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Astellia Roadmap

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2013/2014 - Release A

Astellia offer Strategic lines for 2013-2014
• High-performance monitoring • Flexible multidimensional reporting


• E2E investigation • 4G EPC, 3G/2G Core PS, 3G/2G Core CS, IMS • Unified RAN-Core reporting • Astellia solution for CEM • Interface to 3rd-party CEM providers


• 2G-3G-4G mobility optimization and troubleshoot • Reporting integrated into Nova
Astellia confidential

Astellia roadmap 2013-2014 Key milestones
Nova for Core monitoring Preliminary Nova EPC + Analytics UP Core-PS Nova EPC (4G) Nova EPC (4G+3G)

Nova Core-CS

Nova Core IMS


Interface to 3rd-party CEM

Subscriber Activity

(including VIP Care use case)

CEM application

Nova Explorer
(Core + RAN)

RAN monitoring

2G/3G monitoring

RAN 4G (eUTRAN) monitoring

for RAN 3G

Nova Analytics

for RAN 2.xG

Nova Analytics




Astellia confidential

Nova CEM RAN Nova for Core monitoring 4 Astellia confidential .

1 March 2014 Nova Core IMS 2014 5 . counters & KPIs export Customizable: counters.0 (4G+3G) November 2013 Astellia confidential • Open to 3rd party - Nova for Core monitoring Nova Core-CS 2013/Q4 (pilot) Nova EPC V3. operations and experts Comprehensive dashboards and flexible reports xDRs. KPIs & dashboards creation Nova EPC V2.Nova: the new Astellia monitoring solution • New architecture Centralized & scalable architecture Real-time & high level of performance Performance Management Fault Management E2E troubleshoot • New Web based applications for - • Business oriented - For managers.1 (4G) June 2013 Nova EPC V3.0 (4G) Available Nova EPC V2.

NOVA architecture overview ANALYTICS ALERTER EXPLORER CEM Monitoring Applications Monitoring Information System xDRs Central site -Mediation -Counters & xDRs database xDRs Intelligent Probing System (IPS) site 1 Raw data Neptune IPS Astellia confidential Raw data Neptune IPS site 2 6 .

0 • • • • CDRs visualization Flow Charts Protocol decoding Multi-interface for Troubleshooting .Nova EPC V2.0 • Monitoring of strategic MME interfaces . S6a.Troubleshooting solution for NOVA system February 2013 7 Astellia confidential . S11. SGs • Nova Analytics for Performance Management .Dashboards pack for Core • Nova Explorer V2.Inter-system: S3.Service and network: S1-C. S10 .

S11. S2a Roaming: S8-C Others: S5-C for Performance Management and Usage Analysis • Nova Analytics - Dashboards pack for Core.1 Multi-system and multi-interface investigation for NOVA administration • Nova Manager V2. SGs. eUTRAN & Capacity planning Dashboard pack for data usage and performance • • • Advanced User Plane troubleshoot and optimization (PSM) on S1-U Nova Alerter for Fault Management for Troubleshooting Nova Explorer V2. S10 4G User Plane analysis: S1-U (enriched with S11) Inter-system: S3. S6a. S4-C.1 - Topology files management Counters & KPIs creation & management Nova system administration June 2013 8 Astellia confidential .Nova EPC V2.1 • Monitoring of all strategic EPC interfaces Service and network performance: S1-C.

5G/3G Core PS: Gn.Nova EPC V3. Alarms creation & management for Nova Alerter Nova Manager November 2013 9 Astellia confidential .5G/3G CorePS interfaces 2. 3G & 4G) • Monitoring of EPC and 2. APN & Service Type. Gp (Control Plane and User Plane) Network DNS & Radius S6d S102 • New features in Nova applications Nova Analytics • • • • Update of Core dashboards pack with Core-PS KPIs Update of Core Capacity Planning dashboards Capacity Planning RAN dashboards GIS representation - Nova Explorer • User Plane troubleshoot Nova Alerter • • Traffic counters per Network Element.0 • A single solution for whole Packet Core monitoring (2G.

Gy.Nova EPC V3.User Plane: S8-U .1 • Monitoring of additional EPC interfaces . Gz.S13. Rx . S6b • New features in Nova applications .Nova Alerter • Dynamic alarms availability March 2014 10 Astellia confidential .Nova Analytics • Policy & charging dashboards pack .Policy & charging: Gx.

