to write a java program to communicate with database server. The combinations of Java and JDBC lets a programmer write it once and run it any where. JDBC easily sends SQL statements to any relational database virtually.JDBC JDBC provides a standard API. released by Sun Micro System. .

.HTML  HTML is used to design web pages.  HTML provides style sheets to make the document attractive.  To execute the HTML documents we can use any browser.  HTML tags are not case-sensitive.

. JavaScript code can be embedded directly into the HTML document. JavaScript is case-sensitive language. JavaScript generally used for client side validations.Java Script JavaScript was originally called Live Script and renamed as JavaScript to indicate its relationship with Java.

pluggable extension to a server that enhances the server’s functionality.  Java Servlets are key component of serverside java development.Servlets  Servlet is a small. .  The client can invoke the Servlet directly using URL.

JSP files can be run on any web server. JSP provides portability and mature re-usable component model. . JSP is internally converted into Servlet by the Server.JSP JSP is a powerful technology for creating and maintaining dynamic-content web pages.

.MYSQL  My SQL is a open source database.  When we install My SQL database server by default we get a user “root”.  In My SQL we can create our own database.


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Testing  Testing is a process of executing a program with the intent of finding an error. Types of Testing  Unit testing  Integration testing  Validation Testing  Performance Testing .

. courier software offers an integrated package to streamline every aspect of business operations. separate programs.Conclusion  Software systems provides the industry’s most comprehensive courier software solutions.  Many courier management systems are composed of inefficient.