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Nicholas Kostopulos- Career Highlights And Achievements

Nicholas Peter Kostopulos is an adept professional with distinguished professional history. He is a business executive and dispute resolution attorney, an author and educator with more than 20 years of experience as a federal prosecutor, law firm partner, and corporate executive. Among his areas of practice, Nicholas Peter Kostopulos has counseled domestic and foreign companies to use strategic alliances and collaborations to expand their products and technologies as well as their geographic markets. As an expert on strategic alliances and intellectual property licensing, Mr. Kostopulos has for has worked for two decades with domestic international companies to focus and accelerate their science and commercial activities by partnering with other firms and sometimes government agencies to leverage and acquire existing and new capabilities and assets in ways that would have been impossible if working alone.

Through well-vetted and managed collaborations, often with former competitors, companies can acquire assets and knowhow beyond their existing or potential financial and technical capabilities as a solo operator. Mr. Peter Kostopulos’s clients have included product and technology developers, as well as service providers in the financial services, healthcare, construction, and food and hospitality industries. In 2013, Mr. Kostopulos created SwissAmerica Medical Co and formed an alliance with Swiss firm Modutech SA, to develop and commercialize a pipeline of nutritional health products, principally a portfolio of all-natural “life style” health products with substantial health-related benefits.

Mr. Peter Kostopulos’ licensing and alliance expertise arose in the 1990’s, when he associated with a group of Swiss life science companies, the Debio Group, operating in Switzerland,and France. Those operations were expanded to include the United States with Mr. Kostopulos’ engagement in 1993, who was partner in a Washington D.C. law firm. Over the years, Mr. Kostopulos gained substantial executive experience, handling the business, regulatory, and litigation affecting his growing list of clients. In 1996, Mr. Kostopulos was appointed by Debiopharm SA to serve as Director of U.S. Business and Legal Affairs.During his ten years of service, Mr. Kostopulos acted as Debiopharm’s agent for registrations before the Food and Drug Administration and concluded multiple agreements on behalf of Debiopharm and its affiliated companies, including two major collaborations responsible for the commercialization of two cancer treatments.

The foregoing work led to similar appointments with other technology clients including Cryptolex Inc., ImmuPharma Ltd., PhenoGenomics Inc., EccoDynamics, Inc., in which his responsibilities included business development, government relations and investigations, legal compliance, requiring him to report regularly to senior management and Boards of Directors. Among the foregoing appointments was his hire to serve as Vice president in Business Development at PhenoGenomics Corp. This company was founded by industry visionary, Leroy Hood, inventor of the DNA synthesizer. Among his responsibilities was to resolve a major dispute with the source of the company’s principal cancer compound, a hospital based in Taiwan.

Apart from the afore mentioned, he has immense experience working as a law firm partner with different organizations such as Kostopulos & Associates, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice PLLC, and Watt, Tieder & Hoffar. During his early career, Nicholas served in several important positions for the United States Government. At the time of his retirement from federal service, Mr. Kostopulos was Senior Trial Attorney in the Department of Justice’s Procurement Fraud Unit, headquartered at Washington D.C. where he was lead prosecutor responsible for investigations and prosecutions of large federal contractors, most of which were Fortune 500 companies, handling highly sensitive cases affecting military, diplomatic, and commercial policies of the United States government.

He has performed exceptionally well in all his professional pursuits and continues to enjoy great career successes. Apart from holding exceptional skill set and immense experience, Nicholas contributes to various charitable causes. He provides free legal services for matters such as consumer protection and domestic landlord-tenant disputes.

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