Music: a part of our lives






Music history .

6 Periods of Music History (may be considered 7) (Ancient) – Doesn’t really count Medieval Renaissance Baroque Classical Romantic Modern .

Babylon. Very little is known about the music of these civilizations. . Mesopotamia.…).This term refers to the music of the Ancient civilizations (Greece. Rome. but it is certain that music played a part in their lives.

Polyphony •Beginnings of Notation – all handwritten .•Music was very simple. •Gregorian Chant •Monophony vs.

Josquin Desprez. Giovanni di Palestrina. .All music can be broken down into two main divisions Sacred and Secular Sacred – having to do with religion Secular – having nothing to do with religion Famous Composers: William Byrd. Claudio Monteverdi.

Bach. Haendel .S. Antonio Vivaldi.Music Theory had advanced a lot since ancient times Major Composers – J.F. and G.

the printing press made music much more readable than ever before. .Bach’s own Handwriting While the notation style is still not the same as today’s.

Music Theory and instruments were mostly formed by now to our modern standards. Major Composers – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Joseph Haydn .

Johannes Brahms . Major Composers – Ludwig von Beethoven. Peter Tchaikovsky. Franz Schubert.Musicians making a living on their own now.

. Jazz.Classical music led to the development of popular music. Hip-Hop In the 1900’s popular music became the dominant style of music. Rock. Blues.

Pop classical. Three different ways that classical music still exists. and new classical. It is not as popular with younger generations as pop music is.Classical music still exists in today’s music world. Retrospective classical. Modern classical is very different than the music it came from. .

Neo-classicism. electronic music. . Schönberg. Stravinsky. Important Composers: Copland. atonality.Classical Music in the 20th century has many different styles. et cetera. serial music.



even though the former is a description of music which is popular (and can include any style) .Pop music (a term that originally derives from an abbreviation of "popular") is a genre of popular music which originated in its modern form in the 1950s. deriving from rock and roll. The terms popular music and pop music are often used interchangeably.

Rock music also drew strongly on a number of other genres such as blues and folk.Rock music is a genre of popular music that originated as "rock and roll" in 1950s America and developed into a range of different styles in the 1960s and later. . classical and other musical sources. and incorporated influences from jazz. It has its roots in 1940s' and 1950s' rock and roll. particularly in the United Kingdom and the United States. itself heavily influenced byrhythm and blues and country music.

Hip-hop is a cultural movement. with some influence from the Latin American population of the area as well. The culture of hip-hop has gone from being a relatively underground style to being a major style throughout the world. best known for its impact on music in the form of the musical genre of the same name. . mostly among African Americans. and it has been commercialized and popularized. in New York City. It has its origins in the Bronx. during the 1970s. especially in the United States.

. Rap was popularized by illustrious rap groups like N.A and Boogie Down Productions in the late 80s.W.Rap is a genre of hip-hop that reflects the violent lifestyles of inner-city youth.

• It is a very fast music • When you listen to jazz you feel happy • We cannot dance on jazz .• Jazz has been invented by black people when they were slaves in America.

How long have you been listening to music ? 8% 23% Since my childhood Since my adolescence Recently 69% .

When do you want to listen to music ? While you walk When you study/work Before sleeping When you're bored Everytime .

Does your choice of music depend on how you're feeling at the moment ? Yes No .

Can a song be equally pleasant in any language ? Yes No .

What makes a song successful ? The melody The lyrics .









African music is a vital part of everyday life in Africa. It is a part of religious ceremonies, festivals, and social rituals. Songs are used for the important events in a person's life (birth, coming of age, marriage, and death). They are used for curing the sick, bringing rain, and religious dances.

.Many Africans believe that music serves as a link with the spirit world. Everyone plays an active part in the musical life of the community. Music is ultimately tied to the things that are most important to the welfare of the people.

. African music uses short bits of melody that are repeated over and over. so that the performance becomes a theme with many variations. Singers or instrumentalists may change them at will.Melodies are usually short and simple.

. several voices will sing different melodies at the same time. or make up a special version of the melody while the other singers continue the original melody. one person may begin to improvise. When performing. Often.

Africans also sing in rounds. . The accompaniment may consist of chords or short melodic patterns that are repeated continually.

What do you think about African music ? Good Not bad Bad .


