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Dogfooding as a tool for employee engagement

Vishnu Santhosh S 1321341 IMBAL

most technology companies 'dogfood' their own products .for instance when they need to work the bugs out of their creations.Introduction • the act of getting employees to use/test the products the company builds • Globally. .

and finally. a product specialist at FB’s Hyderabad office explains the three parts of dogfooding." . there is market-specific dogfooding . • "There is general dogfooding like testing the hashtag that Facebook introduced. another form is where employees get together and try and hack a product for a couple of hours.• Shomir Dutt.these are products that are released for the India market.

• Dogfooding provides instant gratification. makes youngsters a part of the decisionmaking process: both factors critical to retaining the young and restless workforce. . most of whom tend to be in their early twenties and impatient.How Facebook is using Dogfooding • FB is also using dogfooding as a tool to engage and retain its employees.

" she says . joined Facebook a year ago. • As a part of the ad integrity team her job is to ensure that ads on Facebook comply with company policy.Example • Nikita Prakash. • But apart from the work she is paid for. • "There is no bigger thrill than knowing that your work affects the end user. • She has filed 150 bugs in the past six months almost a bug a day. 24. Nikita spends hours on Facebook. voluntarily testing it.

" he adds. . head of the Hyderabad office.• "Dogfooding is one of the best outlets that we can provide for young." says James Mitchell . It binds them to the product and the company very strongly. Facebook. • "In the entire Facebook ecosystem dogfooding is a medium to let your voice be heard and for it to matter. enterprising intelligent minds.

'dogfooding' gained prominence as it shifted towards 'mobile first'.299 employees globally and a little over a 100 in India.15 billion global users. India accounts for 82 million. .• At Facebook. • Facebook has 5. • It needed all employees to use the mobile apps and provide feedback. • Of its 1.

Dogfooding is up their alley. head of HR.• What works to Facebook's advantage is that its 20-somethings are already in the groove." says Shweta Shukla. • "They love the Facebook platform and are active users. .

it is MMDDYY. • The remaining 30% to 40% is not defined: employee involvement in dogfooding can well constitute part of this. • "Collective wisdom is very powerful.• One suggestion that resulted in a change while dogfooding was localising the registration for India users: DDMMYY format for India while for the rest of the world. • The way Facebook designs its employee roles is that classically. an employee will spend 50% to 60% of the time doing things that are predictable." says Shukla. .

How it helps Employee Engagement • Binds the young employees to the company and the product strongly • Works as a medium to let the employees’ voices be heard • Helps satisfy an entrepreneurial and start-up spirit • Keeps employees connected Globally • Helps create internal people networks and foster connections • Provides a well-rounded perspective to the product as people across all the functions dogfood .