Goa’s Tourism Ambassador

Goan, talented and popular- the perfect mix. He can compose sings, appear in advertisements and is a representative of culture and history. -Rs.25 Lakh

Monsoon Tourism

“ Feels like Heaven ” -Advertise nationally on Newspapers and Radio.
-The Economic Times: Rs.50,000 x 7- Rs.350,000 -Dainik Jagran: Rs.40,000 x 7- Rs.280,000 -Radio Indigo: -Radio Mirchi: Rs.15,000 pm- Rs.180,000 Rs.10,000 pm- Rs.120,000

-Tour packages cover Goa’s ecosystem, not beaches. Hiking, not sunbathing. Goa’s REAL beauty. -Special Monsoon Discounts

“ Old is gold ”

- A beautiful remnant of Goan history - Special History Packages can be introduced - Attractive pamphlets to be distributed at major tourist spots & airports- Rs.30 Lakh

-Advertise on International magazines eg.Boutique charges around Rs.36,840 per page. And in top travel magazines like Coastal Living and National Geographic Traveler costs around Rs.45,000 per page. -While advertising on TV channels costs an estimated Rs.50,000 for 10 seconds. (50,000x60) Cost incurred thus on print and TV media would be (approx)Rs.30,81,840

An example of Indo-Portuguese culture Shigmo follows soon after Special packages can be introduced at this time February marks beginning of Tourist season. Can form an alliance with Portugal to promote Goa there, hence European connection obtained. Include programs on RTP

Cost: Approx Rs.2 Crore

While issuing pamphlets, advertising in miscellaneous travelogues, will enter prices of different categories of clubs, pubs, casinos. For ex: 1) Entry into Majorda resort is free, whereas for others, varied charges. 2) People associate Calangute clubs with the Scarlett case. Hence advertise other clubs in and around, their different themes, and clubs in starred hotels too.

‘ Party. The Goan way ’


Promoting the wilder side of Goa’s nature Creating awareness about the various getone-with-nature packages offered. -hiking, living in tents & tree houses, and safaris, rafting, bird-watching, banana boat rides etc Feature on National TV- Rs.

Feature on adventure magazines like National Geographic- Rs. 5 Lakh x 2

‘Happiness in everything’


An interesting part of our culture Samples can be distributed as welcome drinks at airports If permission obtained, can also be promoted at concerts abroad.

Cost: Approx Rs.25 Lakh

Art & Culture

“ Variety, Spice and Life ”
 Folk Dances such as the fugddi, can be popularized.  The Tiatr can be improvised, and the various other Konkani films- translated- hence people get the essence of Goan humor and emotions.  Can have stage shows in 6 of India’s major statesinclude performances by other successful Goans. Cost: Artists Rs.20 Lakh Stage setupRs.50 Lakh Transport- Go Air- Rs.9,53,820 Other expensesRs.10 Lakh

While in each state, during stage shows, plan on having an artiste of the state perform and thus, ‘endorse’ Goa.

Radio Jingles: Interview a native artiste of the
state the what, why, which, where (s) of visiting Goa.

Costs: Performances: Approx. Rs.2 Lakh x 6 Interview: Rs.10,000 x 6

‘Goa concerts’ in the US and UK:
A couple free-for-all shows planned in London and Canada, showcasing Goa in a new light. Can ask support of world-famous Goan artistes like Patricia Rozario and Oliver Sean. Goan communities residing there. TravelSet upGoan ArtistesI’tnl ArtistesOther expensesRs.38,63,300 Rs.1 Crore Rs.30 Lakh Rs.20 Lakh Rs.10 Lakh

“ Aa Dekhe Zara ”
Films like ‘All the Best’ ‘Ravan’ ‘Dhoom’ increasing number being shot in Goa. Opportunity to reach more of the masses. Better yet- Opportunity for Goa to earn revenue! Lure more filmmakers to shoot here, however will have to improve infrastructure and restoration.

Cost: Rs.1 Crore (!)

A website!!!
Create a virtual animated tour through some of Goa’s best locations. ~ The Ancient Wonders ~ Bargaining with Friday market vendors ~ Tap feet to samples of the Goan beat ~ Will also have a travel blog; word of mouth works best!

Cost: Rs. 20 Lakh + Rs. 20 Lakh

‘ Sun, sand and Love ’

Increase number of professional wedding planners Advertise in wedding magazines and websites Present different themes- Goan, Punjabi, Beach party, Western-styled Provide impetus to locals in the wedding business.

Cost of posting a link to a website or advert, costs upward of Rs.2 Lakh on WeddingBusiness.com

Local wise, providing impetus to the idea of a wedding destination would require putting cash into the development of Hospitality sector Encourage budding talent in Music and Catering areas. Rs.3.5 Crore Lure Wedding Planners, set up our own- Approx

Rs.20 Lakh
Improve infrastructure by way of developing More attractive wedding venues.

Rs.50 Lakh Total Cost:

Sunburn, usually held end of December,
is a potential tourist attraction, IF-It acquires the status of being one of Asia’s top electronica fests in line with Berlin’s Love Parade -Goa’s music talent is encouraged -Advertised Effectively

Cost: Rs. 50 Lakh

… And the total costs are …
National Campaign- Rs. 4,73,03,820 InternationalRs. 9,91,45,140



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