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The T & A Bata Shoe Company is registered in Zlin ( Czechoslovakia ) by the siblings Tomas , Anna & Antonin in 1894 Bata Shoes is a large, family owned shoe company It is currently headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland Operates 4 business units worldwide Bata Europe, Bata Asia Pacific-Africa, Bata Latin America and Bata North America.

Has retail presence in over 50 countries, production facilities in 26 countries. In its history the company has sold 14 billion pairs of shoes.

1894 : Registered in Zlin by Tomas Bata 1905 : Production reached 2 pairs / day with 250 employees. Motto was Our customer is our master 1917 : 2 m pairs / year with 5000 employees , T. Bata created building , schools and hospitals near factories 1922 : After the world war due to reduction in consumers purchasing power Bata cut shoe prices by 50 % & stores were flooded with customers

1930 : Worlds leading footwear exporter 1931 : Company was incorporated into INDIA 1932 : Death of t. Bata & Jan A. Bata became Chairman 1932 1970 : Market penetration ( Branches in many countries ) 1970 : Brand creation ( Marie Claire, Power, North star,Bubblegummers ) 1980 : Development of Retail concept such as Bata city stores , sport concept , large format stores etc. 2001 : T. Batas grandson became chairman & implementation of new international structure around 4 meaningful business units ( MBUs ) 2002: Opened innovation centers worldwide

Bata has a worldwide reach, with operations across 5 continents managed by 4 regional meaningful business units (MBUs). Each unit benefits from synergies specific to their environment, such as product development, sourcing or marketing support. Each MBU is entrepreneurial in nature, and can quickly adapt to changes in the market place and seize potential growth opportunities.

Bata today

Serves 1 million customers per day Employs more than 40,000 people Operates 4,600 retail stores Manages a retail presence in over 50 countries Runs 40 production facilities across 26 countries

Bata India is the largest company for the Bata Shoe Organization in terms of sales pairs and the second largest in terms of revenues It has cornered around 35 %market share in the organized sector (and approx. 8.5% of the total footwear market) Almost 98 %of the company's revenue is from the domestic market while the rest is from exports Today ,Bata India has established itself as one of Asia's largest footwear retailer

P M Sinha Chairman M Villagran MD S Sinha Finance Director A B Anand Vice President

Current Scenario

Serves 1 Lakh customers per day Employs more than 8000 people Operates 950 retail stores Runs 5 production facilities across India 1250 stores accorss the country


International brands: Bata, Hush Puppies, Marie Claire, Bubble Gummers, Power, Sandak, North Star, Weinbrenner Domestic labels : Quovadis, Jubilee, Featherlite, Ambassador, Signor, Hawaii, Naughty Boy, Tennis.

United Kingdom : Canvas Shoes South-East Asia and Pacific Rim Countries: Bata Hawaii range of chappals /slippers Middle-East Asia: leather shoes and chappals

Marketing Initiatives of the Company

In addition to products manufactured by it, the Company also sells footwear, accessories, garments etc. manufactured by international and domestic agencies/ entities like, Reebok: Under this arrangement, the Company will purchase shoes from Reebok as per its requirement and earn a gross margin of 36% of the retail price Adidas Marketing Private Limited: Provides footwear & accessories at a Gross margin of 40% for footwear and 42% for accessories. Marketing Strategy : Psychological Pricing As Indian people are highly price sensitive, the costs of footwear are like 199,299,399 etc. and not round figures like 200,300,400. Majorly focuses on middle class customers

Competitors Liberty Shoes, Woodland Shoes, Nike, Reebok & Addidas are other footwear brands popular in India Liberty Shoes is tough a competitor But BATA is still the Leader in terms of sales

Tips on SHOE CARE Tips on How To Select perfect Shoe Personalized service through professional sales staff


The Guarantee of purchase : Replacement by new shoe pair within 1st 15 days The widest selection : More than 1000 designs The Quality : QA & QC departments, The Company estimates that no more than 1% of the total produce of the Company contains manufacturing defects leading to rejection.

Always in news because of its sales (Rs. 255 cr) & brand loyalty of customers Bata India Ltd. registers 62.6 % growth in net profit at Rs. 11.74 cr, for the Quarter ending June07 Bata will enter in REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT


Bata India limited won the Superbrand award 2006-07 last year The Safety and Welfare Award 2006 Bata India was honoured with the prestigious Retailer of the Year Award for the Year 2006 in the footwear category A survey on Indias most trusted brands conducted by Brand Equity ranks Bata amongst the top 10 most trusted brands in the country.

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