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Nurse In The Future

The development of nursing

nurses as professional services are now supported by science and technology gained from the education and training of targeted and well planned.

In Indonesia, nursing has achieved very significant progress even was a leap that far ahead. This stems from the agreement signed with the National Nursing Workshop in January 1983 who received nursing as professional services, and education of nursing as a profession (professional education).

Nursing personnel constitute the largest number of health workers should be able to contribute essential to the success of health development. For that nursing personnel are required to enhance the professional skills to be able to play an active role in the development of health, especially in professional nursing services.

Development of nursing services


nursing can not be separated by nursing professionals education. Nursing education is no longer a vocational education / vocational however, aims to generate a master of science nursing nursing ready to implement the service / professional nursing care to the Community Sector. Levels of nursing education has even reached the doctoral level.

Confidence is what are the factors driving the development of nursing education in Indonesia at the higher education level, which actually began in 1962 with the opening of the Academy of Nursing is the first in Jakarta. This process continues to evolve in line with the nature of nursing professionalism.

Higher education nursing, is expected to generate power that professional nursing is able to hold the renewal and improvement of quality of care / nursing care, as well as the arrangement of the development of the nursing profession life.

Needs Health care


is estimated that the future demands of health services, including nursing services will continue to increase in both quality and service aspects. This is due to increase public awareness of the health and economic enhancement entailed the increasing complexity of society and the health problems facing society.

Future Demands Of Nurse,

In the the demands of the future the concrete steps to be carried out include: * structuring standards of practice and standards of care / nursing care as the foundation of the quality control of nursing care in a professional, * reform the system of nursing personnel in accordance with the abilities and skills, * management of the nursing education system that is able to produce professional nursing, and structuring nursing legilasi system to regulate the rights and limits of authority,