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Emerging Trends and Issues in Managing HR

Dr. Manju Nair Professor, IIIM

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• Emerging Trends in HRM Recruitment Trends Training & Development Trends Performance Management Trends Upcoming Issues in Managing HR HR in the Future

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Trends in HRM HR Outsourcing HR or Workforce Scorecard Six Sigma Trends In HRM Moonlighting Employee Engagement Hothouse Effect .

HR outside in (Customers. Investors and Community) Social Media in HR Digitalisation of workplace toolsSmart phones and Tablets to workplace Globalisation of WorkforceTeam alignment. Knowledge Sharing and skill Development in virtual world Trends In HRM Generalisation Vs Specialisation Creation of cross functional opportunities Evaluation of variable pay programmes Focus on cost Effectiveness Maximising the Talent Pool .

HR Outsourcing • • • • Professional Employer Organization Business Process Organization Application Service Providers e-service Providers .

HR or Workforce Card • • • • Workforce Mindset Workforce Competencies Workforce Behaviour Workforce Success .

Crusing the Six Sigma Highway Six Sigma is driven along a powerful road map called DMAIC—Defines. This system provides incremental improvement for existing processes not meeting specifications. and Controls. Analyzes. Improves. Measures. .

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providing more flair in lackluster areas CONS Risk of losing proprietary & confidential info to competitors Working two positions may lead to exhaustion and burnout. such as starting their second occupations on company time before completing their first ones. If we can't afford to pay our staff more. Workers may commit minor infractions or serious offenses. allowing them to moonlight may help retain them .Implications for HR professionals – How to Handle Moonlighting? PROS It may reduce turnover in areas where responsibilities are tedious/ monotonous Balance your organization.


Innovative Chair Design .

HR outside in • Towards an integrated technology ecosystem • Focusing on better employee engagement • Responding to change fast • Getting to grips with 21st century talent management • Embracing the changing role of HR .

HR outside in Six new competencies for HR (Ulrich. Vision for HR) • • • • • • Credible Activist Strategic positioner Capability Builder Change champion Innovator and Integrator Technology proponent .

Recruitment Trends 2012 2013 Social Media Mobile Platform LinkedIn Apna Faceboo k Smart phones Tablets .

RPO: • Gen Y Recruitment • Talent Pipelining • Candidate-Centric Recruitment Process .RECRUITMENT TRENDS IN 2013 • Recruitment In-sourcing vs.

operational flexibility and competitive advantage • Turning the management’s focus to strategic level processes of HRM • Company is free from salary negotiations. • Value creation. weeding the unsuitable resumes/ candidates. total recruitment tools investments and networking. . • Economies get boosted through outsourcing recruitment processing. • Company can save a lot of its resources and time. • Handles database of candidates’ profile.Advantages of RPO • Company need not plan for human resources much in advance.

Generation Y • Independent minded • High expectations of their employers • Seek out new challenges and are not afraid to ask questions • Want meaningful work and a solid learning curve. .

long before the candidate’s first interview. • It can open up a flow of quality candidate referrals. . • The candidates also see big benefits from pipelining. eliminating the need for cold calls. • It allows you to measure culture fit.Benefits of Talent Pipelining • It allows the recruiter to be a consulting business partner vs a req filler.

Candidate Centric Recruiting • The process has to be efficient and the individuals with whom the candidate interacts have to be courteous. • Add a new dimension to what you focus on in your candidate acquisition. it’s how you. . • It’s not what your say.

Lottery Ticket .Nationwide .

LinkedIn will move aggressively into the HR software space Third-party Recruitment Platforms will emerge as the New Job Boards .Predictions for Future HR Trends in Recruitment • • • • • Video Assessment will go mainstream for Corporate Recruiters Recruitment Communication Tool Mobile will dominate the total spend in recruitment websites/ career portals.

Training and Development Trends • Adopt a Performance Consulting Strategy • Measure Results to See Impact • Training Delivery Is Changing • Training Delivery Systems Are in Transformation • Your Customer Is the Individual Employee • Training is Delivered Just-in-time. as Needed .

Emerging Training and Development Trends Web Based Training (WBT)-Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) Performance Consulting Performance Management-integration of training and development into an entire performance management system. Multimedia and Online Training Webinar Podcasts-on demand for anytime learning by employees • • • • • • .

.Podcast Audio video files associated with a given series is maintained centrally on the distributors’ server as a web feed. that can access this web feed. and the listener or viewer employs special client application software known as podcatcher.

Performance Management Trends • 360 Degree Appraisal • Team Performance Appraisal • Rank and Yank Strategy-performance appraisal model in which best-to-worst ranking methods are used to identify and separate the poor performers from the good performers. .

The Process Superior Customers Suppliers/ Vendors Peers EMPLOYEE (Self Appraisal) Team Members Subordinate .


Managing Performance Low Potential High Potential backbone stars low potential icebergs problem children .

Current issues : Workforce Diversity. Family-Friendly Benefits. Workplace issues. Cutting on HR: Staff Current HRM Issues Workforce Diversity Workplace issues Family-Friendly Benefits Cutting back on HR: Staff .

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Cutting Back on HR: Staff. Managing Performance Current HRM Issues Retaining Talent Managing Performance Adasjdfkljasld (Happiness at work) .Current issues: Retaining Talent.

let’s take the best of variety of ways.Managing Work Place Diversity • Think Global : Act Local. • Cultural based training to the HR Managers. . • Our way is the best way vs.

Retention Strategies .

HR in the Future: Any time promotion More demanding functions of HR including employer branding. Adopting Effective Organizational Environment Human resource outsourcing Open Talent Economy . talent grooming Succession planning change management & organizational agility People centric organizations Organizations have introduced six.sigma practices. Adopting Effective Retention Strategies The right people HR says “talk to me” Definition of workforce will continue to evolve.

Evaluation of HR .