MAP. ISUP. BICC. SIP 2013/Q4 (pilot) 11 Astellia confidential . SMS. CAP.Nova Core-CS • Astellia Core-CS monitoring solution integrated into Nova • Nova full set of applications Analytics Alerter Explorer Manager • Optimized probing on STP sites • Full Real Time solution • Monitoring of following Core-CS protocols . INAP.

S7 Astellia confidential 2014 12 . Mg.Gm. Mb.Ma. DNS . Rx.Nova Core IMS • IMS Astellia monitoring integrated into Nova • Nova full set of applications to master IMS efficiency Analytics Alerter Explorer Manager • Full Real Time solution • Monitoring of most relevant IMS interfaces and protocols . Mn .Diameter.

2: V2.V2.1: V2.0: V2.0 • New Web interface • 4G multi-interface call trace • Link from Analytics .2 • Subscriber trace search by MSISDN • Multi-interface navigation at CDR level • Full User Plane analysis in flow charts .3: January 2013 March 2013 June 2013 November 2013 January 2014 13 Astellia confidential .V2.2: V2.3 • Multi-timezone management V1.V1.1 • Unified multi-interface call trace • Hyperlink from 3rd-party applications (including T&A) .2 .V2.V2.Nova Explorer • Key features by version .

Nova CEM RAN Customer Experience Management 14 Astellia confidential .

Customer Experience Management • Three answers to CEM market needs • On-demand subscriber activity and QoS display  Subscriber Activity Subscriber-oriented analytics  Astellia CEM application Interface to 3rd-party CEM application  Northbound Interface • • CEM Northbound Interface Subscriber Activity Astellia CEM Application Available June 2013 2013/Q4 15 Astellia confidential .

CEM V1.0 Subscriber Activity • On-demand detailed information for any subscriber • For technical and Customer Care teams • Based on Astellia 2G. 3G and 4G xDRs • Search by IMSI/MSISDN/IMEI • Cell information June 2013 16 Astellia confidential .

0 • Customer Experience Monitoring • Based on Astellia xDRs from all interfaces • Identify impacted subscribers for each investigation axis Network Handset Roamers Services VIPs Subscriber groups • VIP Care for all subscribers 2013/Q4 17 Astellia confidential .CEM V2.

Nova CEM RAN RAN Performance Management 18 Astellia confidential .

Performance Management: Nova Analytics RAN monitoring LTE eUTRAN March 2013 Nova Explorer (Core + RAN) June 2013 Astellia confidential Nova Analytics for RAN 3G November 2013 Nova Analytics for RAN 2.xG March 2014 19 .E2E troubleshoot including eUTRAN interfaces (X2.RAN monitoring • RAN monitoring extended to 4G .Troubleshooting: Nova Explorer .RAN-Core interface (S1) integrated into Nova EPC . RRC) • Unified solution for 2G/3G/4G RAN & Core monitoring .

VIP Care) • 20 Astellia confidential .Towards a unified reporting for Core and RAN Today • Nova Explorer already brings unified E2E troubleshoot RAN solution has its own reporting applications (T&A.

Towards a unified reporting for Core and RAN From 2013/H2 • Cigale xDRs feed Nova centralized solution Basis to propose Nova reporting applications for RAN • 21 Astellia confidential .

3G) unified with 4G • Dashboards for handsets.xG version: March 2014 3G additional dashboards: March 2014 22 Astellia confidential .Nova Analytics for RAN • RAN Performance Management • RAN dashboards (2G. roaming • New team-oriented dashboards (Capacity Planning…) First 3G version: November 2013 First 2.

Planned: NSN.SON dedicated statistics (November 2013) Enode B SGW S1-U S11 S1-C • RRC trace port compliancy . E/// . Huawei.First version: ALU.LTE eUTRAN • Targeting X2 and RRC • Dedicated to troubleshoot/investigation • Preparing SON arrival . Samsung X2 RRC Logs Enode B First version: March 2013 23 Astellia confidential .

Annex Astellia distributions 24 Astellia confidential .

