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Warm Up- Pair/Share

Discuss what you know about metaphors.
Choose and say one of the three sentence frames to discuss metaphors with your partner.
1)“I know that a metaphor is______. An example of a metaphor is________”. 2)“I think a metaphor is__________. I think this because _______________”. 3)“I do not know what a metaphor is but I can make an educated guess that it has something to do with___________.”

Metaphor vs. Simile .

Instead of saying “He ran quickly”. Similes are often used in poems to emphasize a point.  He ran as fast as a cheetah.Simile  A simile is a comparison between two things using like and as.  .

“He ran like the wind”    .Common Similes  "I feel as old as dirt" "You are as slow as molasses" "She was as white as a ghost".

Example: “This room is an Oven!”  Do I mean that this classroom is an oven?  Turn to your partner and tell him/her what I really mean.  .Metaphor  Makes a comparison between seemingly unlike things without “like” or “as”.

-Talent is only potential. . -Heat is activity. and must be developed (cooked). and activity is heat.  She had a raw talent for music.Common Metaphors  The crowd began to simmer down. -A disaster is the finished product of bad ingredients and processes.  A recipe for disaster .

McCown figure it out? Tim was as tall as Mount Everest Simile: uses as to compare Tim and Mount Everest.Metaphor or Simile? Can Mrs. . Jordan walked like an elephant on parade. Metaphor: compares Jordan and elephant without like or as.

Your Turn! Simile (S) or Metaphor (M) ? Use whiteboards Carrying my book bag was like dragging around a bag of boulders. Jordan’s reply was burning hot and crispy. Metaphor: compares reply with hot and crispy without using “like” or “as”. Simile: uses “like to compare dance and squirrels. . She danced like she was trying to stomp on rabid squirrels. Simile: uses “like” to compare book bag and boulders.

Your Turn! Simile (S) or Metaphor (M) ? Use whiteboards Her hair was golden silk streaming in the afternoon breeze. The algebra question x+16=30 is a sharp object jiggling around in my brain Metaphor: compares question with object without using “like” or “as”. . Metaphor: compares hair with silk without using “like” or “as”. Jan’s broken nose swelled up like a big red balloon. Simile: uses “like to compare dance and squirrels.

Diamond : “The sun was a diamond in the sky”.How to make a metaphor  Sun.  .

Make a Metaphor Mind.  .  Can your mind soak up anything?  “Her mind was a sponge absorbing all the details”. Sponge  What does a sponge do?  Soak up liquid.

mule 2) 3) *Remember. think how the two words can be alike. 1) Car. . refrigerator Tommy.Partner Work-Create a metaphor for each pair of words. pig Cindy.

Independent Work   Your ticket out the door Write one sentence for each of your three metaphors explaining what the metaphors mean. . shiny and stood out against the blue of the sky. The sun was bright. Example: “The sun was a diamond in the sky”.

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