an Introduction

MPLS – a Bird’s eye view
205 NODES across the country Built on STM1 Backbone (upgradable ) Managed Solutions Identification, Escalation and Localisation of faults before the customer could sense it. Better Traffic Engineering Capabilities

Point to Point Leased Lines
64 Kbps to 2 Mbps. R & G cable.

FR Networks
Packet Switched Data Services Inet

VSAT Based solutions

Telephone Based Solutions

Limitations of the present scenario
• Bandwidth on Demand – Not possible (Dynamic Bandwidth allocation not possible) 2. As the organization grows, number of links becomes more. Network becomes more complex and it becomes difficult to maintain the reliability. 3. As the organization grows present networking solution becomes costly since we will have to invest on Multiple links and Networking equipments. 4. Security, Maintenance of Network Elements is customer’s responsibility in present scenario. 5. Provisioning & Commissioning time is more.

New Choice -MPLS VPN
In this scenario Ease of Implementation (Only the local lead at both ends are to be built & charged) Scalability – Addition and Removal of Sites can be done instantaneously

New Choice to Customer


SLA can be entered with customer. Bandwidth on Demand can be provided instantly and can vary as required. Network monitored right up to customers premises equipments. Security, Maintenance of Links is the Service Provider’s responsibility.

MPLS – a new solution to the customers problems
Network can be implemented easily. Network Highly Secure. Network built for better Traffic Engineering. Any differentiated Services possible. Network very reliable due to built in redundancy.

BSNL – VPN Core Network
Lucknow Delhi Ahmedabad



Pune Bangalore M40e Router STM1 Links Chennai



BSNL – MPLS VPN Network POP Layout

Core Router (M40e) Gigabit Ethernet Switch

STM-1 Link Gigabit Ethernet E3 Link

Edge Router (M40e/M20)

Complexity of Customers Network with Point to Point Leased Lines
Ahmedabad Lucknow

Mumba i Pune Delhi

Leased lines from BSNL
Bangalore Kolkotta

Ernakulam Hyderabad Links


How it looks – in the MPLS environment
Ahmedab ad


Mumba i Delhi Pune

Bangalore Kolkotta

Ernakulam Hyderabad Route r Links


Why MPLS based VPNs?
Security is the responsibility of BSNL MPLS Network. • ( Company will be responsible for the Security of the Information and network in a Point to Point leased lines.)

 Simple Network Implementation  Easy to configure & Manage.  QoS, CoS and better Traffic Engineering.  Easy Network Expansion at Customer Premises.  Easy Introduction of New Services ( Multicasting, VoIP, Hosting over the same link )

Why MPLS based VPNs ?
Mobile workers can dial up on a secure network to access company information.

Flexible reconfiguration (Instantaneous Addition and Deletion possible). With Growing Internet Based Applications MPLS VPN becomes a necessity.

High Cost & Complexity
Small Offices – Minimum Links. As the sites increases – the number of links increases and thereby the Cost and Complexity of Network. No. of Sites 2 3 4 5 6 No. of Links 1 3 6 10 15 Cost Cost/Site s 1.2 0.6 L Lakhs 3.6 1.2 L Lakhs 7.2 1.8 L Lakhs 12 Lakhs 2.4 L 22.5 3.75 L Lakhs

How MPLS VPN is Cost-Effective ?
No. of Sites 2 3 4 5 6 7 No. of Links 2 3 4 5 6 7 Cost 1.44 L 2.31 L 3.08 L 3.85 L 4.62 L 5.39 L Cost / Sites 0.77 L 0.77 L 0.77 L 0.77 L 0.77 L 0.77 L

Comparative Chart
No. of No. of Cost Sites Links on Lease d Line 2 2 1.36 L 3 3 2.04 L 4 5 6 4 5 6 Cost on MPLS Cost per site on 1.44 L Lease 0.6 L d 2.31 L 1.2 L Cost per site on MPLSL 0.77 0.77 L 0.77 L 0.77 L

2.72 L 3.08 L 1.8 L 3.40 L 3.85 L 2.4 L

4.08 L 4.62 L 3.75 L 0.77 L

Just for 10 sites the cost factor is 1/8th of Leased Lines. It improves as the number of sites increases.
60 50 40 30 20 10 0 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

How Cost Effective is MPLS VPN???

