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Africanization of slave trade

The various colonial powers participated in the African trade while declaring war on Portuguese to monopolize the trade and panish to own the Americas.Overview  This is deals with the transportation of African slaves in the Caribbean after the genocide(deceased) of the Indians.  .

 The Portuguese and dutch started the trade in the Americas and enable settlers to treat African as cattle!s. The" receive license to import them. this activit" became ma#or and the sugar industr" and mining e$panded the trade(TTA) In Chile Africans wor%ed with indigenous people and the" enslaved coloureds as well. The trade aid in e$panding Portuguese e trading fort(&lmina)   .

+hile merchants set up trading stations.Competitions and conflicts  the Portuguese slaves were unsafe on Atlantic ocean and also their trading stations and forts. the" secure lin%s with Portuguese and brazil who couldn*t met their demand.   . The 'rench came close to ta%e over mean while the &nglish((aw%ins) started a slave trade lin%(gold coast) )utch having control of coast focused entirel" on humans.

wedish soldiers protected African forts with the slaves. wede participate in activit" with dutch b" suppl"ing slaves while dutch provide captains and finances.   . wedes and )anes become interested and their %ings met with officials of dutch to state wa"s to enter the trade. Adolphus( wede) gave permission to form south compan"(trade in Africa) )anes followed.

. In .-./ the 'rench establish a compan" aimed at suppl"ing captives directl" to the America but the dutch was alread" in control of west Africa0 Caribbean and brazil.

)utch in control  )emand for slaves and indentured servant in 'rench and &nglish increased due to sugar e$pansion which the dutch fulfilled.   . dutch too% over Portuguese forts(&lmina) the" respond b" defeating them from brazil but didn*t regain god coast. )utch strengthen control b" suppl"ing 'rench and &nglish with captives.

 All &uropean powers depended totall" on African slaver" as it was primar". the &nglish form trading compan"(ro"al adventures) but it fell in finance trouble and a new pro#ect(ro"al African compan") that establish trading post  .

1ining areas(minas gerias) moved in sugar production. panish issue asciento to deliver captives to America.ugar is ever"one!s dream  ugar became ever"one main priorit" in the Caribbean and brazil.234 5ritish became leading shippers of Africa. Others bid for asciento and fought to protect it.      . &uropean traders #oin Americans to search Africa for slave. After .

The" became the largest producer of sugar in the world.234 5ritish removed over6440444 Africans to Americans( more than ever" colonies combined)   . In .-44) In .(.high successes  )utch establish in brazil a large scale sugar plantation.244 the ro"al African compan"(&nglish) became the largest compan" in trading Africans.

The end .