Global Warming

By Isabelle Crete Nov 25,2008

What is Global Warming?
Global warming is the increase in the average measured temperature of the Earth's nearsurface air and oceans since the mid 20th century, and its projected continuation.

Who is Causing Global Warming?
Global Warming is naturally caused by the sun and also by gases such as CO2. Many other things can cause Global Warming such as fossil fuels . Climate Change can also be part of Global Warming. The Greenhouse gas or Greenhouse effect can also be part of Global warming by fossil fuels, coal-fired and oil or natural gas.

Why is Global Warming Happening?
While many greenhouse gases occur naturally and are needed to create the greenhouse effect that keeps the Earth warm enough to support life, human use of fossil fuels is the main source of excess greenhouse gases. By driving cars, using electricity from coal-fired power plants, or heating our homes with oil or natural gas, we release carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere. Deforestation is another significant source of greenhouse gases, because fewer trees means less carbon dioxide conversion to oxygen.

Where is Global Warming
Global Warming can be any where. It Happens all over the world Global Warming that is. It can happen in Canada, Asia, China, Australia and Kazakstan, like I say it can happen all over the world. Everywhere around the world. The issue doesn't exist in just one certain area in the planet. It is being caused in foreign countries as well as here but the risks are still caused by everyone. Industrialized nations are doing most of the damage now, but eventually they will be superseded by the behemoths China and India. But the answer below is accurate, "climate disruption" is the more accurate term since feedback loops do cancel out some of the temperature increases and habitats, particularly coral reefs, are being annihilated as we speak.

When is Global Warming Happen
Global Warming can happen any day. It can happen today, torwwer, next week, next mouth

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