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Radial analysis of digipak

Rose Field

Front cover
Image We decided to use this image of our artist because it shows him as over confident and relaxed due to his stance. I suggested using this picture because it makes our artist slightly mysterious as his face is half covered and his eye contact is directed downwards which leaves the audience with enigma. We edited the photo using Photoshop Cs6 so that the image was copied and put behind the previous image to create a clone effect which was done to link the front cover to the music video we created because we have used clones in it. This was done to make the products consistent and identifiable to the audience. Colour scheme Weve chose the colour black and white across our digipak which is a rarity in the pop genre. However we have done this to make our album stand out among other pop albums and do give the audience an insight to what the album will be like. From a glance at the digipak the audience will instantly know that the album is not going to be upbeat and full of dance tracks since the colour black connotes depression, a cold formality and sin. Font

We found this font on a free text generator website after searching through hundreds to find simple yet modern font. All of the group liked this font as it was not too overstatement and therefore does not take any focus away from the artist. The font was put in white to secure the colour scheme we wanted and to be readable despite the dark background.

2nd Page
Image Weve chosen this image as it shows Mati as more of an artists due to featuring the guitar. This portrays Mati as really into his own music and hints that he composes the tracks himself. Another reasons we included the shot of the guitar is because it features in the music video. By including the guitar in the digipak as well as the music video, we are connecting the two products so that the audience will also identify the two products as part of the artist. Weve chosen the artists outfit to be casual by selecting an acid washed denim shirt and chinos for him to wear. We chose a casual attire for our artist to identify with a younger audience which is his target audience. Editing/Effect I suggested creating the sin city effect on this image because I believed it to make the image even stronger because it makes the guitar stand out without taking any focus away from the artist Typography The typography on the side says Copyright and all rights reserved by Island Records. This has been included to highlight what record company our artist belongs to and makes the digipak seem more realistic because I have seen copyright information on a number of digipaks that I had researched.

3rd Page
Image We chose this image because we thought it would promote our artist as a bit more edgy and a bad boy within the pop genre because we noticed that there was a gap for a male artist whos a bit more reckless rather than docile and sweet in the pop genre. The image portrays him as more of a heartbreaker and ladies man as the actress is lusting after him and he is not bothered by it and just pulling his signature pose. His eye contact is directed towards the audience to engage them into the shot. We thought this was important because in previous images our artist has been looking down so we needed one shot whereby he can really draw the audience in. His dress sense is more formal here but still has that scruffy roughed up look to it to imply hes been tugged at by the female. I directed him to roll his sleeves up and drag his tie sidewards to conform to a young dress code, which has been popularised by band One Direction as they are welll known for wearing formal suits but making them seem a little more casual by rolling up sleeves or wearing a heritage blazer. Editing/ Effect We have used the sin city effect here because we wanted to make the colour red stand out because it has connotations such as love, passion and lust as well as negative connotations such as blood. We wanted to highlight the colour because its connotations give the audience an insight into what the album is like, for example in our music video Little Things there is romance and love but death and blood as well.

4th Page
Image This image was selected to be in the digipak because it continues the idea that our artist is a little edgy and a ladies man. His facial expression is slightly smirked which makes him seem as hes been devious. The female in the background has been blurred out since we used a shallow focus to keep the artist in full focus so that he dominates the shot. We can see that she is looking down and looks not so happy and in love with the artist as she did in the previous shot. The formal attire is the same as the previous shot but the artist now has kiss stains all over his face and chest. This once again highlights him as a bit of a ladies man and his stance shows him to be proud of that label. Editing/Effect This picture has not been edited too much as we wanted to keep it in colour like the front cover. However we have cut out the image and placed it on a dark background because the colour black as connotations of evil, death and mystery which links to music video. We have slightly manipulated the reds in the picture by brightening them so the kiss stains particularly stood out.

Colour scheme
Artists name Albums name Weve continued the black, white and red colour scheme on the CD to make the digpak consistent throughout. Weve used black for the base since we used black on a number of backgrounds in the digipak. Weve then used the dark red colour for the text and banner with Infatuation on. Weve used these colours due to the connotations previously mentioned on other slides. Font The font is the same as everywhere else on the digipak. We continued the use of this font to upkeep the consistency. The font works especially well on the CD because its simplicity compliments that plainness of the CD. Design We wanted a simple design and layout on the CD because I found when analysing a number of digipaks that the simple CDs were the most effective because they didnt take my focus away from the images of the artist. Weve put the important text large and central such as the artists name and the album name. The record label is also important to feature so we have put that in white so it receives some attention. Conventions

Artists website and fan page Record label information


Record label logo

- Artists name

- Albums name

Back Cover
Track listing Colour scheme The colour scheme continues with the use of the colours black, white and red right through to the back cover. Black has been used for the background as we used this colour for the background on the front cover which makes the front and back of the album consistent. Image The image is of the artist as we wanted to build his star persona. He is wearing the same top as he was in the front cover image which once again adds to the consistency of the product. His stance is proud and he is posing as he looks into the distance which makes the image seem more like a beauty shot. We chose this shot because beauty shots are a convention in pop albums. Typography The text is the same as previous pages, Tex gyre adventor which we downloaded from a free text generator website. Conventions The back cover follows a number of conventions such as including a tracklisting, barcode, record label logo and producer information. We have slanted our tracklisting to make it a little more original. Barcode Record label