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Established the first ruling dynasty in China.

Who was Shang?

Pyramid-building advanced people of the Americas.

Who were the Maya?

.Islamic leader whose murder started a split in the Muslim community.

Who was ‘Uthman? .

.Became the leader of Islam after Muhammad’s death and expanded its influence.

Who was Abu Bakr? .

French noble who unified England under his rule. .

Who was William the Conqueror? .

Protected nobles’ freedoms and outlined basic rights of all English people. .

What is Magna Carta? .

Ivan IV considered himself heir to the Roman and Byzantine empires and took this title. the Russian word for Caesar. .

What is Tsar? .

The actions of Ivan IV earned him this nickname. .

What is ‘The Terrible’. .

This form of Buddhism became very popular among warriors and artists in Japan. .

What is Zen? .

.The Divine Comedy. is considered to be one of the greatest works of medieval literature. written by this author.

Who was Dante Alighieri? .

.The most important contribution of the ancient Hebrews to Western civilization was ethical monotheism.


The Iconoclastic Controversy was a controversy about the use of religious icons in Christian worship. .


.Muslims consider Muhammad to be the prophet of Islam.


The strength of Mongol armies was built around their heavily armed foot soldiers. .


.A pope’s most important advisors were the archbishops.


.During the Children’s Crusade many of the crusaders were sold into slavery.


and Mesopotamia all… . Egypt.The first civilizations in India. China.

What is developed along rivers? .

.One of the characteristics that makes a culture also a civilization.

What is division of labour? .

.This conquerors allowed selfgovernment. but levied heavy taxes in Russia.

Who were the Mongols who controlled Russia until the late 1400s? .

The practice of removing people from church membership whose opinions conflict with its leaders or beliefs is called… .

What is excommunication? .

Advances in geography. and astronomy. . medicine.

What are Muslim contributions to science? .

A dispute over who should be caliph. . or leader of the faith.

Which was the reason that Islam divided into two main branches? .

.This is the society which most influenced the development of other civilizations in Asia.

What is China? .

.Change(s) the Mongol rule brought to China.

What is increased contact with the rest of the world? .

Charlemagne’s empire broke up after his death because of … .

What were feuds and internal wars among his successors? .

Strengthened feudalism by keeping nobles’ landholdings intact after they died. .

How did the practice of primogeniture affect feudalism? .

The purpose of the Crusades was for Christians to regain the Holy Land from the… .

Who were the Muslims? .

. and kings were strengthened.Commerce increased.

What was an indirect result of the Crusades? .

First emperor of the Roman Empire. .

Who was Augustus Caesar? .

Founder of Buddhism. .

Who was Siddharta Gautama? .

.The two most powerful and important Greek city-states.

What are Sparta and Athens? .

.The Hittites and the Chaldeans lived in two of the more advanced kingdoms of sub-Saharan Africa.


Saved the Byzantine Empire around A. 1100 .D.

What was an army of western Europeans that reclaimed Western Asia Minor from the Turks? .

The Iconoclastic Controversy was a controversy about the use of religious icons in Christian worship. .


.Group of Muslims who believed that imams should decide religious and worldly matters.

Who are the Shi’ah? .

. Muslim folktales that are among the most widely read stories in history.Character in literature who is the basis for The Thousand and One Nights.

Who was Scherezade? .

By 750 the Muslim Empire had spread into all of the following places EXCEPT… .

Where was Constantinople? .

Was a warrior in feudal Japan who was similar to a knight in Europe during the same time period. .

What is a Samurai? .

Dynasty during which Chinese artisans perfected the art of making porcelain and produced delicate porcelain vases for export. .

What was the Sung Dynasty? .

.Early writing systems in both Korea and Japan were based on the Chinese language.


Land granted by a lord in return for loyalty and service.

What is a Fief?

System characterized by estates containing villages in which peasants farmed the lord’s lands and provided other services to the lord. .

What is Manorialism? .

.Knights were expected to live by this code of conduct.

What is Chivalry? .

. workers performed their jobs from their homes.This system of manufacturing that developed during the Middle Ages.

What is the Domestic System? .

is today a Catholic saint and a symbol of French patriotism. .Executed as a heretic during the Hundred Years’ War.

Who was Joan of Arc? .

and fables became popular among medieval audiences because many of these works were written in this kind of languages. .Poetry. romantic fiction.

What are Vernacular Languages? .

The only Crusade that succeeded in capturing Jerusalem. .

Which was the first Crusade? .

.The expulsion of Muslims and Jews from Spain.

Which was NOT an event that strengthened Spain? .

Islam reached the Celebes from these places. .

What are Madura and the Moluccas? .

.The Vikings who settled in England came from these places.

Where are Denmark and Sweden? .