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Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TeAM or the Association) providing technopreneurs with the opportunity to voice their concerns on the current

state of the ICT sector, concern faced small and

medium-scale technology entrepreneurs.

Some of the key findings are:

Malaysian companies need to find more affordable ways to market their products and services abroad. Local demand must be stimulated to support the local ICT industry. Perceptions that foreign-made products are superior to home-grown solutions must be addressed. Technopreneur development programmed should be introduced to sharpen business skills and marketing skills.


Small Medium and Enterprises (SMEs) are companies involved in local industries. They are responsible for supplying equipment's and components to local and multi-national companies. SMEs play a crucial role in the economic development of a country and provide the base to further develop entrepreneurship talents among individuals. Entrepreneurs need to keep themselves updated with the ever-changing phase of technological developments in terms of new product development, packaging, marketing and quality control which are certain to influence the companys production level.

Government agencies are creating technology arms, which essentially compete with budding startups. Examples cited include Tourism Malaysia and MDC. For a small sized technopreneurs, developing a business plan is prohibitively time consuming and costly. They do not have the resources to drafts business plan or the culture of most Malaysian technopreneurs.


Entrepreneurs need to keep up with the ever changing phase of technology which would affect their production.

As such, having up to date technological skills gives them the competitive edge in the business world.

Importance of Information and Communication Technology Application

Attracts a large number of customers ICT can attract a large number of customers from all over the world. Give an image of well established company Customer having to communicate with the company without having to look at the company physical location. The image of a well-established company is very important in obtaining customers confidence when dealing with the company. Minimizes management costs Management costs such as telephones bills, transportation and be reduced by the use of the internet. It also reduces the cost of operations by Lessening the number of workers to perform jobs which have been made simpler by ICT