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CONTENTS • Introduction • Features of E-Ball • Virtual Keyboard • Projectors • Working of E-Ball • If there is no wall • Advantages & Disadvantages • Conclusion 2 .

web came . this is exactly what designer Apostol Tnokovski was feeling when he decided to create the smallest PC ever made.modem. • This computer has all the features like a traditional computer. dvd large screen display. like. • This concept PC will measure 160mm in diameter and it was designed for Microsoft Windows OS. mother-board.INTRODUCTION • Aren’t you tired of your PC? By his ugly shape and the way that it looks? Well. • The E-Ball concept pc is a sphere shaped pc which is the smallest design among all the laptops and desktops. hard drive. mouse. 3 . LAN& WAN slots etc.

4 . opens by simultaneously pressing and holding the two buttons located on each side .E-Ball is designed to be placed on two stands .

• Dual –core processor. • It contains wireless optical mouse . • It has LAN and WLAN card • It also contain a Web cam. 6 . • It contains a LCD projector.FEATURES OF E-BALL • It has around 350-500 GB of hard disk. • It contains about 5GB of RAM. • It has two 50W speakers. • It contains a laser keyboard.

6 .

7 .VIRTUAL KEYBOARD • • A virtual keyboard is a projection keyboard that is projected and touched on any flat surface Virtual keyboard basically uses the principle of sensor technology and artificial intelligence to let users work on any surface.

as the user touches the image of the key. Virtual keyboard basically consists of three components: Sensor module:-The Sensor Module serves as the eyes of the Keyboard Perception technology. 8 . it is projected optically on the flat surface and. The Sensor Module operates by locating the user's fingers in 3-D space and tracking the intended keystrokes.• Whenever you press the keyboard button. the optical device detects the stroke and sends it to the computer.

The pattern projector:-The source:-The Pattern Projector basically presents the image of the keyboard. This light beam is designed to overlap the area on which the keyboard pattern projects. with all the keys and control functions as in the keyboard. The projected image is that of a standard qwerty-keyboard. This image can be projected on any flat surface. 9 .IR-light Infrared Light Source emits a beam of infrared light. This is done so as to illuminate the users fingers by the infra-red light beam.

• LCD stands for liquid crystal display. Each panel consists of two plates of glass with a layer of liquid crystal between them. • Video signals are comprised of three colors: red. the crystals open to allow light through or close to block it. • LCD projectors contain a separate glass panel for each. green.PROJECTORS • E-BALL that is the concept pc basically uses LCD projector. • When a charge is applied. LCD projectors are systems that display or project information or video onto a flat surface. and blue. This opening and closing of pixels is what forms the image 10 .

Each then passes through the corresponding panel. where pixels form an image. green. LCD projectors use separate panels for each color because it results in better color saturating than using a single panel for all three. and blue components. 11 .These devices use dichroic mirrors to split the light from the input source into red. The three colors are then recombined in a prism before being projected through a lens.

LCD projectors can project bright. Dead pixels. vivid images with a low output lamp. LCD trends to produce a sharper image. green. One benefit of LCD is that it controls red.ADVANTAGES:- • • • • • LCD is generally more light efficient. 12 . and blue colors independently DISADVANTAGES:- • • • More bulky as there are more internal components. Suffers from Screen door effect.

Do whatever you want. Activate the virtual keyboard.WORKING OF E-BALL • • • • • Press and hold the power button for 5 sec. 13 . Adjust the LCD projector. Detach the optical mouse.

• Paper sheet holder is placed at the back panel of this computer.IF THERE IS NO WALL • When we are working in an open place we can make use of a paper sheet as a screen. • The holder can be opened by pressing it in the lower part 14 .


E-BALL is very easy to use E-BALL is more secure than other computer. DISADVANTAGES • Normal operating systems cannot work in these computers. E-BALL is efficient.ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES:• • • • • • • E-BALL is portable. E-BALL is useful for making video presentation. • It is difficult to understand if any problems occur in hardware part. E-BALL has large memory. 16 . E-BALL support user defined keyboard layouts. • Cost of E-BALL is very high.

• Today’s technology is at its peak point beyond what we could ever imagine.CONCLUSION • As the year passes. • New inventions and innovations are emerging on daily basis. the computer size is becoming smaller. • At last this ball technology has taken the computer technology to new horizons. • Our imaginations have dressed into reality and today it has become possible to have a whole computer in our pocket all the time. 17 .