Asian Music .

.In addition.Japan music There are two forms of music recognized to be the oldest forms of traditional Japanese music. or Buddhist chanting. Tōgaku (唐楽) and komagaku originated from the Chinese Tang dynasty via the Korean peninsula. They are shōmyō (声明 or 聲明?). Azuma-asobi(東遊) and Yamato-uta (大和歌) are indigenous repertories. both of which date to the Nara and Heian periods] Gagaku is a type of classical music that has been performed at the Imperial court since the Heian periodKagurauta (神楽歌). and gagaku (雅楽?) or orchestral court music. gagaku is divided into kangen (管弦) (instrumental music) and bugaku (舞楽) (dance accompanied by gagaku).

played honkyoku for alms and enlightenment. though this music is now often practiced in a concert or performance setting] The samurai often listened to and performed in these music activities. but a verbal and written lineage of many honkyoku continues today. These are single (solo) shakuhachi (尺八) pieces played by mendicant Fuke sect priests of Zen buddhismThese priests. called komusō ("emptiness monk"). in their practices of enriching their lives and understanding . The Fuke sect ceased to exist in the 19th century.Japan music Originating as early as the 13th century are honkyoku (本曲 "original pieces").

What do you think about Asian music ? Good Not bad Bad .

. The number of craftsmen making the instrument has considerably reduced in number. "Ud" also referred to as "ouds" is a popular musical instrument played in Tunisia. Music of Tunisia is well known in the world for a particular kind of music known as Malouf. However. • It is said that it was the Spanish rule that led to the introduction of malouf in Tunisia.The tunisian music • Tunisia Music has earned a popularity among a wide audience base. This genre of Tunisian music bears similarities to the types of music prevalent in other North African countries. Malouf has evolved through generations and the contemporary form of this music has its own distinctive traits. the origin of this music can be traced back to Portugal and Spain. Oud is basically a lute of Arabic origin. Most of the ouds in Tunisia are now made in factories.

Malouf has been called "an emblem of (Tunisian) national identity" . though recordings are relatively rare. much of it Egyptian. especially at weddings and cicumcision ceremonies. Modern malouf has some elements of Berber music in the rhythms .MALOUF Malouf is played by small orchestras. but is seen as a successor to the cultural heights reached by Muslim Andalusia. malouf can not compete commercially with popular music. Nevertheless. sitars and flutes. . The term malouf translates as familiar or customary. drums. Malouf is still performed in public. and it has only survived because of the efforts of the Tunisian government and a number of private individuals. consisting of violins.

Most popular mezwed singers are Heddi Habbouba. Zina Gasriniya. Fatma Bousseha. .Faouzi Ben Gamra.Mezwed •Purely Tunisian music with pop Tunisian touch.Nour Chiba.Samir Loussif. Hedi Donia. Habib el Khal.



Hippie In the 1960-s and 1970-s a hippy was a person who opposed the normal standards of society. .

. and used drugs to explore alternative states of consciousness. and was initially used to describe people who created their own communities. listened to psychedelic rock.The word hippie derives from hipster.

. composed mostly of white teenagers and young adults between the ages of 15 and 25 years old.The hippie movement in the United States began as a youth movement.

and one of their favourite sayings was “Make love. Hippie culture and music. For this reason.Hippies believed in peace. They enjoyed the songs of Bob Dylan and it was at this time that the Beatles wrote songs like “Give Peace a Chance” and “All You Need is Love”. they were also called flower people or flower children. Hippies listened to rock music. not war” When the hippy movement started young people showed their peaceful feelings by wearing flowers in their hair. .

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Unemployment was growing higher and higher. . times were hard.PUNK SUBCULTURE In the mid 1970s. especially amongst the young. and many teenagers felt that society was to blame. A youth culture started up which expressed these negative feelings – punk.

Doc Marten boots and leather jackets. and often had brightly coloured spiked hair.Punks chose clothes that their parents hated. punk fashion . They wore ripped T-shirts.

Punk rock tried to shock people.Punk visual art and music. cut it into Mohawks or other dramatic shapes. Some punks style their hair to stand in spikes. . The punk subculture is centered around listening to recordings or live concerts of a loud. aggressive rock music.

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Let’s know more about punk .




