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Syeda Tasnima Tasnin Zahidur Rahman Sadia Shamma Chowdhury Mohammad Asheque Hossain

Main Features of the System
• New Class (Class name, School code, Teacher, Days, Start date, End date, Start & End time) • Student (ID, First name, Second name, Family name, Parents name, Home phone, Mother’s Phone, Fathers phone, Placement Test, Note, E-mail, P.O.Box, Town, Fax, Nationality, Birth Date, Picture) • Teachers (ID, First name, Surname, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, E-mail, Marital Status, Gender, Qualification, Date Start, Salary Info which includes Job title, Salary date, Basic Salary, Loan, Bonus,etc.) • Employee ((ID, First name, Surname, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, E-mail, Marital Status, Gender, Qualification, Date Start) • Appointment (Caller name, Parents Mobile, Home Phone, Fax, E-mail, Father Job, Reference, Suitable time, Appointment date & time)

Upgrading the System
We can upgrade this system by adding a new feature which will keep track of the fees payment of students and the salaries of teachers and employees. The information system can be called “Accounts”. The features can be: • • Students Tuition Fee: ID, Name, Class, Month, Total amount. Teacher Salary: Teacher ID, Name, No. of classes taken, Month, Total amount. Employee Salary: Employee ID, Name, Hours worked, Month, Total amount.

People benefited from this Information System
The guardians will be benefit from this information system because, they can keep tab on their children. They can also find their children’s grades easily from the information system. The students can benefit from this information system because the old student can get their transcript after a long time. The teachers and employees will not miss out on their salary due to this information system.

Business value of the Information System
Teachers: It keeps track on teachers’ attendance. It also deals with the salary payment, if the salaries are given on time or not, if any teacher took advance salary or if their salary is due. Students: The information system keeps track on student attendance and enrollment. It also keeps track of all the previous students so that they can issue transcript after a long time. Moreover, the information system tells the school if all the students paid their fees or not. Employees: The information system keeps track of the employees’ hours worked and gives their salary based on their hours worked. Appointment: It gives the school authority a report on all the appointment time, date and reason for appointment with the student or guardian.

Overview of the System

In this window, all the information about a student is recorded

Implementing the Information System in North South University A similar or even better information system is already being used in North South University. However, we can introduce the “Appointment” feature in North South University. Now, if the students want to see the Vice Chancellor, they have to stand in a long queue outside his office room. But if North South University had this feature, the students or guardian could have taken an appointment date and time from the VC’s secretary and could see him in due time without any delay.


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