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Catholic social teachings

Theology 3: Sociology 3 coyaranon

Philippine Situation
Research on the political, economic, cultural/ religious, and environmental condition/ reliaties
Analyze the current situations: trace the root causes of these conditions Provide possible actions / responses to the realities


coyaranon cst ir ust


passivity  religiosity is pietistic ( PCP II) 4/12/2012 coyaranon cst ir ust 4 .THE PHILIPPINE Social Realities:  unsafe country in Asia  unsavory international distinction of having the most corrupt civil service  and the most inefficient bureaucracy  economic deprivation  power is concentrated to a few  the cross of cultural underdevelopment wrong sense of gratitude. culture of patronage and dependence.

war.FACES OF CRISIS poverty. calamities. maltreatment and abuses. injustices. soaring prices of basic commodities. transportation and fuel. IS THIS A REAL CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY? . etc.

even more so of the work of his intellect and the tendencies of his will “ (JP II RH 15) 4/12/2012 coyaranon cst ir ust 6 .“The man of today seems ever to be under threat from what he produces. that is to say from the result of the work of his hands.

particularly the eastern part in the Pacific Ocean is called “the cradle of typhoons” .The Filipino Experience (Signs of the Times) The Philippines is branded as a “disaster prone area”: 1 2 it belongs to the “ring of fire” …Tskkk Ahhh!!! ??? part of the Philippines.


Alive and life giving 2. Caring and Community minded . Free and freeing 3. Loving and lovable 5. Responsive and responsible 4.A vision for the individual members of the community: 1.

Signs of the Times Sources of Hope Economy Environment Political Socio-Cultural Education .

Sources of Hope the unwavering faith of the Filipino people .

Sources of Hope the increasing social awareness and concern for social change and development .

Sources of Hope the commonalities that exist among different cultures .

Sources of Hope the growing number of NGO’s and PO’s .

PROPOSAL OF CBCP • a COMMITMENT to the common good • a COMMITMENT to honesty and integrity in public service • a COMMITMENT to the right to property • CONVERSION from consumerist mentality • Have a PROFOUND UNDERSTANDING of the value of human work .

Vision of the community: 1. Honestly looks at what they had done and failed to do . Discerns and decides together in implementing its decisions 3. Prays and celebrates their joys and sorrows together and 4. Speaks and listens 2.

It is a community where 1. Power is exercised for service 3. Values create solidarity. Wealth is used for sharing 2. .

maka . makabayan.makatao.Diyos at maka kalikasan (PCP II) .

The spirituality of social transformation a means towards attaining the kind of community we envision .

inspiration within the person to live a particular way of life based on his beliefs or religious convictions.Spirituality . .

to make judgements and always discern in relation to to all members of the christian community to live and think. in the light of the gospel and the teaching of the Church ( PCP 282) .Christian Spirituality .

in. journeying in the spirit of jesus Kaayusan in the society .Jesus.mission.

2. Social Service b. 3. 4. Social Action Elements of the spirituality of social transformation .1. Enduring and intimate commitment to Jesus Seeking the Kingdom Sharing Good News Heeding God’s Word a.

Spirituality of social transformation AS PART OF THE MISSION OF THE CHURCH .

2:5. 1:15 MT.16-21 MT.What is the mission of the Church today? The Church considers her mission as a continuation of the liberating mission of Christ MT. 5:23-25 4/12/2012 coyaranon cst ir ust 25 .11-12 LK 4.

built according to justice .practiced in freedom 4/12/2012 coyaranon cst ir ust 26 .Mission of Jesus Christ Mission of the Church (Kingly) Service for: Development Integral human development (Priestly) Prayer/worship for: Deeper Relationship with God (Prophetic) Proclamation of: Peace .founded on truth .

economic or social order. and an energy which can serve to structure and consolidate the human community according to Divine Law” ( GS 42) 4/12/2012 coyaranon cst ir ust 27 . gave His Church no proper mission in the political. But out of this religious mission itself come a function. The purpose which he set before her is a religious one. a light.“Christ to be sure.

“That God’s Kingdom may come. and that the salvation of of the whole human race may come to pass” ( GS 45) 4/12/2012 coyaranon cst ir ust 28 .

106.1. 6:21-23 • Dt. 28:2-14 • Ps. 135. 136. 105. 2:2-5. Meaning of Salvation to the Israelites • Dt. 26:2-13 • Jos. 26:4-13 • Dt. 78 4/12/2012 • Is. 11:5-9 • Amos 9:11-15 • Ezekiel 36:22-32 coyaranon cst ir ust 29 . 24:2-13 • Lev.

Salvation of : the total person From : slavery. grapes. peace. security. lack of land. hunger. liberty. etc. [political] freedom. Through : For : their collective struggle [economic] abundance. good relations coyaranon cst ir ust 30 4/12/2012 . promised land. drought. death. rain. oppressions. discrimination. [socio-cultural] children.

2. New Testament Concept of Salvation “And this is love.” -1 Jn 4:10- 4/12/2012 coyaranon cst ir ust 31 . not that we love God but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the expiation for our sins.

“…Jesus came into Galilee. repent. and saying. and believe in the Gospel.” -Mark 14-14- 4/12/2012 coyaranon cst ir ust 32 . ‘the tie is fulfilled. and the Kingdom of God is at hand. proclaiming the Gospel of God.

THE CHRISTIAN CONCEPT OF SALVATION Salvation of From : Through : : the soul sin God’s grace For : Eternal life 4/12/2012 coyaranon cst ir ust 33 .

Basic Considerations of the Church’s Social Mission Evangelization Liberation Proclamation of salvation from sin • From everything that oppressive to man. and communitarian liberation for the development of man in all dimensions 4/12/2012 coyaranon cst ir ust 34 . a personal.

A renewed concept of evangelization Before Renewed • Seed sowing • Announcing • Proclaiming • Personal and private • Awareness of what has been planted • Time for bearing fruit • Calls for the transformation of the society 4/12/2012 coyaranon cst ir ust 35 .

Christian Liberation for Authentic Development Christian Liberation Authenthic Development • Freeing from social sin • Struggling against sinful structures • Not limited to economic dimension : not having more but on becoming a total human person • Includes the poor and nations reaping the benefits • Sharing in decision making • Transformation through peaceful means coyaranon cst ir ust 36 4/12/2012 .

political and cultural involvement here and NOW 4/12/2012 coyaranon cst ir ust 37 . OUR faith can only be expressed and must be expressed through our social. economic. NEVER NEUTRAL.THE EXPRESSION OF OUR FAITH SHOULD ALWAYS BE PREFERENTIAL.

4/12/2012 coyaranon cst ir ust 38 .The Reality of Sin The root problem is the “gross unequal distribution of wealth.” Some people have more than they need while the rest do not even the basic necessities of life.

TYPOLOGIES OF SOCIAL SIN Sinful Structures Sinful Situations Sinful Attitudes 4/12/2012 coyaranon cst ir ust 39 .