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Librarian as a Change Agent: Transformation of a traditional interior Sindh library into a state-ofthe-art modern library

Muhammad Asif Munir – Chief Librarian Sukkur IBA & Zahid Hussain Khand – Registrar Sukkur IBA

Background • • • • • • Backward Less privileged Interior Sindh Vicinity Lack of visionary leadership Library had stopped circulation services Merely a reading hall Technology utilization went wrong .

• • • • • • • Poor quality of human resources Piracy was prevailing everywhere Poor management of library operations No proper system for record keeping Small library No Library Management System Less aware users or users with lack of awareness about library services .

• Under utilized HEC digital library • No concept of library orientation and other activities related to information literacy • No library OPAC • No website of the library .

Present • Virtua • RFID based security and shelf management system • Change in Mindset • Piracy free library • External membership services • Digital library • Website .

• • • • • • Chamo – OPAC Document delivery services Build the library program Visionary leadership Automated circulation First ever Integration of Virtua with 3M RFID security and Shlef Management system .

OPAC. website. library orientations • Utilization of Web 2.• Maximum utilization of library • Library remains full • Marketing of library services through various marketing tools and techniques such as brochures.0 technology .

• A questionnaire was developed. • In first section data related to library services is sought • Second section/part of the questionnaire was related to library environment . • The questionnaire contains three sections.Methodology • A survey of users(students. staff and faculty) of the library is conducted to compare the current and old state of affairs of the library.

• Third portion of the questionnaire dealt with use of technology and technology aided services • Questionnaire was a mix of open and closed ended questions • In the last suggestions from participants was also sought .

What is your opinion regarding • • • • Cleanliness of the library Is reading environment noise free Library staff is courteous Library staff is more groomed and technically skilled • Quality of services is better than one year before • No. of services being provided now and one year before .

• Is library equipped with modern technologies? • Services are more user focused? • Library policies are supportive in term of providing better environment and required resources. • Library staff is helpful and supportive • OPAC is useful • Borrowing facility helps you to better utilize library information sources .

Conclusions and recommendations • The focused and concerted efforts can turn unfavorable conditions into most suitable one • Mindset of users can be changed by giving then opportunity to contribute • Vision and leadership plays a pivital .