Point to Point


Tariff Chart

(port charges)

Class Bandwid 64K 128K of th Servic Gold 99 % 0.77 1.38L e L Silver 50% 0.58 1.04L L Best 25% 0.38 0.69L effort L

1Mbps 2Mbps 5.84L 4.38L 2.92L 12.32L 9.24L 6.16L

Tariff of MPLS VPN
Sl. NO. 1 2 3 4 Bandwidth 64 Kbps 128 kbps 256 Kbps 512 Kbps Tariff per annum (Rs.) 0.77 Lakhs 1.38 Lakhs 1.79 Lakhs 3.69 Lakhs

No Usage Charges. Discounts of 10% on Multiple Ports at Same City. Inter-VPN group communication not permitted.

Though it is not a parallel to MPLS VPN solutions……

Cost comparison with other services (Leased circuits)

The cost of Connecting 9 branch offices to 1 head office at Mumbai will cost Rs. 10.33 Lakhs for 9 links and will increase proportionately till 1 Crore for node to node connectivity. The Cost of Implementing the same with MPLS Solution will be Rs. 7.3 Lakhs. Advantage: huge cost savings and additional advantages of security,reliability,scalability,flexibilit y and a technology which can support all IP services.


Flexible Bandwidth
Enabling Features
Rate limiting
Initial Provisioning 30% of Available Bandwidth Rapid Upgrade 50% of Available Bandwidth

Services Provider Benefits
Granular, flexible tariffs Lower provisioning cost Faster provisioning Rapid response

Enterprise Customer Benefits
Short lead time to respond to needs Pay only for bandwidth that is needed Potential for self-provisioning

Routing Protocol Graceful Restart
Routing Protocol Enhancement
Maintain forwarding under duress Restart neighbor comm. gracefully BGP, IS-IS, OSPF, RIP, Static


Provider Class Delivers Simplicity
draft-ietf-idr-restart-01.txt draft-shand-isis-restart-01.txt draft-ietf-ospf-hitless-restart-00.txt

Multi-megabit Services
Key Technology
Multilink Services PIC
  

Services Provider Benefits
Rapid response Faster provisioning Promote loyalty Leverage T1/E1 ubiquity

Up to 128 bundles Up to 8 T1 or E1 per bundle Bond any-to-any link in a chassis

Enterprise Customer Benefits
Scale up gracefully Pay only for needed bandwidth Faster response time from SP

Multilink Services PIC provides up to 450-Mbps aggregate throughput

Private IP Services
Layer 2 VPNs
Site B Core Value Proposition
IP Convergence Scalable MPLS-based VPNs

Site C

Site A

Enterprise Benefits Provider Benefits
Flexibility – Kompella or Martini ATM, Frame Relay, and Ethernet support Improved provisioning Optimize network investment Maintain own routers Multiprotocol support Affordable mesh of VCs

Priority Services
Value Proposition
Guaranteed bandwidth
Dedicated 40% to VoIP Dedicated 15% to Internet Dedicated 25% to E-Commerce

Enabling Features
High performance Packet classification Filter-based forwarding Packet sampling, counting

Services Provider Benefits
Generate greater revenue from existing customers Potential for new services
20% to Burst Capacity

Class of Service

Enterprise Customer Benefits
Support mission critical applications

Filter-based Forwarding
Site 3

How it Works
Filter-based forwarding to next hop Combine with destination class usage for accounting

Content Filtering Server

Other Internet Bound Traffic


Http Traffic



Services Provider Benefits
Offer new services such as Content Filtering Service selection Wholesale applications
Site 1 WWW ASP1




Class-based Forwarding
Site 3

How it Works
Map IP precedence to a queue Map queue to a next hop Next hop is either an IP address or interface Load balancing works if multiple next hops
Best Effort LSP



