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What is structures?

A structure is a body or assemblage of bodies in space to form a system capable of supporting loads. The arrangement and interrelationship of parts in a constructions, such as BUILDING Structures include buildings (occupied-habitable) and nonbuilding structures (nonoccupied-non-habitable).

What is the main purpose of structures?
to enclose a space to support the loads to resist the forces to maintain stability to serves a purpose or function

Parthenon at Athens (2500 years old)

The Great Stupa at Sanchi, India (2000 years old)

Pyramid of Giza, Egypt ( 5000 years old)

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Turkey ( 1400 years old)

Eiffel Tower , Paris (120 years old)

Sydney Opera House, Australia

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Beijing National Stadium, China

Petronas Twin Tower, Malaysia

Preparation for next lecture : 1. FORCES ACTING ON STRUCTURES – characteristics of forces 2.PRIMARY MATERIALS IN MAIN STRUCTURAL CONSTRUCTION – strength