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Search for knowledge Aims at discovering truth Original contribution to existing stock of knowledge Objective and systematic method of finding solutions to problems

What Is Research?
A combination of investigation of past work and effort in the present that will help others in the future A set of opposites
Fun and frustration Small steps and large insights Building on others work and contributing your own work

Finding or developing something new that changes the world.

Research is a process of systematic and indepth study or search of any particular topic, subject or area of investigation backed by collection, Computation, Presentation and interpretation of relevant dates. Research is necessary to examine extent of validity of old conclusions or to find some new facts and generating new ideas in connection with existing ones.

Objectives of Research
To find out truth which is hidden and which has not been discovered so far. It aims at advancing systematic knowledge and formulating basic theories. Social research- to understand social life and to gain a greater measure of control over social behaviour. Educational research- to provide an educational program, skills of research, training.

Qualities of good Research

Systematic Structured with specified steps. Logical- guided by rules of logical reasoning. Empirical- research should be related to one or more aspects of real solution. Results can be verified by replicating study. Procedure followed in research work should be described in sufficient details. Data used for research should be valuable and reliable.

Development of Research Skills

Learning how to conduct good research:
New skills (that many people do not have) Better understanding and interpretation of the literature Recognize new questions that need investigation

Objectivity is the key element of research

Theory vs. Hypothesis

A belief or prediction of the eventual outcome of the research

A belief or assumption about how things relate to each other A theory establishes a cause-and-effect relationship between variables with a purpose of explaining and predicting phenomena


In an ideal world



New Questions Arise Question Identified

Results Interpreted

Hypotheses Formed

Data Collected

Research Plan

Closed-loop conceptualization of the research process (Drew, Hardman, and Hart, 1996)