Why Maintenance Excellence?

2004 Company Confidential ..The Role of Maintenance Excellence Webster’s definition: Main-tain vt 1…to keep in an existing state…to preserve from failure or decline Main-te-nance n 1..the act of maintaining What we have done historically is NOT maintenance Copyright NN. Inc.

2004 Company Confidential . Inc. In the LEAN world.The Role of Maintenance Excellence • What’s the cost of an hour of downtime? In the batch & queue world. it’s the cost of one hour of lost sales and maybe a lost customer for life! (Lean Cell .Value Stream) Grease Flush Retain Wash Turn-in and Pack Wash Drill With Robot Heald Mill 20 Minutes Hone Heald Micro Copyright NN. it’s the cost of one hour of labor and burden for one machine.

Maintenance Mission • To maximize and sustain the reliability of all manufacturing equipment and provide the capability to produce high quality products at the lowest possible cost over the life of the plant. Copyright NN. 2004 Company Confidential . Inc.

Inc. 2004 Company Confidential . inadequate preventative maintenance plan No operator involvement Desired State Preventive/Predictive Maintenance Critical spares inventory Computerized Maintenance Management Operator ownership of equipment Reliable equipment is an absolute requirement in a lean environment Copyright NN.Maintenance Excellence Maintenance Excellence is a comprehensive strategy to ensure that equipment is available for production when it is needed • Eliminate unplanned downtime • Transition from reactive maintenance to proactive Typical Current State Fix what's broken Order parts when needed No uptime history.

2004 Company Confidential . Goals.Gateway to Integrated Maintenance Excellence PREVENTIVE/PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE 18 17 Organization Pride. Inc. Quality and Workmanship Facilities and Equipment Training Supervision and Practices Organization Management Reporting & Control Budgetary Control Master Plan Objectives. & Targets Status Assessment & Sustainment Maintenance Engineering Equipment History Inventory Control Work Measurement 20 19 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 1 Reliability Centered Maintenance 16 15 14 6 5 Integrated Proactive Participation Work/Job Planning Scheduling and Coordination CCMS Support Cost Distribution Work Order System Governing Principles & Concepts Operational Control Scorekeeping 4 3 2 Informational Sources Program Foundation Cooperative Maintenance/Production Partnership MANAGEMENT COMMITMENT Copyright NN.

Warranty Mechanical Efficiency Reliability Company Confidential Copyright NN.Total Cost of Ownership. Parts stock. Typical Industry Template Customer Costs Supplier Costs Joint Supplier/ Customer Costs 9% 40% 3% 5% 8% 2% 3% 30% PRODUCT COST/PRICE SELECTION Web Page System DELIVERY/QA MAINTENANCE Inventory. Assembly. Installation PM Cycle Spare TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP DESIGN Application cost. 2004 . including drawings PROCUREMENT PERFORMANCE Transaction Freight Duty AFTER SALE Contract Penalties. Inc.

Proactive Traditional Event=Down Problem Notification Maintenance Technician Assess Job Locate/Order Parts Locate Tools Complete Fix Problem Time to Complete Proactive PM Detect Problem Generate W/O Plan W/O Event=Down Complete Storeroom Parts Maint. Resources Tools Time to Complete Schedule W/O Fix Problem Copyright NN. Inc. 2004 Company Confidential .Maintenance: Traditional vs.

The Changing View of Maintenance Before • Viewed as a cost • PM’s treated as a low priority • Primary job duty is to fix things when they break After • Viewed as an investment • PM’s treated as a high priority • Primary job duty is to generate capacity by eliminating unplanned downtime Copyright NN. 2004 Company Confidential . Inc.

Inc. 2004 Company Confidential .The Five Levels of Maintenance Level I Breakdown Maintenance Level IV Thorough PM Program Predictive Maintenance CMMS Integrated with Business Syst Proactive Maintenance Plg and Sched Level V Level II Preventive Maintenance Program Mostly Reactive Breakdown Maintenance Level III Preventive Maintenance Computerized Work Order System Some Predictive Maintenance Optimized Cost / Reliability / TCO Where is your organization today? Limited Planning and Scheduling Copyright NN.

Six Sigma & Maintenance Excellence • Measure – MTBF – Pareto Analysis – Equipment Maintenance Specifications – Equipment Repair Specifications – Define Performance Standards – Validate Measurement Systems • Improve – – – – – – – – KPIV Settings FMEA MTBF Planning & Scheduling Establish CMMS Maintenance Engineering Standard Procedures Training • Analyze – – – – – – – Cause & Effect Statistical Graphing Root Cause Analysis FMEA Time Series Analysis Correlation/Regression Studies Analysis of Variance • Control – – – – – – – – Check Lists Standard Procedures Data Collection/Sampling CMMS Implementation Audits TPM Control Charts Poke Yoke Methods Copyright NN. 2004 Company Confidential . Inc.

2004 Company Confidential .Metrics . Equipment Replacement Cost Emergency Purchase Percentage • Maintenance Efficiency Cost of Maintenance per Cost of Unit Produced Cost of Maintenance vs. Equipment Replacement Cost Schedule Compliance Percentage Overtime Worked Percentage Inventory Cost Percentage Copyright NN.Maintenance Excellence • Maintenance Effectiveness – – – – – – – – – – Equipment Availability Planned Work Percentage Equipment Failure Percentage Cost of Equipment Failures vs. Inc.

Six Steps to Maintenance Excellence 1) Education & Training 2) Reliability Centered Maintenance – Creating the Reliability Function • Organization • Maintenance Planning • Problem Solving 4) Work Process Control – Procedural controls – Training 5) CMMS & Spare Parts Control – Spare parts hierarchy – Supply chain issues – Advanced predictive technologies • Vibration analysis • Condition monitoring 3) Equipment Strategy – Kaizen to achieve baseline condition – PM content. responsibility. metrics 6) Operator TPM – Ownership – Visual controls Copyright NN. frequency. Inc. 2004 Company Confidential .

Inc.CMMS Myths “More organizations are thinking seriously about the importance of reliable production…and think that the quick solution is to buy a CMMS system to reduce costs overnight…A CMMS will help you do things better. and requires a champion to implement it and take it through its teething time. 2004 Company Confidential .” Maintenance & Asset Management Magazine. May 97 Copyright NN. but does not always focus on doing the right thing…It is a tool not an answer.

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