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April 2007

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Living the Digital World
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Enjoy Digital Life Everywhere Huawei uBro Solution Huawei uBro Roadmap


HUAWEI Confidential

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The Future: Living a Digital Life in a Digital World
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.Mobile Broadband Services are Gaining Momentum Voice/Data service revenue forecast 60 ARPU (Euro per Sub. HUAWEI Confidential Page 5 . Ltd.) 50 40 30 20 10 0 Voice Data 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009   Voice ARPU and revenue ratio decline steadily Data services become main methods of increasing ARPU and abstracting high end customers  More and more value-added data services going mobile HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co.

Together they help to make home digital  HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co.. Ltd. are going digital. so digital home will be a must Broadband penetration increases fast.Digital Home is One Crucial Element of Digital World  More and more people. including elders. mobile broadband increases faster. HUAWEI Confidential Page 6 .

Ltd.Digital Home Requires Home Mobile Broadband Mobile usage by location Source: Strategy analytics Cellular End User Survey At Home 38% At Work 22% Others 15% Travelling 14% In Car 11%   Home mobile is replacing fixed line People inheriting the habits of enjoy both mobile and broadband makes home mobile broadband practical HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. HUAWEI Confidential Page 7 ..

.Contents    Enjoy Digital Life Everywhere Huawei uBro Solution Huawei uBro Roadmap HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. HUAWEI Confidential Page 8 . Ltd.

low handset penetration High cost of UMTS/WiFi terminal WiFi AP Ethernet Outdoor cell UMTS/WiFi terminal HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. HUAWEI Confidential Page 9 . high wall penetration loss (>10dB) Data service cost per bit is unaffordable Hard and expensive to find sites for improving indoor coverage Special UMTS/WiFi handset needed.Challenges of the Existing Home Mobile Broadband  Challenges    of macro cell  Challenges of WiFi/UMA at home   Poor indoor coverage.. Ltd.

Ltd.g.Improving Competitiveness for Mobile Operator High Performance and Cost Efficiency Benefits     UMTS AP ADSL Modem Improve home coverage Expand the network capacity Support all UMTS service with standard UE Low cost:  No AG Internet /Intranet additional equipment room  IP transmission (e. HUAWEI Confidential Page 10 .uBro .. xDSL)  Plug-and-play UMTS Network HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co.

Music. Photo. Ltd. SMS MMS. Faster due to HSPA HUAWEI Confidential New service development Page 11 .Valuable Proposition to End-User Easy and Cheap to Enjoy Digital Life ≤1. IM Infotainment: News.uBro .. Video.5 Kg. Email.≤1. Game Home Network: share data With home network Fixed Mobile convenient and cheaper HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. TV.6L 8 voice users Plug and Play Low cost Why Easy? Share and enjoy Enjoy What? Communication: Voice.

AG. Ltd.. HUAWEI Confidential Page 12 .uBro Networking Overview  E2E solution includes AP. OMC and Clock Server Mobile Operator PC DHCP / DNS / AAA Proxy OMC CG GGSN HLR STB AP Home GW1 / xDSL Modem Clock Server OSS/EMS Firewall IP/MPLS COREBorder Router DSLAM UE1 UE2 Home GW2 / xDSL Modem IPSec GW Metro Ethernet BRAS/PE AG SGSN Mobile Operator DHCP / DNS Border Router PC STB AP MSC Wide Internet UE1 UE2 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co.

uBro Architecture: Phase 1 AP Prototype: traditional UMTS architecture to validate the key technologies Iu-CS Iub Iu-PS CS UMTS AP RNC PS Latest update:     AP prototype hardware is ready First call achieved and PS service activated in October. Started system test in November Clock synchronization tests performed in Lab using internal Ethernet network HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. HUAWEI Confidential Page 13 . Ltd..

.uBro Architecture: Phase 2 UMTS AG eIu Iu-CS CS UMTS AP Gn GGSN Gi Gi Application Server Internet * eIu=Iu-PS + Iu-CS + Private message    AG capacity: 30. Ltd.Throughput:6Gbps Phase 2 architecture can be software updated to phase 3 GGSN is an existing equipment HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. HUAWEI Confidential Page 14 .000 APs(AP:200kbps).

Server eIu: Iu-PS control plane + Iu-CS + Private message Internet  AG capacity: Plan to support more than 100.000 APs!  AP: New hardware based on self-designed ASIC  Gi interface on AP enable traffic to Internet directly HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co..uBro Architecture: Phase 3 UMTS AG eIu Iu-CS CS UMTS AP ‘Gn-UP’ Gi ‘Gn-CP’ GGSN Gi Gi App. HUAWEI Confidential Page 15 . Ltd.

Ltd.uBro Feature List      Services Packet routing and forwarding Clock over IP IP address allocation Security and QoS mechanism        Mobility Installation intelligent guide Automatic network planning Access permission control Location indication O&M. .. Billing Interference Control HUAWEI Confidential Page 16 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co.

