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Group :
Alok Saha (XPGDM 06)
Vijay Gopal (XPGDM 53)
Abhay Sharma( XPGDM 01)
Pradyut Roy (XPGDM 33)
Krishnendu Paitandy (XPGDM 16)
Soubhik Ghosh (XPGDM 49)
Case Study
Launch of MonoSpace in the
German market
Successful entry strategy for

Importance is Monospace launch

Lessons learned from launch in
Other markets
Competitor’s Reaction
Price and Performance fit
 key weaknesses
 Marketing Plan
Question 1
 How importance is Monospace
launch for Kone?

 What are the implications of

success or failure of the
Monospace launch?
Importance of Monospace
Price competition and Margin erosion
global player
Revolutionary technology
The average return rate of B&N
College was 34 %.
Bookstore sent mail to University
McGraw-Hill sent a similar letter to
the University explaining why its new
policy is justified.
Implication of Success or
• No machine room construction leading to
cost saving.
• Energy Efficient.
• Lower peak currents
• No oil requirements
• Installation time.
Question 2
• What can be learned from the
test market and market launches
in the other three countries?
• How does the German market
(and KONE’s position in and
approach to it) differ from the
other markets?
• What are the implications of
these differences for
transferring experience gained
Lessons Learnt

• Target the major influencing group, i.e. energy

• Target the architects and general contractors.
• Communicate the benefits of the new technology
by print, electronic media and personal meetings.
• Before attracting the customers, install the pilot
• Focus on the activities of competitors and work
• With the low rise builders rarely using scaffolding
and use cranes, we need to focus on which
segment to target.
Question 3
• How do you expect the
Monospace to react to your
launch plan? How do you plan to
manage the competitor’s
Question 4 
• Where does Monospace fit price
and performance-wise relative to
KONE’s and its competitor’s
current product lines? Or, does it
potentially change anything? If
yes, how? What are the short
term and long-term implications
of your approach?
Question 5
• What key weaknesses in KONE’s
current capabilities will need to
be managed to ensure the
success of the product launch?
Marketing plan for MonoSpace
in Germany
Thank You