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Concurrent Engineering

With respect to Sustainability

com 2 ISE 482 . and logistics” What is an example of this? .Concurrent Engineering Defined    How would you define concurrent engineering (CE)? Definition: “Integrated approach to productdesign that takes into account all stages of a product’s life cycle from design to disposal – including costs. customer support.BusinessDictionary. quality. user needs. testing.Spring 2009 Presentation by Matt Monsted .

com.CE Illustration 2009 Presentation by Matt Monsted .htm 3 ISE 482 .

Sustainability Defined    What is sustainability? What makes something sustainable? Definition: “Ability to maintain or support an activity or process over the long term” .Spring 2009 Presentation by Matt Monsted .com  Give an example of something sustainable 4 ISE 482 .BusinessDictionary.

Spring 2009 Presentation by Matt Monsted .Questions to Consider     How can they be related? What makes them related? Why is there a need for either concept? Is the relationship mutually beneficial or mutually exclusive? – Why or why not? 5 ISE 482 .

CE vs. Sustainability Concurrent Engineering Sustainability Product & Process Social & Economic Constraints Long-term Goals Long-term Success Resources Manage Limited Resources Others? Others? 6 ISE 482 .Spring 2009 Presentation by Matt Monsted .

Spring 2009 Presentation by Matt Monsted 7 . therefore we are also the professionals others turn to for solutions – CE helps to accomplish these goals ISE 482 .Why Engineers Care    We are working in an expanding world with finite resources One approach = Innovation + Conservation (Simultaneously. in parallel) Engineers are the ones who influence the utilization of resources with process design.

corporations must alter their product and process development cycle to be able to complete diverse tasks concurrently” Continuous improvement is always needed 8 ISE 482 .The Need for CE & Sustainability       Environments are constantly changing Actions must be quick. and responsible Things must be done correctly the first time Reduce reaction time and act “To be competitive.Spring 2009 Presentation by Matt Monsted . effective.

Spring 2009 Presentation by Matt Monsted 9 . appraisal.The CE Approach     Focuses on optimizing and distributing resources within a company or unit during design and development Collaboration is required Involves implementation. and continuous improvement initiatives Must be applied throughout a system to be successful (requires strong leadership) ISE 482 .

so continuous improvement is needed  Continuous Improvement –  Communication & Collaboration ISE 482 . and Leadership – Requires strong _________________________ to mandate organizational changes successfully CE is a process of ________________________ with a variety of implementation strategies.Spring 2009 Presentation by Matt Monsted 10 .How to Apply the CE Approach  Commitment. Planning.

Why Use CE Principles   Competitive Advantage – Helps any size company (small or large) Improves quality. development cycle. delivery time…etc Increased Performance –  Reduced design and production (development) costs – Respond better to customer’s expectations at lower costs ISE 482 .Spring 2009 Presentation by Matt Monsted 11 .

Spring 2009 Presentation by Matt Monsted . shelter.Examples of Sustainability & CE    Minimizing environmental damage to provide sufficient food. and mobility for an increasing world population “Designing products and processes so that wastes from one are used as inputs to another” Including environmental and social constraints with economic considerations to make decisions . water.Source 4 12 ISE 482 .

Spring 2009 Presentation by Matt Monsted .Review of Article Assigned   Need for sustainability as population growth and economic programs put stress on ecosystem balances Concurrency is the “leading design paradigm in achieving balance and sustainability in the human/environmental system” (Dawson. 64) 13 ISE 482 . 63)   Concurrency consists of: ______________ & ______________ Concurrency is determined by comparing the current capacity and environmental systems _____________ to meet to current needs with the uncommitted system _____________________ ________________ (Dawson.

Review of Article      Concurrency as a management tool should be considered from the center of authority and not the local units. however the local unit decisions must be considered in the overall concurrency management plan (Dawson. 66) “Concurrency depends on achieving and maintaining standards…” (Dawson. 65) Serious problems can arise when concurrency is applied to ___________________ and ___________________. 68) ISE 482 . 67) “Sustainable economic development and environmental quality and not mutually _______________” (Dawson. 65) “Concurrency provides assurance to developers. builders.Spring 2009 Presentation by Matt Monsted 14 . and investors (owners)” (Dawson. (Dawson.

Set milestones throughout the development process. Break project into its natural phases. (List from Source 3) 15 ISE 482 . Establish unified project goals and a clear business mission. Develop metrics. Suppress individualism and foster a team concept. Reduce costs and time to market. Analyze your market and know your customers. Transfer technology between individuals and departments.Review of CE Principles                Get a strong commitment from senior management. Develop project leaders that have an overall vision of the project and goals. Collectively work on all parts of project. Develop a detailed plan early in the process. Complete tasks in parallel. Establish and cultivate cross-functional integration and collaboration.Spring 2009 Presentation by Matt Monsted . Continually review your progress and revise your plan.

Spring 2009 Presentation by Matt Monsted .Homework – due 2/10  Complete both assigned problems to hand in next class period 16 ISE 482 .

Journal of Environmental Sciences (IOS Press). Concurrency: a system design approach to environmental management and 14(1). 63.berkeley.ansoft. January). R.csengin. S. 2009.similesystems.. from Academic Search Complete database.References  Dawson. (2002.Spring 2009 Presentation by Matt Monsted .org/  17 ISE 482 . Concurrent engineering / Manufacturing lifecycle illustration: http://www.html –   Used for structure and info on several slides  NASA definition: http://www. Retrieved January 28. & Tao.pdf http://best.