Services Provider Benefits
Extra revenue stream

Customer Benefits
Support time-sensitive applications

Site 1

Site 4

MPLS – for all
MPLS features provides flexibility to solve many problems on various platforms and levels. Security, Reliability, QoS, Scalability, Traffic Engineering enables MPLS to be applied everywhere – not directly as a substitution but as a TOTAL SOLUTION…

Innumerable Benefits from MPLS VPN
Redundancy in the routing Non Blocking Data Flow Guaranteed Network Stability (irrespective of the Network Link failures) Pay less and Use More. (as and when the links increases, the benefit is multiplied) Network Strength is passed on to customer continuously.

Relief to the customer ( Network Management)
Single Window Access for Provisioning and Removal of Sites. Identify the fault before it can extrapolate. Localization of fault and rectification is simpler. Better Maintenance & Analysis of Circuit Performance.

BSNL – Committed to its CUSTOMERS
a Total Solutions provider For Networking Equipments we are holding discussions with CISCO, NORTEL, Banyan etc. For Access Equipments with MRO TEK, ASCOM, Teldata etc. For International Connectivity with M/s. AT & T. We want to reach the customer with the solution and with a “TO DO” list… We understand the feelings of OUR customer.

BANKS & Financial Institutions Requirements supported in MPLS VPN
Security, Higher Reliability, Lower Latency and Consistent Performance. Supports Bandwidth on Demand for Time critical Applications(especially during the Year ending etc..) In view of the large number of sites to be connected MPLS VPN becomes very cost effective way of building a reliable network. Substantial savings in operational

Telemedicine. Polyclinic applications. Health check up camps. Online consultations. Remote surgical monitoring.

Software Companies
MPLS VPN provides highly Reliable and secure network for Data transport. Redundancy of data warehousing. Remote office operations. Online development and testing of software packages. Etc.

Airlines,Railways,Road transport,Hotels,Tourism and related industries.
MPLS VPN provides secure and reliable network for Online bookings and confirmations. Electronic payment. On line status information. Other interactive services.

Educational Institutions
To interconnect campus LANs with other LANs and Digital libraries. Bandwidth on demand applications for Virtual class rooms, Seminars and conferences. Secure and redundant connectivity between R&D Laboratories and computation facilities at different locations.

Corporates/ Govt.
MPLS VPN provides Connectivity between office LANs within city and in other cities. Bandwidth on demand applications like video conferencing etc., Remote secure access for mobile workers. Working from home. Connecting Information Kiosks for on line information and e-payments by public.

FAQs what are the benefits to the IP based customers ? Traffic Engineering: the ability to set the path traffic will take through the network, and the ability to set performance characteristics for a class of traffic. VPNs – Using MPLS, service Providers can create IP tunnels throughout their network without the need for encryption or end user application. Layer 2 Transport: New standards being defined which will allow to carry Layer 2 service including Ethernet, FR, ATM etc.

Leading Applications for Site-to-Site VPNs
Cost-effective way to increase remote site bandwidth using DSL or cable. Extend connectivity to smaller offices. Replace high cost frame relay or private line links – international and long-haul. Increase security for frame relay or private lines. Backup network for frame relay. Service provider managed CPE services. Service provider network-based VPN services.

FAQs How is QoS controlled in a Network based VPN ? As providers towards MPLS, where will this leave the Network Based VPN Routers ?

Bandwidth Management and Traffic shaping services can be offered in Network Based VPNs. In future, MPLS Tags can be applied at the edge of the Network Based VPN & QoS parameters can be configured for the VPN. The virtual router in the IP services platform will play the role of an MPLS enabled access router.


Can I view multicast content through our VPN?

                   Yes MPLS VPN supports  multicast

For Any details Contact
Shri Shailendra Agarwal GM(Marketing & Customer Care) Data Networks, New Delhi or Shri D.M.Ezhil buddhan DGM DataNetworks Bangalore.