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Objective Setting: Criteria for stating general and specific objectives

Research objectives summarize what are to be achieved by the study. Objectives should be closely related to the problem statement. The formulation of objectives will help you to:

 Focus

the study (narrowing it down to essentials) the collection of data which are not strictly necessary for understanding and solving the problem you have identified. the study in clearly defined parts or

 Avoid

 Organize


 GENERAL OBJECTIVE: states what

researchers expect to achieve by the study in general terms. It should be broken down into smaller, logically connected parts as specific objectives.

systematically address the various aspects of the problem as defined under the `Statement of the Problem’ and the key factors that are assumed to influence or cause the problem

 SPECIFIC – objectives are stated clearly and
specifically, easily understood as to what are intended, and should indicate what are to be achieved through the research study

 MEASURABLE – the objectives can measure
what has been intended through the research study. Can the stated objectives measure what they claim?

 ACHIEVABLE – can the objectives be
achieved? Can they actually achieve what was originally intended? How will they be achieved?

 REALISTIC – given the researcher’s
resources and constraints, will s/he be able to do and finish the research?

 TIME-BOUND – what is the time frame of the

• Example taken from:
• Deza, Alfonso B. (2003). Understanding the masa as audience through the films

of Fernando Poe, Jr. Masteral thesis, UP CMC.

Objectives of the study:
• It must be reiterated that the connecting thread of the study, Ariadne;s thread in a sense, is not the quality of the films produced, which itself is a site subject to negotiation and much debate, but, rather, the identification and description of cultural interrelatedness between the source and receiver as reflected in the film medium. Investigations at the respective sites address this abiding concern which consists of the negotiated meanings of four related constructs, as reflected in the following objectives:

General Objective 1:
• To examine factors that make for the popularity of FPJ films among the masa

Specific Objectives:
1.1 To identify, construct, and describe FPJ’s image as bida among the masa; 1.2 To identify and describe elements of popular aesthetics; 1.3 To determine the masa’s attitudes toward FPJ’s politics in both reel and real life; 1.4 To determine indications for future FPJ films.

General Objective 2:
• To examine the structural and textual elements of FPJ films that might account for their popularity among the masa.

 What will the study contribute to the

evolving structure of knowledge?  What application might be made in the practical setting?  Why is the research worthwhile to pursue?  State the potential use of results in any appropriate field