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Media History

Press Laws & Ethics


Umair Saeed Khan

I.D.# 070157- 015
Role Of Media Watchdogs
Role Of Media Watchdogs

 Introduction
Media Watchdog
 Media Watchdog Groups
Outside the Industry
Inside the Industry
News Councils
Professional Organizations
 Role
In Democracy (Political)
In Society (Social)
In Corporate Sector (Economical)
 Conclusion

 A guardian or defender against theft or illegal

practices or waste; "she is the global watchdog for
human rights abuses".

A watchdog group is any part of government or an

interest group whose job…….
Journalists are expected to investigate……..
it is self-evident that investigative reporting
informs the public, exposes corruption, and rights
Media Watch on parts of the political, economic, or
social system
Role Of Media Watchdogs

 Effects

 Political
 Informational
How we can achieve this role

 Steps

 A clear conceptual framework

Broadening the approach
Engaging with media regulatory
 Deepening the engagement with
media decision-makers
Setting specific targets
Taking a fresh look at training
Coordination and reflection

 Media Watchdogs plays very vital rule…….

 I would suggest that the structures and systems
which generate accountability for powerful
institutions in society have not, however,
developed around the media.
 I think the media have not, collectively,
understood how to manage effectively the
extraordinary power they have accrued.
 If media is able to understand its power……
 GEO and other Media Groups