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Project Name Project Leader Project Champion Team Problem Statement & Business Case (As is State) In Scope : BB/GB/YB TNL Black Belt Head Quality & Audit Al Jubair Sundeep Jain

Goal Statement (Desired State)

Out of Scope :

Project timelines Sep Define Measure Analyze improve Control







Benefits (FY 2013-14) Financial [if any]

Project Risks/Assumptions

Project KPI’s & Achievements KPI #1 KPI #2 [if more than 1 KPI] Project Sign off Function / Team Name Signature Project Leader Project Champion



[where applicable]

TNL Black Belt Al Jubair

Head Q&A Sundeep Jain

A Guide to fill Project Charter .

   It also defines team and responsibility. It articulates what is expected out f the project.Project Charter  A charter is a project formal document created at the beginning of Project which defines the rationale behind the project. Targets and Timelines for the completion of the project etc. A common and agreed understanding in Project Scope & Objective   To take agreement from all stakeholder individuals and functions including Finance Keeps the Team focused towards the goal of the project . proposed benefits. Objective. Problem areas.

Baseline & Target Section 5 Charter Signoff .Project Charter Contents Section 1 Project Name &Team Info Section 2 Problem. Fin. Goal and Scope Section 3 Key Milestones. Benefits and Risk / Assumption Section 4 KPIs.

Responsible for successful planning. It can also cause people to confuse it with another project Project Leader – Responsible for meeting project objectives and financial benefits realization. Highlights issues and risks that could impact the success of the project. A carelessly chose name can cause misunderstanding or blank stare about what the project is supposed to do. risk assessment.Project Charter Contents & Definition 1/7 Project Name & Team Info Problem. First escalation point and point of contact between the project team. Project Type – Defines the type of project BB/GB/YB/Lean       . execution. stakeholders and top management. and closure of a project. issue management. Benefits & Key Assumptions Project KPIs. Project Team – Project Team consist all the core members of the project team. Baseline & Target Charter Signoff  Project Name & Team information:  Project Name – This is the first thing that people hear about in relation to the project. Fin. Project Champion – Responsible for end to end delivery of the project. Head Quality & Audit – Ensuring all support from Quality team and other stakeholders and management team. Goal and Scope Milestones. Black Belt – Responsible for supporting the Leader and Champion in the execution and tracking of the milestones of the project.

Baseline & Target Charter Signoff  Problem Statement  The Problem Statement defines the problem experienced by internal and/or external customers as a result of a poorly performing process. Benefits & Key Assumptions Project KPIs.Project Charter Contents & Definition 2/7 Project Name & Team Info Problem. Goal and Scope Milestones. Fin. It defines… • • • •  • What is wrong or not meeting our customer’s needs? When and where do the problems occur? How big is the problem? What is the impact of the problem? Key Considerations/Potential Pitfalls while defining problem Is the problem based on observation (fact) or assumption (guess)? • • Can data be collected by the team to verify and analyze the problem? Is the problem statement too narrowly or broadly defined? .

Baseline & Target Charter Signoff  Goal Statement    It defines Project’s objective/ desired state Starts with a verb (reduce. or prescribe a solution ! Goal statement should be SMART • • • • • Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-Bound . Fin. control. presume cause. Goal and Scope Milestones. increase) Tends to start broadly–eventually should include a measurable target and completion date   Must not assign blame.Project Charter Contents & Definition 3/7 Project Name & Team Info Problem. Benefits & Key Assumptions Project KPIs. eliminate.

Goal and Scope Milestones. Fin. In Scope .Factors which are out of the purview of the project and will not be worked on. Out of Scope . If this step is skipped or inadequately developed.Project Charter Contents & Definition 4/7 Project Name & Team Info  Scope  Problem. Benefits & Key Assumptions Project KPIs. Baseline & Target Charter Signoff It defines boundary of Project.Elements /Factors which will be considered and are part of project.   . Suitable scope definition is essential to the success of the project and should be given ample consideration and thought. additional project planning is likely to suffer as a result.

are documented here. Measure.Projected net benefits (Savings – Expenditure = Net Benefits)  Key Assumptions    Ensure that critical assumptions. Control) planned in which month  Financial    Expenditure :.CAPEX or OPEX expenditure required in order to deliver the savings Savings: . Baseline & Target Charter Signoff Defines the stage of project (Define.CAPEX/OPEX reduction or revenue enhancement as a result of this project Net:. especially relating to other function/ sub-functions.Project Charter Contents & Definition 5/7 Project Name & Team Info  Milestones –  Problem. Do not put unattainable assumptions or assumptions around TAT of other functions without specific confirmation for that function All assumptions mentioned in this section should be validated by the assigned owner and be realistic   Assigned owner to be identified (one) person only – not a team or group Specific timeframe for completion of dependency/ assumption to be documented. Benefits & Key Assumptions Project KPIs. Fin. . Analyze. Improve. Goal and Scope Milestones.

Goal and Scope Milestones. Benefits & Key Assumptions Project KPIs. Fin. cycle time.Project Charter Contents & Definition 6/7 Project Name & Team Info  Non Financial - Problem. Baseline & Target Charter Signoff  It includes non quantifiable parameters like network uptime. customer satisfaction. etc. quality measures.  Baseline  Current state of KPI performance  Target  Desired state of KPI performance . fault rate.  Key Performance Indicator (KPI)   Critical outcomes of the project should be captured as KPIs The plan must depict the quarterly quantifiable desired outcome of the project.

Baseline & Target Charter Signoff Signoff is the confirmation from the leads on the project It is a testament that the details mentioned in the charter are discussed and agreed between all the signatories . Fin. Goal and Scope Milestones. Benefits & Key Assumptions Project KPIs.Project Charter Contents & Definition 7/7 Project Name & Team Info   Problem.

Define Project KPI. SLA conformance] KPI 2 or so on Derived KPI Data Source iCRM ----- Numerator Denominator Baseline Month Perf. -------------- No. data source and measurement criteria Project KPI KPI 1 [e.g. of complaints resolved within agreed Total complaint resolved during the month SLA timelines during reporting month ---------    Define project KPIs Defines the measurement criteria and sources for calculating KPI’s/CTQ Parameters Defines numerator and denominator for calculating the KPI/CTQ  Also it defines the baseline month with which the KPI improvement will be compared to .

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