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Miss Neha Sharma

SR Series Multiple Use. Printed Laminates. Rajnish Mehra has been our constant source of motivation andenthusiasm and has steered the company in the right direction with his rich industrial experience and astute business sense. Incepted in the year 2003 with technical assistance from US Expatriates. LTD.Single Use. Tamper Induction Seal and Indicating Induction Seal products.Introduction EXCEL PACK PVT. \ They offer Induction Heat Seals into variations like SS Series . Our mentor Mr. One piece Series. Induction Wad. Shrink Sleeves. . Excel Pack Limited is counted among the prime manufacturers and exporters of Induction Heat Seals today and has attained the tag of DMF Approved Organization. Peel able Induction Seal.

Objective 1: To study the recruitment and selection procedure followed in Excel Pack Pvt. 2: To study the various sources of recruitment followed in Excel Pack. Ltd. 3: To learn what is the process of recruitment and selection that should be followed. 4: To search or headhunt people whose skill fits into the company’s values? .

The main aim is easier the effectiveness of recruitment procedure. Data collection Primary data – The literature study was also useful designing the questionnaire. These data’s are collected by structured questionnaire. . Several rough drag’s were prepared for forming of questionnaire.Research Methodology Research Design A research design is the arrangement of condition. collection and analysis of data from the employee in a manner that relevance to the research purpose with company in procedure. It is descriptive research and to find the effectiveness of Recruitment.

Analytical Tool Analytical tool is simple percentage method. company magazine and advertisement and the likes.Research Methodology count…. Sample Size Sample size is 50 as prescribed by the company. . Secondary Data – Secondary data was collected on the basis of company profile.

FINDINGS In EXCEL PACK most of the employees feel that’s the HR department is good. Most of the manager Prefer Personal interviews. About 65% of the mangers go for direct recruitment and selection and less number for mangers prefer indirect or third party. Mostly the manpower planning is done Quarterly and 20 % do not follow any pattern they don’t have any fixed time. About 75% of the Managers say that they prefer both internal as well as external source for recruitment and selection. Excel prefers to go for campus interviews and even casual application that are received for recruitment but they hardly prefer placement agencies. 30% prefer to take telephonic interviews where as only 20% go for video conferencing and rest 10% adopt some other means of interviews .

Scope of the study is restricted to only recruitment procedure .Limited time was available for the completion of study and so data be collected from all the employees. 3. .LIMITATIONS 1. 4.The perception may very time to time may be considered for a particular period.Restricted sample size 2.

off all employs at all levels in an organization HR that effects the employee’s negativities HR that effects the employee’s Positivist . experts of other organization Core of organizational recourse i.Scope of HRM at EXCEL PACK Human recourses of employers.e.

. Time management is very essential and it should not be ignored at any level of the process. If the manpower requirement is high and the recruitment team of the HR department alone cannot satisfy it. The recruitment and selection through placement agencies as the last resort and is utilised only when need. . The candidates called for interview should be allotted timings and it should not overlap with each other. The recruitment and selection procedure should not to lengthy and time consuming.SUGGESION Manpower requirement for each department in the company is identified well in advance. then help from the placement agencies is needed.