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Design for Manufacturing

Chandan Kr Biswas


Dieter/Schmidt, Engineering Design 5e. ©2013. The McGraw-Hill Companies

A serious problem facing manufacturing companies has been the tendency to separate the design and manufacturing functions into different organizational units. There is confusion of terminology concerning the engineering function called manufacturing. Engineering Design 5e. 3 Dieter/Schmidt. ©2013. The need to break down barriers between design and manufacturing is widely recognized today.Role of Manufacturing in Design     Producing the design is a critical link in the chain of events that starts with a creative idea and ends with a successful product in the marketplace. The McGraw-Hill Companies .

Spectrum of Manufacturing Activities 4 Dieter/Schmidt. The McGraw-Hill Companies . Engineering Design 5e. ©2013.

Engineering Design 5e. ©2013. The McGraw-Hill Companies .Manufacturing Functions  Most conventional manufacturing is divided into the following functions:      Process engineering Tool engineering Work Standards Plant engineering Administration and Control 5 Dieter/Schmidt.

Engineering Design 5e. Tool engineering is concerned with the design of tools. and supervising to assure that materials. machines. tools. and people are available at the right time and in the quantities needed to produce the part. scheduling. Plant engineering is concerned with providing the plant facilities needed to carry out the manufacturing process. ©2013. Work standards are time values associated with each manufacturing operation that are used to determine standard costs to make the part. Administration and control deals with production planning. The McGraw-Hill Companies . and gages to produce the part. jigs. 6 Dieter/Schmidt.Manufacturing Functions (2)      Process engineering is the development of a step-by-step sequence of operations for production. fixtures.

or polymers by pressing and sintering. hot compaction. This rapidly developing manufacturing area involves the consolidation of particles of metal. usually metal. ceramics.Brief Description of the Classes of Manufacturing Processes  Casting Processes:  Molted liquid is poured into a mold and solidified into a shape defined by the contours of the mold. Dieter/Schmidt. A material. The wise use of polymers has brought about the development of processes tailored to their high viscosity. deformation. or plastic Engineering Design 5e. ©2013. is plastically deformed (hot or cold) to give it improved properties and change its shape. The McGraw-Hill Companies  Polymer processing(molding):   Deformation Processes:   Power processing:  10 .

Brief Description of the Classes of Manufacturing Processes (2)  Material removal or cutting processes:  Material is removed from a workpiece with a hard. The McGraw-Hill Companies  Joining processing:   Heat treatment and surface treatment:   Assembly Processes:  11 . finished product. subassembly or Dieter/Schmidt. soldering. A number of parts are brought together and combined into a Engineering Design 5e. etc. This category includes the improvement of mechanical properties by thermal heat treatment processes as well as the improvement of surface properties by diffusion processes like carburizing. sharp tool by a variety of methods such as turning. ©2013. brazing. milling. etc. Included in joining processing are all categories of welding.

The most specialized type. Oil refinary. Engineering Design 5e. e. The McGraw-Hill Companies   12 Assembly line:  Continuous flow:  . The equipment is laid out in the sequence of usage. ©2013.g. Dieter/Schmidt.  Batch (Flexible Manufacturing System) :  Used when the product design is relatively stable and produced in periodic batches but the volume for an individual product is not sufficient to warrant the cost of specialized.Types of Manufacturing Systems  There are four general types of manufacturing systems:  Job shop:  Characterized by small batched of a large number of different part types every year. dedicated equipment.

The McGraw-Hill Companies . Engineering Design 5e.Characteristics of Production Systems 13 Dieter/Schmidt. ©2013.