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Transcript Of the interview with Red Velvet

By Sally-Jo Whitlow

• Q1) How did you come up with the name red velvet? • Connor: It was band practice and Adam came in drunk in red velvet underwear.

• Q2) Who are your biggest music inspirations ? • Mathew- Urm i’d say Queen’s my big one • Connor- The Early stuff of Britney spears • Adam- err Duffy.

• Q3)How did you come together as a band? • Mathew- er well originally the other two were in a band and er the bassist had left a week before a gig so they er asked me to learn the bass in a week when I had never played it before and to learn all the songs

• Q4) How old were you all when you learnt a instrument? • Adam- Err 13 around • Mathew- Yeah around that age.. 13 • Connor – 13 yeah

• Q6) Where is your main place to practice? • Adam- My bedroom

• Q7) What is your highest and lowest points of being in the band ? • Mathew- Ur I think the highest is the first gig we played in the zans bar.. that was an incredible gig • Connor- lowest point was probably our drummer getting a girlfriend

• Q) Why? • Connor- Cause now shes the only one playing his strings. • *Guitar playing in background quietly*

• Q8) Who writes the music? • Adam- er pretty much all of us, its a group effort

• Q9) How do you come up with the lyrics? • Mathew- ur they just come naturally, from experiences or things we see and hear

• Q10) What is your favourite song from the band and why? • Connor- 6am.. its about getting drunk, partying and getting home at 6am, it probably our favourite because it was fun to make

• Q11) Do you ever get angry and frustrated at eachother? • Connor- All the time.. • Mathew- yeah quite alot but we get over it

• Q12) What do you see for the future? • Adam-Hopefully another member to join us again, and more gigs.. a bigger fan base would be nice • Connor- yeah definitely reach out to more people

• Q13) Your original name for the band was The Heist, what made you want to change it? • Connor- the evolution, we had that name for so long and we didn’t feel it represented us anymore • Mathew- Yeah and we thought that since we’ve all changed then we needed to change the name to

• Q14) Do you have any bad habbits? • Mathew- Ur suppose we all drink quite a bit, nothing major to be honest • Adam- Yeah I smoke

• Q15) Who gets the most girls in the band • Adam + connor- Mathew.

• Q16) What is the best gig or concert you have ever been to and why ? • Adam- I went to see Queen Of The Stone age last week and it was insane • Mathew- Ur I think one of my top gigs was when I went to see The Black Keys, they played an amazing set • Connor- Arcade fire, amazing atmosphere, everyone was dressed in fancy dress •