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Peter Kostopulos- A Proficient Business Executive And Law Firm Partner

N. Peter Kostopulos is a motivated professional with a successful career profile. Having worked at different positions with various organizations, he has developed excellent leadership qualities, remarkable communication skills and, brilliant research and writing abilities.

His Professional Journe As a business executive, N. Peter Kostopulos has worked with some of the most reputed Life Science companies. n !""#, he $oined %ebiopharm SA, based in Lausanne Switzerland, as a %irector of &.S. 'usiness and Legal Affairs. Here, he was responsible for all legal, regulator(, and business activities. He helped register with the )%A two anti*cancer drugs for treating prostate and colon cancers and negotiated two ma$or license and development agreements which provided funding to support clinical testing and later the distribution of the products in the &nited States and the rest of the world.

+n behalf of %ebiopharm, ,r. -ostopulos negotiated another ./ other technolog( agreements aimed at protecting the compan(0s intellectual propert(, enlarging its pipeline of new compounds and technologies, and insuring the compan(0s compliance with various domestic and foreign laws and best practices. As a result of his extensive management of %ebiopharm0s worldwide business, ,r. -ostopulos contributed to the extraordinar( growth of %ebiopharm and its affiliates during his tenure, during which time the compan( grew in value from 1.// million to 1. billion. n .//#, after more than !. (ears as one of the compan(0s principal business and legal managers in 2orth America, ,r. -ostopulos left the compan( to resume his responsibilities as managing partner of his law firm.

-ostopulos 3 Associates 45, a boutique firm serving the domestic and international needs of highl( regulated technolog( companies within the life sciences, financial services and other industries, counseling clients on matters of legal compliance and risk management, litigation and regulator( investigations, and intellectual propert( licensing. +ver the next several (ears, N. Peter Kostopulos continued to serve as general counsel for several technolog( companies, including 5r(ptolex nc. a developer of biometric securit( s(stems for the financial industr(, where he worked directl( with senior management and 'oard of %irectors on several pro$ects.

Later, he was hired b( %r. Lero( Hood, industr( visionar( and inventor of the %2A s(nthesizer, to serve as 6ice 4resident of 'usiness %evelopment, and responsible for managing existing alliances and expanding the compan(0s activities from a diagnostic business to a drug development compan(.

n ./!7,, ,r. -ostopulos formed SwissAmerica ,edical 5o., in Annapolis, ,ar(land, where he has allied with several companies to develop and commercialize a portfolio of high* margin, all*natural 8life st(le9 non*prescription products that offer consumers with novel solutions designed to mitigate and eliminate health and legal risks associated with contemporar( life, such as %e:oxa;, a patented combination of dietar( ingredients that been clinicall( demonstrated to lower rapidl( and safel( a drinker0s blood alcohol concentration, providing consumers with a valuable tool for managing their consumption of alcohol and avoiding the extreme discomfort of hangovers associated with excessive drinking. SwissAmerica is scheduled to launch its first product in the .nd quarter of ./!< in at least !! countries, including the &nited States and the rest of 2orth America, =apan and Australia.

His Experience As A Law Firm Partner As a law firm partner, 4eter -ostopulos has an excellent professional histor(. He was a partner at two national law firms the >//*law(er firm of ?omble 5arl(le Sandridge 3 @ice 4LL5, and ?att, :ieder 3 Hoffar, and founded two boutique law firms, -ostopulos 3 Associates 45 and -*Law nc., both of which served the special business and risk management needs of domestic and foreign clients, principall( technolog( companies. ,r. -ostopulos commenced his professional career as a regulator and law enforcement attorne( with the &nited States Aovernment, first in the field of antitrust at the

'ureau of 5ompetition of the )ederal :rade 5ommission in ?ashington %.5., and later as an Assistant &nited States Attorne( in ,iami, )lorida and then Senior :rial Attorne( in 4rocurement )raud &nit of the )raud Section within the %epartment of =ustice, headquartered at ?ashington %.5. +ver the course of his distinguished government career, ,r. -ostopulos evaluated, investigated, and prosecuted more than .// matters involving )ortune B// corporations and other business entities, business executives, licensed professionals, and foreign citizens accused or suspected of violating a broad range of federal laws and regulations designed to protect citizens, consumers, the banking and housing industries, healthcare, and international and domestic markets from schemes and conspiracies to defraud, deceive, misappropriate, and promote various illegal activities

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