Indian Urbanites 2009

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List Of Possible Reports
Comparative Urban SEC Consumer Profile Reports:(all 5 urban SEC classes)
• • • Demographic Profile Report
– Individual demographic profile, Household socio-economic profile and asset ownerships, Individual asset ownerships

Psychographic Profile Report – Current priorities, recreations and aspirations, Outlook and opinions,
Personal likes and preferences, Social orientation

Regular Daily Life Profile Report - Current daily life and activities undertaken
usage, Shopping habits, Health profile

in routine, Media

Separate Individual SEC Class Reports: (for each urban SEC class)
Separate Report for each urban SEC class (A, B, C, D, E) with detailed profiling of their demographics, psychographics and regular daily life

Pricing of Reports
Comparative Urban SEC Consumer Profile Reports:
Demographic Profile Report Psychographic Profile Report Regular Daily Life Profile Report The 3 Report Combo Pack 100,000 100,000 100,000 200,000 100,000 each (300,000 for all 5)

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* service tax extra

Separate Individual SEC Class Reports

• • •

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: 50% advance, 50% on delivery of all reports : 7 working days per report from date of order (or immediately if ready) : PDF

Information Coverage
Demographic Profile Details
 Individual Demographic Profile
   Location – Town class, region Gender, age, marital status, preferred language of reading, educational qualification, current occupation Status in the family (chief wage earner, other earning member, dependent member)

 Household Socio-Economic Profile
      SEC classification (urban) Income status & composition - monthly household income, earning & dependent members, per-capita income Share of expenditure by main household spending heads (food & clothing, rent & utilities, transport / conveyance,
leisure & entertainment, loan & liability payments, savings & investments)

House ownership, size of house, no. of rooms Vehicle ownership (bicycle, 2-wheeler, 4-wheeler) Physical asset ownership – TV, fridge, washing machine, AC, microwave, music system, radio, DVD player, Ipod, video games, regular camera, digital camera, video recorder, tube well/pump, landline phone, mobile phone, computer, laptop, printer, TV connection

* Reporting sample of 210,632

Information Coverage
Demographic Profile Details
    Financial asset ownership – land, bank account, demat account, fixed deposits, govt. bonds, chit fund deposits, life insurance, medical insurance, debit card, credit card, mutual fund, shares, etc Quality of asset owned - type of car, bike, TV, TV connection, fridge, washing machine Currently running loan types if any Part/full-time helps in the household

 Individual level Asset Ownership
    Type of vehicle driven Type of credit card possessed Type of mobile handset used Type of mobile services subscribed to

* Reporting sample of 210,632

Information Coverage
Psychographic Profile Details
 Current priorities and aspirations
    Most important priorities in life currently, ‘absolute necessities’ in life currently Current goals – a fulfilling monthly family income, car ownership, house location, profession, savings bank balance, retirement investment plan, educational qualification of children Current role models for professional success, social status, fashionable lifestyle, spirituality/faith Most aspired luxuries of life

 Recreations
    Indoor & outdoor pastime and entertainment Preferred ways to relax /unwind Frequency and type of holidays/vacations – weekend trips, vacations in India and abroad Favorite holiday places in India and abroad

 Personal likes and preferences
   Kind of music listen to, kind of movies like to watch, type of books prefer to read Favorite sports, food and clothing, drinking and smoking habits, living celebrities liked the most Festivals/customs celebrated, religious beliefs and practices
* Reporting sample of 12,632

Information Coverage
Psychographic Profile Details
 Outlook and opinions
    Technology orientation and role of technology in life Role of internet, computer, mobile phone and TV in life Trends/fads orientation Opinion on man-woman relationship, parent-child relationship, romance, pre-marital sex, role of sex in life, gender equality, role of women in society, being youthful, being cool, politics and how should India should handle globalization Level of self-esteem

 Social orientation
     What defines ‘status in the society’ for them Personality orientation (introvert-extrovert) Rely on self or consult others in solving problems, deciding on buying products/services Professional/social/cultural organization membership Social causes/programs believe in

* Reporting sample of 12,632

Information Coverage
Regular Daily Life Profile Details
 Current Daily Life and Routine Activities Undertaken
Time spent on, and type of activities, undertaken in daily routine:       Household chores, professional work, learning or skills enhancement activities, travelling to work/office Being together with - partner/spouse, children, friends & relatives Pursuing current hobbies & interests (art/cultural/sports/etc) Health/fitness (yoga/jogging/walking/gym/etc) Personal care/grooming (skincare/haircare/make up/dressing up/etc) Indoor pastimes (TV/radio/play indoors/etc), outdoor entertainments (party/eat out/cinema/games/etc)

 Shopping Orientation & Habits
    Keeping abreast with lifestyle trends (fashion/gadgets/high living/etc), buy what’s latest and trendy, frequency of replacing things at home, frequency of shopping, how enthusiastic a shopper What’s important while buying products/services – price, quality, features, brand image,…… Price-quality orientation, rely on self or consult others deciding on buying products/services Type of products enjoy shopping the most
* Reporting sample of 12,632

Information Coverage
Regular Daily Life Profile Details
 Place of shopping and mode of payment - vegetables, household grocery, personal care & cosmetics, clothing and accessories, fashion accessories, electronics gadgets, household durables, kitchen appliances, jewelry, music and movie CDs, magazine/periodicals

 Media Usage
   Media used at home (TV, Newspaper, Radio, Internet) Daily time spent on various media at home Which medium relied on most for information for buying products and services

 Health Profile
      Suffering form any (and type of) ‘chronic/lifestyle diseases’ Has any (and type of) ‘permanent disability’ – physical, sensory, mental and sexual disabilities Wear any specks/contact lenses Suffering/suffered from any ‘contagious diseases’ Undergone any surgeries Preferred form of medication/consultation (allopathic…alternative therapies)  
* Reporting sample of 12,632

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