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1. SECURITY AND SHELTER should be a safe and comfortable place for instruction and learning should not allow for any form of intrusion and interference.

3. SYMBOLIC IDENTIFICATION The walls of the classroom should be a source of information for the pupils at all times. EXAMPLE : Posters and charts , bulletin board

4. PLEASURE the environment should have a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. EXAMLE : wall colour, furniture.

THE ROLE OF TEACHING AS A CENTRAL CLASSROOM ACTICITY ROLE OF INSTRUCTION to positively develop pupils and equip them with the knowledge and skills to be able to adjust themselves to society and the environment. .

between pupils and pupils.Involve interactions. . Substantial and positive influence on how they think. EFFECTIVE INSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES .Can motivate pupils to learn in ways that make a sustained. act. between the teachers and pupils. and feel. .CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION • Is the academic process of carrying out activities that induce learning among pupils.

Classroom Instruction and Management Practises .

1.making effective use of classroom management techniques to ensure a conducive environment for learning with minimal disruptive behaviours . Effective classroom instructions • Most effective instructions strategies: .selecting appropriate teaching materials and devise suitable activities to facilitate pupil’s learning. .

. • being highly skilled in classroom management techniques. • being skillful at identifying and articulating the proper sequence and pacing of your content.…thus effective classroom management must have these: • a good arrangement of instructional strategies in any way you wish to do.

Instructional Strategies • Pupils need to engage attentively in the class.2. so teachers must: Consider pupils’ attention span Teacher-centred activities (presentation/teacher modeling) Pupil-centred activities (practice sheets/ independent reading) Small group activities .

Teachers need to have a time limit for activities: • Not too long and not too short presentation independent activities • Too little time for group task and hands-on activities – hinder pupils learning • Task takes too long to complete – bored • Too easy task – finish the task early and giving a chance to mischief .

provide pupils with planned. materials and tasks at their appropriate instructional level . sequential instruction.Features of effective instructions • Appropriate level of instructional material or task: .

. task completion and comprehension increases.instruction has to be adjusted appropriately (give more opportunities for them to experience it by themselves. their on-task behaviour..when pupils are provided with materials of appropriate levels of instructional difficulty.) .

. in writing and serves to motivate both pupils and teachers. .provides feedback for both the pupils and the teachers in a variety of ways through discussion.• Feedback . promoting an active learning situation.

enthusiastically and professionally engage pupils in lessons to help them learn and retain what is taught . accessible.• Teachers’ personal qualities: .approachable. a sense of humour and having respect for the pupils .mastery of the subject .