A pace possible towards EXCELLENCE in Academics!

Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra Author & National Awardee Innovator, Six Sigma In Education www.sixsigmaineducation.com

We at Quality Schools look to be excellent for a cause but can delivery quality through

following measures:

Mantra #1
Let us ENGAGE the BOSS…the Child in the class !



bond between


Coffee table appointments with Parents once in two months giving

them opportunities to

speak !

the PARENTS/ Grand Parents to witness and participate in the daily school assemblies………

We at MLZS need to recognize that all students can learn, and provide the tools, support and connections students need
to reach their potential.


We need to explore an instructional program to build student knowledge and must strengthen the critical thinking skills of the children alongwith the Teacher Resource……

In order to be at workplace, Principals need to be empowered to lead and make informed decisions that promote learning at the school level……must set the pace of learning via conducting school assemblies.


Set and Abide by Standards
Standards are expectations clearly defined in measurable terms. Academic standards clearly state what students need to know and be able to do to succeed in school, in the workplace and in life.

Assessments need to
be result-oriented measurements of student, school and system performance. A successful system aligns its standards and assessments.

Learning readiness
to recognize the importance of helping make sure that children are able learn before they come to school.


Accountability for

policymakers, educators, and students based on demonstrated performance. It should encompass the curriculum, instruction and time necessary for students to be successful, and it should focus on helping struggling schools and students.

as a tool to improve learning and productivity, broaden access to knowledge and help teachers, parents and students maximize the opportunities for students to achieve their goals.

Professional development and engaged

by Teachers

Prepare the School’s autonomy
to give individual schools the responsibility to make the decisions needed to achieve high performance and accountability.


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