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Cost-Benefit Of Implementing GINESYS SCM SOLUTION

WHAT IS MANUFACTURING SUPPLY CHAIN ? Jobber Management WIP Control Production Costing Production Control VMI Warehouse Management GS1 Codification Inventory Sales & Distribution Customer Management Order fulfillment Distribution Vendor Management Logistics Purchase Lead Time Material Requirement Planning Procurement Finance & Accounts Payables & Receivables Cash Flow Management Working capital Management .

PRESENT AUTOMATION SCENARIO LEGACY SOFTWARE Sales & Distribution Who are my best customers? What quantity of Orders can I fulfill? What is the margin from my customers? How much is there in inventory? Can we produce more of this? Procurement What to Purchase? What is required by Production? What is there in warehouse? What rate we purchased last time? Inventory Which Stock should I release first? When will production come from factory? Which stocks are moving faster? Did the Supplier dispatch the Goods ordered? Production Finance Hey! I need to submit Returns PROFIT! PROFIT! What is the quantity to produce? Who are my best Jobbers? What is my cost of production? How long will it take to finish my Orders? .

SUPPLY CHAIN PAIN AREAS Sales & Distribution Customer Management Margin Control Order Fulfillment Dispatches Sales Tracking Procurement Lack of Vendor Analysis Margin Control Product Quality Control and verification Purchase Price Control Optimal Procurement Production Inventory Issues & Receipts Stocking and audit Logistics Tracking Product Identification Store Accounting Jobber Management Production Control Costing Lead Time Control WIP & Consumption Control .

return and Consumption Production Receipts in parts tracking Service billing and Excise Duty Customer Management and Rating Multiple Distribution units and location Primary and Secondary Sales Tracking Sales Return on LIFO. FIFO Inventory valuation on various factors Item Ageing and season control Merchandize Management PRODUCTION Production Planning from Sales Order Route and BOM based production Jobber as well as in house production Finished Goods Costing Lead Time Scheduling WIP Tracking with wastage. Local and Interstate Purchase Vendor Rating and Margin Control Outright and consignment purchase Purchase Returns Legal Compliance Logistics Tracking Replenishment Planning Purchase INVENTORY Multiple type Product classification with GS1 integration Image capturing with Material Requirement Planning Strong Stock Audit with proper inventory tracking Lot and Serial enabled Bar coding Item wise Inventory Movement methods like LIFO.GINESYS SUPPLY CHAIN FEATURES Purchase Order with Multi delivery Schedule Import. Invoice basis Outright. PL. Consignment Sale and SOR Sales Tax compliance Track Dispatches right from Production SALES & DISTRIBUTION FINANCE & ACCOUNTS I Accounts Integrated with all Modules AR/AP Management Cash Flow & Working Capital Control Cost Centre Management Budgeting GL/SL tracking Cheque Printing Complete Reporting – BS. FIFO. etc Payment /Collection Outstanding Bill Ageing Multi Document Bank Reconciliation .

GINESYS SUPPLY CHAIN BENEFITS Daily PO updation helps in correct inventory projection Merchandize planning helps in better forecast Replenishment planning helps to control purchase cost and improves product quality Logistics tracking helps in accurate buy decision and also helps in improving order fulfillment Improve vendor relationship and control Purchase INVENTORY 3-5% reduction in procurement cost I 7-9% reduction in Inventory holding cost & shrinkage PRODUCTION Efficient utilization of resource Lowering production cost Improve on time delivery Efficient material planning Reduced Inventory of Finished Goods And Work in progress Improved visibility Improved Customer Relationship Reduce cost of deliveries improving cash flow High order fulfillment Cycle Better margin through customer rating Reduce Sales Outstanding Improved on time shipment 10% increase in inventory turnover 3-5% reduction in production cost SALES & DISTRIBUTION FINANCE & ACCOUNTS Demand forecasting helps in control lead time Regular Audit helps in correcting item count Better inventory control helps to free budget rupees Helps to prepare Inventory hotlist for reorder and procurement Reduce stock outs Better product identification leading to less ambiguity in inventory 10-15% improvement in Profitability Auto posting of sales and purchase Reduction of staff Elimination of human error Real time accounting reports Efficient Working capital management Better Analytics in terms of profitability and profit center performance Improve operating profit through efficient control on expenses Better Return on Investment .




GINESYS CUSTOMERS PARTIAL LIST Purchase OTTO Clothing Gaurav Gupta Ritu Kumar Stori Success Hoffman Camaro And others…. Mufti More then 200 stores on Ginesys Includes S-I-S and MBO stores All format presence like COCO. COFO. FOFO Centralized Replenishment of stocks Multiple warehouse Management Pan India presence End-to-End integration Using for last 4 years More then 40 stores Multiple warehouse and production unit Accounts integrated with other department Twills .