Mobile TV On-line Shopping CS Service:   Music Download 12.2kbps AMR. Support all kinds of UMTS service. and so on Advertisement 384Kbps. HUAWEI Confidential Page 17 .92Mbps (UL) Ticket buying  PS Services: on R99  Horse racing  HSDPA/HSUPA  Benefits:  Even macro network coverage is poor. 144Kbps.6Mbps (DL) / 1. 64Kbps 9. Ltd. end-user can also enjoy all UMTS service with standard UE in UMTS AP coverage. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co.Video call. 64kbps AMR voice call.uBro Feature – Services    Compliant with 3GPP R6 technical specification..

uBro Feature – Packet Routing and Forwarding eIu AG UMTS AP ‘GnUP’ ‘Gn-CP’ U E Gi GGSN Gi Gi Internet Intranet (PDN)   Forwarding and routing data between UE and packet data network Both AP and AG (via GGSN) support Gi interfaces Benefits:   This function can support the direct access of internet and reduce the impact on MN. It is easy to operate and can also ensure the operator to control PS service. HUAWEI Confidential Page 18 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co.. . Ltd.

CLOCK SERVER packet network   AP add time stamps transmitted time stamps adaptive process  received time stamps Rx clock Tx clock   Current status:  Clock synchronization under validating (Internal Ethernet network) .  Optimize clock synchronization under different network conditions. . Ltd.uBro Feature – Clock over IP   Support IP transmission over Ethernet / ADSL. Support clock synchronization from IP transmission.. HUAWEI Confidential Page 19 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co.

. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. end-user can configure static IP address. Ltd. If the network does not support dynamic IP allocation.uBro Feature – IP Address Allocation Support the following IP address allocation:  Dynamic allocation (automatically)   Obtain private IP address via DHCP Obtain public IP address via DHCP  Static configuration (manually)  Configure private IP address Benefits:   It is easy to get IP address and can be used in different network environments. HUAWEI Confidential Page 20 .

HUAWEI Confidential Page 21 . Ltd.uBro Feature – Security   AP equipment authorization IPSec  QoS mechanism:802. AP/AG: prioritized queuing Home Zone Home Gateway Outdoor Internet DSLAM ADSL Intranet WiFi Ethernet BRAS CORE SGW RNC IPSec tunnel Ethernet AP NodeB UMTS AG GSN SS7 HLR MS HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co..1p & DiffServ.

IEEE802.4 different DSCP (different service code point) according to the different QoS requirements .DiffServ in IP layer .1P in MAC layer.05%(IP packet loss rate) Item 1 2 Service type and priority Service type signaling IP clock packet AMR VP Stream interactive Background OM Priority 1 1 2 2 3 4 4 4 Modem: Multi-channel modem DSLAM~BAS: Independent VLAN channel and support IEEE802.uBro Feature – QoS QoS guarantee: .. Ltd. HUAWEI Confidential Page 22 .1P Independent high QoS priority PV for AP service 3 4 5 6 7 8 BAS: MPLS DiffServ/TE 、IP DiffServ HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. 4 different priorities of VLAN TAG in MAC layer for relative DSCP value QoS requirement for the transmission between AP and AG: IPTD≤40ms(IP packet transmission delay) IPDV≤15ms(IP packet jitter) IPLR≤0.

AP->Macro cell Support UE camps on AP with best effort in home zone Roaming in idle mode Handover in conn. mode Handover in conn. Mode (planning) AP cell HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. HUAWEI Confidential Page 23 . Ltd..uBro Feature – Mobility    Idle mode: bi-directional mobility Connected Mode: AP<->AP. Mode (planning) AP cell UMTS GSM Handover in conn.

means there is little interference Benefits: It is convenient for installation and can reduce the operation cost. if    light in red.. means there is serious DL interference light in yellow. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. HUAWEI Confidential Page 24 . Ltd.uBro Feature – Intelligent Guide for Installation An indication light is adopted in UMTS AP to assist user to choose a suitable installation location.  There is one indication light in AP. means there is some interference light in green.

uBro Feature – Automatic Network Planning DL detector:   Integrated in UMTS AP Measure the neighbor cell’s pilot RSCP and report the result to AG. AG allocates a suitable scrambling code to AP. HUAWEI Confidential Page 25 . Carrier selection:   Automatic select the lowest local interference Reduced interference between APs and macro cell Scrambling code automatically allocation:   Automatically check the scrambling codes. AP will adjust pilot power according to the report HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. Pilot power control:   UE send the report to AP ( RSCP and Ec/No). Ltd..

