Chapters 3 & 4

 Are

the rebels freeing the country? Support with examples. Be specific.  (replacement for ques. 19)  “Gunshots, which sounded like thunder striking the tin-roofed houses” is an example of a __________ (lit device).  Does Ishmael lack character b/c he left behind handicapped people stuck in the swamp? Why or why not? What could he have done? What should he have done?  Why does Ishmael not want to join the rebels?  A man explodes from the RPG, which causes his body to “sprinkle like rain.” What lit device is that?

Questions for Chap. 3


do the boys go back into Matru Jong again in ch. 4 after the rebels have run them off? Why does our author refer to “crapes,” “palampo,” and “sleepers” in his African language? What happened to the boy with the heavy bag? What is ironic about the boys’ going back to town and the vendors’ now refusing to sell? Are the boys wrong for stealing? Why or why not?

Questions for Chap. 4

Reading Fluency:
1-Practice reading with expression for 5 minutes with the reading phones. 2-Read to me to be graded. 3-While you are waiting to be graded, read chap. 5 with a group and then chap. 6 silently.


What does hunger do to their relationships (30)? 2. What does “remorse” mean in context (31)? 3. What does “looted” mean in context (31)? 4. What is the normal behavior of the young towards their elders before the war (33)? Why does it change with the war? 5. Describe the rebels.

Ques. For Chap. 5

1. 2.

What is one consequence of the war (37)? What advantage do the boys have together and what disadvantage (37)? 3. Do you agree that rap is “similar to telling parables (stories with a moral)” (38)? 4. What is the main idea of this chapter? 5. What is an old African custom with farming (41)? 6. What was the effect of Ishmael’s not living with his mother before the war (42)? 7. What does the last sentence in the chapter foreshadow (43)?

Ques. For Chap. 6


rebels are freeing the country.

Four Corners


is becoming insane.


is becoming a bad



How can I write with organization?

Writing a Solid Paragraph on an Essay

Paragraphs have topic sentences. These are sentences that . . . Are early in the paragraph say in one sentence everything that paragraph will discuss

Nothing can be included in the paragraph that does not pertain to the topic sentence!

Organization of Writing:

A topic sentence is like a . . . • Sergeant in charge of a battalion • Traffic cop directing a line of cars • Google entry on maps.com saying where you want to go!



a topic sentence that expresses your opinion on one of the four corner statements.


rebels are freeing the country. Ishmael has lost his mind. Ishmael is becoming a bad person.

Topic Sentence


one paragraph responding to one of the four corner statements and give support (your reasons). You must write at least five sentences: topic sentence, three reasons, & closer.

Step #1

Expert Text

The rebels are not freeing the country. First of all, they are evil, which is clear the way they cut off people’s body parts, burn villages, and destroy the countryside. Second,they are causing chaos and kidnapping people. They are imprisoning, not freeing people. That is definitely not freedom. Third, and most importantly,the country seemed free before the rebels from Ishmael’s memories. He was happy and had pleasant memories of his grandmother and family overall. He did not seem to need any more freedom. In closing, the rebels are evil terrorists, causing chaos everywhere they go and should be punished. They are definitely not freedom fighters, but just punks who think they’re tough because they have guns.


do you notice about the paragraph in technique?

Study expert text.

First, second, third First of all, next, finally Moreover, = and on top of this However, = but Nevertheless, = in spite of this Consequently, = as a result Subsequently, = next, as a result But And Then

Transitions Transitions

When a WHOLE SENTENCE is following, not a piece of a sentence (a fragment).

When can I start a sentence with but/and/or?


is going. But me. No one agreed with her. And refused to sign.

is going. But no one really had the money. No one agreed with her. And then they refused to sign her petition.

Which ones are fragments & which ones are sentences?

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