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Oracle Applications • Basic Concepts • Terminology • Navigation


By completion of training you will be able to:
• • • Navigate through Oracle Enter Data Search for Data • • • Use flexfields Access On-line Help Run and monitor reports

Hardware and Network
World Wide Access Phone Access Desktop Computer Network Printer


Network Phone Line Security

Mass Hard Disk Storage

10 Mbp LAN Enterprise Network
Network Connections 100 Mbp - Backbone Database Server & Backup Computer room in the corporate Office

Web / Application Server & Backup

Oracle Applications are integrated using a central database and a corporate network.

Work Bill In Of Progress. Report and distribute data using Oracle Database and Applications Servers . Payable Orders Assets Cash Mgt.Application Suite GL AR AP PO INV FA CM WIP BOM MRP AOL General Ledger Accounts Accounts Purchase Inventory Fixed Recv.Query and Run Reports On-Line) Multiple user access applications using Desk Top PC or Network Computers Enter and Query using On-Line Forms Save related data in Database Tables Store. Materials Material Resource Planning Application Object Library (Single Point of Data Entry .

RDBMS Operating System .OS .AOL Relational Database Management System .Web Forms Applications Object Library .

Tool Bar Title Bar Menu Bar Header Window displays data for PO Pull Down Menu Alternative Region .Graphical User Interface (GUI) To Navigate use the Tab key. mouse or pointer to Point and click to the any field.

Forms .

. click Connect.Starting Oracle Applications To start application point your web browser to the application’s URL Enter your Oracle Applications: User Name and Password then.

Choosing your Responsibility .

Expanding the Navigation List Top Menu Sub.Menu To expand and collapse menus click on the + or Buttons .

Menus .

Navigator Top-Ten List Navigator Top Ten Move frequently used menu options to the Top Ten area. .

File Menu .

Edit & Tools Menu .

Help Menu On-Line Help .

Displaying Oracle Information .

The Toolbar .

Navigating Within a Window .

Oracle Flexfields Account Block.Key Flexfield XX COMPANY - XXX DEPARTMENT - XXXXX ACCOUNT - XXXX PRODUCT - XXXX PROJECT - XX INTERCOMPANY 01 000 71410 0000 0000 00 Requisition Purchase Order Receiving Accounts Payable Inventory Fixed Assets Post to General Ledger Accounts .

List of Values .

Receipt. Work Orders and General Ledger Accounts. Key flexfields may have on one or many Segments. For example. a PO Number will have one Key segment while many Key segments can make up the account block for a company’s GL codes. Accounts Payable. .Project.Key Flexfields Key flexfield are intelligent codes to uniquely identify data through all applications. Key flexfields provide a method to linking information enter on a Requisition to the Purchase Order.

The Descriptive Flexfield appears as a single field with open and closed brackets. Using the tab key or a mouse click to navigate to the field will open the Descriptive Flexfield ‘Pop-Up’ window where additional data is entered.Descriptive Flexfields Descriptive Flexfields windows appear on many of the Oracle forms. .

Enter Requisition Enter Requisitions Lines Alternative Region .

Enter Requisition continued .

Requisition Approval .

saves the data to the Oracle database.Copy & Commit Commit. .

Query Operators .

Query By Example .

Query Find .

Printing a Window .

Run Reports in Oracle .

Monitor Reports Concurrent Request Manager .

Monitoring Reports .

Objectives Check Off You should now be able to: • Navigate through Oracle • Enter Data • Search for Data • Use flexfields • Access On-line Help • Run and monitor reports .