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July 27, 2006
Sarah Branch AOL Brand Strategy


Why create a new name?


AOL FullView Search

Why the new name?
• AOL is launching its next generation Search product experience, designed for a broadband world -- opening up the question – should we develop a new name? • A new name sends a signal that AOL’s search experience is significantly different • Elevates the new Search product within the AOL portfolio


AOL FullView Search

What did we look for in creating a new name?
• Our new name needed to signal ‘new’, ‘different’ • It needed to deliver ‘richness’ while maintaining ‘credibility’, ‘trusted source’ • To build upon AOL Search messaging of ‘accomplishment’ and ‘discovery’ • To generate intrigue and trial…we want the name to help consumers check it out!


AOL FullView Search

How did we create the name? We didn’t just invent it ourselves…
We followed 3 basic steps:

• Engaged a top tier Naming Agency, Lexicon

Branding, Inc. to develop creative naming options, that also made strategic sense for our Search business;

• Worked as a cross-functional team to select

several options, through a process of creative selection and Legal input; then

• Researched the names with Consumers, to
select the most effective name.


AOL FullView Search

• Who is Lexicon ?
• Lexicon, founded in 1982, is a best of breed Naming agency – their sole mission and expertise is Name creation and development. • Lexicon has created some of the world’s most prominent Names



“A Name is more than just a word…”


“…it’s the start of a conversation”


AOL FullView Search

All successful Names meet three basic criteria: – Intrinsic Values: – Expansiveness: – Credibility:
images or ideas conveyed by a name, that transcend product context. the ability of the name to support multiple messages, and to grow and adapt with product change. believability of the name amongst consumers, within the product’s category or context.

……So our process had to consider names that met these criteria.

AOL FullView Search

We worked as a team…
• • • • • • • Search Marketing Brand Strategy • Multiple working Search Product Audience Marketing sessions • Executive support Research • Team input Legal Consumers!

…together with Lexicon


AOL FullView Search

Through the working sessions, the team evaluated names against the Naming Objectives…
• • • • Signal New & Different Deliver richness, credibility / trusted source Ladder to our messaging of ‘accomplishment’ / ‘discovery’ Generate intrigue & trial

…going from 120+ names to 15 finalists for Research!

AOL FullView Search

It’s not about our internal ‘likes’ or ‘dislikes… it’s what the name means to the consumer
Consumer Research:
• • • • • • Focus groups in Denver and Chicago AOL Members Non-AOL Members Broadband Dial-up Target consumer (HH 18-49)

Lexicon’s proprietary “Reverse Context Methodology”:
• • • Free Association Names in a variety of contexts • Retail store; handheld technology device; online mapping Add real AOL Search context • Read concept statement, show visual mock


“ see the world, discover new places” “bringing the full Internet into view” “FullView is about discovering”

all inclusive understanding wideshot open space zoom out exploratory maximize abundance vacation

big picture panoramic


grasping everything

glass scenery


relaxed being on top of a mountain knowledge windows whole picture atmosphere

“control over the Internet”


“get the full perspective”



AOL FullView Search

One Last Step: Linguistics Assessment

Evaluated the English word ‘FullView’ in 16 languages:
English (UK) French (France) French (Quebec) German Spanish (US/Latin America) Italian Greek Japanese Korean Mandarin Polish Portuguese (Brazil) Russian Turkish Arabic Italian

“The greatest strength of ‘FullView’ [linguistically] is its clarity to speakers worldwide”


AOL FullView Search

“Full” and “View” are very familiar English words

“Full” has range of positive meanings, e.g.:
– Can mean ‘totally’ in a young, hip way in Quebec French – Good fortune, winning position --Turkish – In Mandarin, pronunciation reminds them of ‘fu’ meaning ‘rich’ • Could lead to Chinese translation to fu-jing, ‘rich view’

“View” is understood to mean transparent, comprehensive


AOL FullView Search

“F” and “V” Rhythm

Fastest, Vibrant

Speed, Decisiveness, Dynamism Energetic, final-sounding Symmetrical name; reliability, dependability



Equal weight & stress

Together a clear, logical, modern, interesting combination.

AOL FullView Search

 Positive associations for consumers – Intrinsic Values of

Comprehensiveness, Openness and Perspective

 It’s Expansive…it’s durable, it will last over time as the product iterates  And it’s Credible…consumers believe FullView makes sense for Search and for the AOL brand. • A few other good reasons…  It met team criteria agreed to at the beginning  It’s flexible – works with ‘Search’ and Google attribution  Easy to understand & pronounce by speakers of many language  Lots of visual imagery – great for Marketing communication