What is Green Computing
‡ The positive (or least negative) relationship between the physical computer and its impact to the environments in which it moves from cradle to grave. ‡ The primary objective of such a program is to account for the triple bottom line (People, Planet, Profit), an expanded spectrum of values and criteria for measuring organizational (and societal) success.

History of Green Computing
In 1992, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency launched Energy Star to promote energy-efficiency in computers. The first success of green computing was the Sleep mode function ‡Wipro became the first Indian company to launch environment-friendly range of desktops and laptops, compliant with RoHS

Steps along the green computing route
‡Green Power generation ‡Virtualization ‡Power management ‡Recycling ‡Telecommuting ‡Employing thin clients ‡Data Center

Go Green Strategy
1. Reduce Energy Usage 2. Improve Recycling

3. Green The Business

4. Measure & Comply

Impact of Green Computing on Rankings

‡ Nokia (7.45)-- Scores top marks for leading competitors on toxic phase out. ‡ Samsung (7.1)-- Holds second position for commitment to reduce absolute emissions. ‡ Sony Ericsson (6.5 ) -- Up two places with better product energy efficiency reporting. ‡ Dell (3.9 ) -- Stays at 13th place because of backtracking on toxics phase out. ‡ HP (3.5) -- Is at 14th position and has no products on the market free of toxic substances. ‡ Microsoft (2.5)-- Loses a point for a poor recycling policy but stays in 15th position.

Wipro Limited, a leading player in Global IT and R&D services, is committed towards environmental sustainability by minimizing the usage of hazardous substances and chemicals which have potential impact on the ecology. It has joined hands with WWF India, one of the largest conservation organizations in the country, to directly deal with issues of climate change, water and waste management and biodiversity conservation.

Green Lighting Solutions ‡Role of Lighting for GREEN buildings: 17% 20% of the overall building s energy usage ‡ Optimize Energy Performance o High efficiency light sources Compact Fluorescent Lamp, etc. o Lighting controls Green IT Solutions ‡ Applications o e-Freight An innovative application for the Air Cargo industry that enables efficient, multi-format & paperless interaction between Airlines, Freight Forwarder and Customs ‡Emission Compliance Management System o An application developed for manufacturing companies helps them to control pollution & reduce carbon monoxide emissions

‡ Energy Efficiency Solution o A process & technology application that accommodates the functionality requirements of an end-to-end energy efficiency solution o It is a framework that is designed to help customers to use their energy requirements in the most-cost effective manner

‡Products Wipro Green ware o RoHS Compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) o Compliant with environment & safety standards and statutory Regulations o Energy star certification

Wipro WEEE Statement Part of `Quick Start Guide shipped with all systems from factory (WEEE - Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment ‡Services o e-Waste Disposal Service o Eco-friendly Engineering Designs that are RoHS compliant & energy efficient ‡ Shared Service Consulting A practitioner s perspective ‡ Supports 80000+ employees; ‡ handles 4000+ transactions per day ‡ Conserving resources paper (95% electronic transactions) & energy ‡ Sharing service resources across Wipro businesses

Green Data Center Services
Wipro s Steps to a Green data center:
Reduce the physical number of servers through blade servers and virtualization Reduce storage hardware Implement energy-efficient hardware such as multi core CPUs that reduce redundant and external electronics and therefore save on energy Enable dynamic control of a server's internal fans that reduce the energy needed when the air in the data center is cooler Liquid cooling of server racks can limit the amount of energy needed to remove heat from the data center Follow the hot aisle/cold aisle layout for arranging equipment in the data center

Future is Green
‡ Turning one computer into 10 Discover Stations. ‡ Multiple attachment of monitors, mice and keyboards. ‡ Reduction of co2 emissions by 15 tons per year per system ‡ Reduce electronic waste by up to 80%

Green Computing is on the radar screens of CIOs, but its not primarily motivated by ecofriendlyness, says Jim Noble, CIO of Altria, parent company of Philip Morris and Kraft Foods. The primary motivation is technology s cost . The good news for Mother Earth is that there are a lot of money-saving, ecofriendly steps just waiting for IT executives to take

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