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BMS [2008-09]

Meaning & Importance of Management


Name of Students
Nishant A. Menon Shashank P. Satoskar


02 04 05 06 07 Fatima R. Sayed Sandip A. Ghodeswar Rohan S. Dhopawkar Rohan A. Goyal

Introduction  Objectives of Management  Characteristics of Management  Importance of Management  Levels of Management  Essential Elements of Management Process

Whenever two or more persons come together to achieve a predetermined common purpose, organization and management become necessary. According to Harold Koontz, ‘‘Management is an art of getting things done through and with people in formally organised groups.’’

Objectives of Management
Survival  Growth  Profit Maximization  Social Responsibilities

Management  Management  Management  Management  Management  Management  Management  Management objectives

is a process is a social process is action based is group activity aims at coordination of activities is innovative has vast scope aims at achieving predetermined

Importance of Management
Optimum use of resources  Motivates employees  Expansion of business  Team spirit  Effective use of managers  Smooth functioning

Levels of Management
Board of Directors/ Chief Executive/ General Manager Departmental Heads/ Junior Executives Foremen/ First Line Supervisors

Essential Elements of Management Process


wikipedia.com  “The Management Theory Jungle” - Journal of Academy of Management Dec. 1961, p. 174  “Principles of Management” – N. G. Kale, M. Ahmed

we are very thankful to Prof. Bharti m’am for giving us this brilliant opportunity and to encourage us, this project has polished our skills and helped us to gain confidence.

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