0 •RAN 3G V8.3 •Core-CS V3.1 November 2013 •Nova EPC V3.0 •RAN 2.6 •RAN 2.0 •LTE eUTRAN V1.1 March 2014 •Nova EPC V3.1 •Nova Core-CS •RAN 2G V7.5G V7.5G V6.1 June 2013 •Nova EPC V2.Astellia distributions • Astellia distribution definition and purpose Package gathering all new Astellia solutions and components available For a large-scale distribution (upgrade or new customers) Includes Nova / CEM / RAN solution versions • Astellia distribution roadmap overview January 2013 •Core-PS V5.0 •RAN 2G V6.0 •RAN 3G V8.1 25 Astellia confidential .1 •LTE eUTRAN V1.4 •RAN 3G V7.

advanced presets.1 New components •Nova Explorer V1. GUI customization) •VIP Care V6.3. ASM V4. UP SDR) •Enriched statistics in Activity Analysis •SIP-I / SIP-T statistics •Loss of Roamers detection •HSPA+ enriched analysis (additional statistics) •Handling 4G-3G mobility (Circuit Switched Fall Back and LTE ISHO) (step 1) Core-CS V3.4 RAN 3G V7. UP TCPDR.2 (new Web interface. CP PDPDR.4 (PDPDR table for Core PS) 26 Astellia confidential .3 •Reporting based on 100% User Plane traffic (Nova Analytics usage dashboards) •PDPDR: PDP xDR enriched with traffic information per Service Type •xDR export to 3rd-party applications (CP CDR.5 (increased performance) •Activity Analysis V4.Astellia distribution January 2013 Core-PS V5.2 (Astellia solution usability enhancements) •Ocean V8.

2 •Handling 4G-2.1 •See Nova roadmap Core-PS V5.5G mobility (LTE ISHO) •PSM V8.2 •Handling 4G-2G mobility (Circuit Switch Fall Back and LTE ISHO) •Subscriber Activity V1.1 RAN 2G V6.2 •Dedicated to investigation on RRC & X2 •Multi interface flow chart •Handling 4G-3G mobility (Circuit Switch Fall Back and LTE ISHO) (step2) •PSM V8.1 (see Nova Explorer roadmap) •Activity Analysis V4.1 dist.4 LTE eUTRAN V1.2 RAN 2.0 •PSM V8.3 •Enhanced usability and configuration facilities 27 Astellia confidential .3.0 RAN 3G V7. T&A gateway V5.4.Astellia distribution June 2013 Nova EPC V2.1 (Nova solution supported) •Nova Explorer V2.5G V6.6 CEM V1.5 •Performance increase •Evolutions related to 4G support •VIP Care V6. Portal V2.0 •See CEM roadmap New components •Nova Cockpit V2.

2 (see Nova Explorer roadmap) New components 28 Astellia confidential .0 (IMAP…) •NovaExplorer V2.1 dist.0 •See Nova roadmap RAN 3G V8.0 RAN 2. Nova Cockpit •New enhancements in system installation.1 •Nova Analytics dashboards for RAN 3G performance management •Deciphering performance increase •Deciphering for 4G-2.5G mobility •X2 and RRC •Enhanced investigation •New statistics (including SON procedure monitoring) •Enriched RRC CDR •T&A gateway V5.2 LTE eUTRAN V1.5G V6.3.1 (link from T&A to Nova Explorer) •Astellia System Management. operation and supervision •PSM V9.Astellia distribution November 2013 Nova EPC V3.

5G solution •Additional Nova Analytics dashboards (handset. roaming.0 RAN 3G solution V8.3 (see Nova Explorer roadmap) •Enhancements in Astellia solution components •To be defined according to customers’ needs and priorities 29 Astellia confidential .5G V7.Astellia distribution March 2014 Nova EPC V3.1 New components •See Nova roadmap •See CEM roadmap •Nova Analytics for RAN 2G solution •Nova Analytics for RAN 2.0 RAN 2G V7.1 •See Nova roadmap Nova Core-CS V4.…) •Nova Explorer V2.0 RAN 2.0 CEM V2.

Astellia preliminary roadmap for 2014/H2 .2015 • At least two yearly Astellia solution distributions • Taking into account mobile network evolutions New types of links (10GE => 40GE => 100GE) Performance increase to manage traffic booming Support of new 3GPP releases Monitoring of new services Management of heterogeneous networks • Taking into account customers’ needs .Solution management facilities 30 Astellia confidential .New dashboards according to operator teams’ requirements .

Thank you 31 Astellia confidential .