Food and Flavor Chemistry

Lucas Grossman Christina Tsimpiris February 25, 2009 Introduction to Chemistry Seminar

distribution. and utilization of food. preparation. oils. • Flavor Chemists mix aroma chemicals. processing.Overview • Food Science deals with the production. and plant extracts to create artificial flavorings for many food products. . evaluation.

Job Functions • Food chemists test food for harmful bacteria. • Flavor chemists prepare flavors that last longer and are formulated not to trigger food allergies. . • Study the methods of processing and preservation and how they effect the properties of the food.

Employment • Many are employed by government agencies such as FDA and USDA. • Academia-research • Ingredient distributors . • Flavor chemists often work in flavor houses.

• Work as a team to generate feedback when developing a product.Personal Characteristics • Communicate effectively with food manufacturers. • Excellent record keeping skills. • Creative • Investigative .

Job Outlook • Food ingredient supply companies are likely to have more jobs available than those that process food. . since the processors have been shifting research responsibilities to their suppliers. • Job growth among food chemists should be about as fast as the average for all occupations.

• Food Chemists: a degree in chemistry or chemical engineering and a master’s in food science. Five years as a trainee working with senior flavor chemists and then a two year apprenticeship. .Education and Training • Flavor Chemists: a bachelor’s in chemistry is preferred but not necessary.

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