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The Republic of Texas

1836 - 1845

Chapter 11

Presidents of the Republic of Texas
Sam Houston
(1836 - 1838) • 1st President of the Republic of Texas

Sam Houston
(1841 -1844) 3rd President of the Republic of Texas

Mirabeau B Lamar
(1838 - 1841) !nd President of the Republic of Texas "no#n as the $%ather of &ducation in Texas'

Dr Anson Jones
(1844 - 1846) 4th and final President of the Republic of Texas President #hen Texas beca(e a state of the )nited *tates

Sam Houston
(1836 - 1838) Proble(s +ouston faced durin, his first ter(. . . . . . /eath of *tephen % 0ustin (/ec !12 1836) 0nnexation Relations #ith 3exico 4ati5e 0(ericans %inances The Texas Capital

3ost Texans fa5ored annexation to the )nited *tates +ouston #or6ed hard for annexation
. )nited *tates said 47 because of the issue of slavery

Relations !ith "exico
3exico refused to reco,ni8e Texas9s :ndependence +ouston tried to pre5ent a ne# #ar b; replacin, the co((ander of the ar(;2 Felix Huston2 #ith 0lbert *idne; <ohnston
. +uston refused to step do#n and challen,ed <ohnston to a duel #here he shot hi(

+ouston sol5ed the proble( b; sendin, all but 6== soldiers ho(e to pre5ent further fi,htin,


+ouston #or6ed to (aintain peace #ith 4ati5e 0(ericans *ent Texas Ran,ers to protect settlers on the frontier


Texas #as in financial trouble
. . . . *pend less Raise propert; taxes 3ore custo(s duties :ssue pro(issor; notes

Texas debt rose to >1 (illion

The Texas &apital
*a( +ouston (o5ed the Texas Capital fro( Colu(bia (too s(all) to a ne# to#n that #ould be na(ed +ouston

"irabeau ' (amar
(1838 - 18)1)

?a(ar brin,s a different approach to these proble(s
. 0nnexation . Relations #ith 3exico . 4ati5e 0(ericans . %inances . The Texas Capital . &ducation

?a(ar #as a,ainst annexation +e #anted Texas to re(ain independent +e drea(ed that one da; Texas #ould stretch all the #a; to the Pacific 7cean

Relations !ith "exico
?a(ar sent the ne# Texas 4a5; to help @ucatecan rebels fi,ht 3exico ?a(ar or,ani8ed the Santa Fe Expedition
. 0r(; sent to con5ince 4e# 3exico that it #as part of Texas . &xpedition ran out of supplies and surrendered to 3exican troops – Prisoners ta6en to 3exico – The failure of the *anta %e &xpedition ended ?a(ar9s drea( of expandin, Texas



?a(ar #anted to 6ill or dri5e all 4ati5e 0(ericans out of Texas Battle of the Neches: 1== Chero6ees 6illed includin, Chief Ao#les for not lea5in, their land ouncil House Fi!ht: Co(anche chiefs 6illed #hen the; ca(e to peace tal6s in *an 0ntonio Battle of "lum ree#: 1== Co(anches 6illed in a(bush after a lar,e raid on 0n,lo settle(ents


:ssued (ore pro(issor; notes called $red bac6s' 7ffered land to fa(ilies (o5in, to Texas /ebt rose to al(ost >1 (illion

The Texas &apital
3o5ed the capital to a ne# location on the Colorado Ri5er called Baterloo :t #ould later be rena(ed 0ustin in honor of *tephen % 0ustin

?a(ar is best 6no#n for his contributions to public education +e sat aside land in each count; for public schools

Sam Houston
(18)1 - 18)))

Texas #ould a,ain tr; to Coin the )nited *tates +ouston #ould #or6 to i(pro5e relations #ith 4ati5e 0(ericans +ouston #ould cut spendin, and sell the Texas 4a5;

#e! Problems !ith "exico
3exico in5aded Texas t#ice durin, 184! capturin, *an 0ntonio each ti(e +ouston sent Deneral *o(er5ell to protect the border
. *o(e troops disobe;ed orders and attac6ed 3exicoE this #as called the Mier Expedition . The Texans #ere captured and so(e #ere executed in the Dra$in! of the Blac# Beans

The Texas &apital
*a( +ouston #anted to (o5e the capital bac6 to +ouston 0n,elina &berl; and the citi8ens of 0ustin #anted the capital to sta;
. :n the Archi%es &ar 0ustin residents shot at +ouston9s (en #ho ca(e to ta6e the state archi5es . The capital sta;ed in 0ustin


(18)) - 18)6)

nson ,ones

<ones follo#ed (ost of +ouston9s policies includin, pushin, for annexation Bhile <ones #as president Texas #as annexed b; the )nited *tates throu,h a Coint resolution in Con,ress
. Texas beca(e the !8th state