Facilities Management and Planning

Town Hall Meetings September 14-16, 2009

• • • • • • • What We Do Staff Fun Facts Accomplishments Work In Progress Concerns/Challenges Future Outlook

What We Do:

Proposed Maintenance, security, Custodial distribution, supplies and reduction upkeep $395k; 34%

for all JPL locations

– Facilities (21 locations nearly 800,000sf) – Custodial (ISS, $1.1M budget) – Distribution (3 trucks – 3 drivers) – Security (First Coast, $597k budget) – Supplies (paper products, janitorial supplies, etc…)

FM&P Staff
• Small group of dedicated employees – committed to JPL’s vision/mission



• “Backbone of JPL”

Responsibilities / Background
• Liaison to Public Works/Public Buildings • 18 yrs. of construction and facilities experience in the public and private sectors • Undergraduate degree in Architectural Studies (FIU) • M.S. in Construction Management (FIU) • M.P.A. from Florida Atlantic University • Licensed Certified General Contractor in the State of Florida • LEED Accredited Professional

Fun Facts
• Did you know?
– Processed & completed a backlog of State Aid projects/items (consisting of writing bids, getting quotes for over 600 items and totaling <$570k) – Created JPL Lockdown procedures – Submitted $90k CDBG grant for security cameras – Met w/ Chief Senterfitt and scheduled a ‘Hands-on’ POD training class (National Guard, JSO, EOC) as a response to staff concerns – Established standard/process for future furniture purchases

• Improved relations w/ PB
– Bi-weekly meetings with Deputy Director and Chief of PB – Creation/filling of General Repairman position (Hiring Freeze) – UPK roof replacement bid ($400k) – MH AHU replacement – AR light/eggcrate replacement – SOM computer room heating – WBK parking lot resurfacing


Structural Failure – Fascia collapse due to hanger wire corrosion

Fascia replaced – new attachment detail provided securing fascia back to main structure

Structural Failure deflection caused by expansion


Additional control / expansion joint created. Wall and parapet cap replaced at no cost to COJ/JPL

Work In Progress
• AR & KR circulation desk/self-check remodel projects awarded

Work In Progress
• NW clerestory roof repair project awarded (scope modification)

Work In Progress
• WB Children’s area water intrusion repairs

Work In Progress
• GB Workroom Remodel

Budget, Budget, Budget • Increased deferred maintenance backlog with reduced funding and work force • Questions:

• Answer:

– How to prioritize projects? – How can we continue to do more with less? – Use facility data to drive decision making – Empower staff, push down decision making and encourage “ownership” (eg: Cleaning contract)

Future outlook
• Facilities
– JPL’s advocate – Promise to keep fighting for our bldgs. w/ PW,PB,COJ – Disseminate more information
• Maximo - push to improve accountability/reporting • Provided CARE reports for branches • Expand membership to Regional Building Facility Committee

– Sustainability initiatives

Future Outlook
• Security
– Add to security cameras to existing infrastructure (GB, UPK, NS,WBK, EB) – Continue to develop/improve relationship w/JSO – Continue to enforce contract provisions and hold vendor accountable – Work w/ ISS to create new daytime cleaning process

• Custodial

Future Outlook
• Distribution
– Establish dependable/reliable delivery schedule – Improve service to branches – Improve on-line ordering and continue to streamline process – Provide branch budgets and assist with needs forecasting

• Supplies

Alexis Anne
(Born: June 20, 2009)

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