HUAWEI Confidential Page 26 .. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. Ltd.uBro Feature – Access Permission Control  Options1: Semi-closed   Allows other users to camp on AP if allowed by AP owner Reduce OPEX as user maintains the permission list itself. increase loyalty as user can flexibly decide who can enjoy AP service Web page Permission user list:: MSISDN1 MSISDN2 Ethernet Username? Password?  Options2: Closed  Allows only the owner and his immediate family members to use the AP Benefits: End-user can flexibly decide who can enjoy AP service.

 Based on Short message    AP will send SMS to UE as permitted user enters AP cell No other special requirements on core network. UE will display the roaming symbol. HUAWEI Confidential Page 27 . HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. AP cell and macro cell use different PLMNs.uBro Feature – Location Indication Support location indication on UE screen:  Based on dedicated PLMN-ID   When user camps on AP cell.. Ltd. cannot remain display on the terminal Benefits: The solution can quickly remind user that he is in AP cell or macro cell. No notification when out of the home zone.

HUAWEI Confidential Page 28 . alarm and fault reports  Periods determined by START/STOP from the OMC  Remote management  Software upgraded remotely and controlled by operators  Remote diagnose fault of the AP through OMC on request OMC AP Billing For the scenario of PS service passing through AP’s Gi interface:  AP provides CDR for billing  AP forwards CDR to AG  Operator can implement billing solution flexibly HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. Billing O&M  AP produce O&M output on request to reduced the traffic  O&M output include performance. Ltd..uBro Feature – O&M.

..uBro Feature . Ltd.Interference Control The approaches to control the interference are:     AP had better be installed in the middle of the house Avoid installing AP near macro NodeB The distance between UE and AP The total number of APs Dedicated frequency is recommended! For shared frequency scenario. 2 frequencies for Macro UMTS network is needed! The equipment support:   Automatically adjust the output power Intelligent Guide for AP installation with DL interference detector HUAWEI Confidential Page 29 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co.

92Mbps(UL) based on HSDPA and HSUPA (peak) Transmission Mechanical Dimensions (Planned) Power Supply Environment temperature Ethernet over ADSL (FE Interface) ≤ 1.5kg. Ltd. ≤ 1L (Phase3 ) 90-264 VAC.5kg.6Mbps(DL)/1.. 5 MHz User numbers : 8 Speech (12. HUAWEI Confidential Page 30 . -5~40º C HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. ≤ 1.6L (Phase 2 ) ≤0.2 kbps) Data: 9.uBro AP Specification Target mass market – home utilization Frequency band Maximum Output power RX sensitivity Carrier Capacity: Number of simultaneous users 1920-1980 UL/2110-2170 DL 30 mW -107dBm One carrier.

. Ltd. HUAWEI Confidential Page 31 . no need to have special dual mode terminal Plug-and-Play Installation can be supported to reduced OPEX   Access permission control and homezone notification to provide differentiated tariff at home Qos and security can be guaranteed for the service at home Interference can be mitigated with lowest Tx power of UE and AP Remote management to reduce your OPEX    uBro to be available in 2007Q4-2008Q1 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co.Summary   Huawei uBro solution is a cost effective solution for home coverage Capacity and coverage can be improve with standard UMTS terminal.

. Ltd. HUAWEI Confidential Page 32 .Contents    Enjoy Digital Life Everywhere Huawei uBro Solution Huawei uBro Roadmap HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co.

mobility management. interference control without network architecture change. Ltd. Phase status: Developing Iu-CS eIu UMTS AP UMTS AG CS PS Phase 2: Commercial 2008Q1 UMTS AP: new hardware UMTS AG: software update from current platform Phase status: Planned Gn Internet /Intranet Gi Iu-CS CS Phase 3: Commercial 2009Q1 UMTS AP: new hardware with new ASIC UMTS AG: software upgrade to support Gi on AP Phase status: Concept eIu “Gp/Gn-UP” “Gp/Gn-CP” PS UMTS AP UMTS AG Note: Phase 2. e..HUAWEI uBro Solution Roadmap (1) UMTS AP UMTS AG Iu-CS Iub UMTS CN Phase 1 : Trial 2006Q4 -2007Q2 CS PS Iu-PS UMTS AP RNC Validate key features. 3 are not frozen HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co.g Synchronization. HUAWEI Confidential Page 33 .

HUAWEI Confidential Page 34 .6Mbps/ HSUPA 1.5Kg.HUAWEI uBro Solution Roadmap (2) 2009Q1 (V200R011) 2008Q1 (V200R010)  uRAP3801: 8 Voices. < 1L UMTS AG: 100K uRAPs Clock Server: 10K uRAPs OMC Center Available for trial in 2008Q4 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. Ltd. <1. <1.6L  UMTS AG: 30K uRAPs  Clock Server: 10K uRAPs  OMC Center Available for trial in 2007Q4     uRAP3801: 8 Voices.92Mbps. < 0.5Kg.. HSDPA 9.

com www.huawei.huawei. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co.Thank you! www.. HUAWEI Confidential .