The goth subculture is a contemporary subculture found in many countries. It began in the United Kingdom during the early 1980s in the gothic rock scene. The goth subculture has survived much longer than others of the same era.

Origins of the term
The original Goths were an Eastern Germanic tribe who
played an important role in the fall of the western Roman Empire. In some circles, the name "goth" later became pejorative.

Styles are often borrowed from the Elizabethan. black fingernails. sometimes morbid. Victorian or medieval period and often express Catholic or other religious imagery. dark eyeliner. black period-styled clothing. eroticized fashion and style of dress. goths may or may not have piercings. Typical gothic fashion includes dyed black hair.Gothic fashion Goth fashion is stereotyped as a dark. .

hobbies. . A group of people who feel comfortable within each others company. have different occupations.What‟s goth? Goth in its simplest form. follow different religions. and fashion sense. There is no specific thing that defines what you need to do or be to fit into the goth scene (except of course the implied black clothing). is a subculture. People in the goth scene all have different musical tastes.

Why do people become goths? Most goths become goths because they have been spurned by 'normal' society because the way they want to live their lives does not fit in with how most people are told to live theirs. .

atmospheric music and dress of the post punk scene were clearly gothic in this sense. Certain elements in the dark.Goth fashion and music. . The use of gothic is an adjective in describing this mysterious or aggressive music.

What do you think about Goth ? Good Not bad Bad .

Goth music .

Let‟s see more about Goth .

How to dance goth .

Emo singers .

The other is a label people use to describe a group. Emo is a kind of rock music which describes several independent types of music with common similar roots. . but the term originally came from the Indie music style called Emotive Hardcore. except the lyrics are about emotional things rather than being a rebel. The music: It's basically punk rock. Emo has two different meanings: One is a style of music. The group of teens that use the label say that emo is short for emotional.What does “Emo” mean? Emo is short for emotive or emotional and describes an emerging social trend.

The People: It is a label people give themselves for being apathetic and emotional to an extreme (usually miserable). Both always got a dyed black hair or highlight and the haircuts tend to have awkward sharp angles and are often glossed. but wallowing in it and not wanting it to change. We can see sadness on their face easily. . Emo girls tend to lean more towards late 70's to early 80's fashion. They tend to feel they are misunderstood and that life is not fair to them in specific. They also make up their eyes by black-colour. Emo boys usually wear tight pants (often girls’).

to get attention( some people call that are „fake‟). we can see lots of teens turn to Emo. Expressing their feeling by becoming Emo or by doing turn to Emo they could feel better. It could be a cry for help. . They might turn to Emo to feel alive. There could be another way are stop hurting and making everyone-especially themselves know that they are not invisible.Why do teenagers turn to Emo? Today. most of teens become Emo because of the family‟s affect or they try to control pain. What is the main reasons for that? According to research.

That‟s what we call „fake‟. Some teens think Emo culture is fashion.any time. some teens could do „silly thing‟ to get in Emo‟s style. . Becoming Emo is not really bad but worse than that. some teens could cry any where . they could be sad even and be happy again suddenly at the same time. They might suicide by cutting themselves because they are depress or sad. They just become Emo because Emo‟s style is trendy. By turning to Emo. there for they turn to Emo and want everyone to call them Emo kid. Those teens think that:‟ Emo kids „adore‟ depressing.Some teenagers are not real Emo.

Here. Hannah was a happy 13-year-old until she became an 'emo' .part of a sinister teenage craze that romanticizes death. Why no child is safe from the sinister cult of emo? . There for most of people think there is no safe for kids to become Emo. Three months later she hanged herself.There is a very sad situation about Hannah’s death because of being Emo. Emo is fashion. she came into their room." The following day Hannah's mother Heather went to check on her daughter and found her hanging by a tie from the top rail of her bunk bed. kissed her father Raymond on the cheek and cheerfully told him: "I love you. her devastated mother tells other parents: No child is safe On the night before she died. Dad. As for Hannah.

It's just a music thing. criticisms of emo culture are laughed off by those who consider themselves to be at the heart of it. no right-minded person would listen to it and think: 'Now I'm going to kill myself. music is a very important part in Emo culture so it could effect Emo-kids who have strong emotion. Emos like guitarbased rock with emotional lyrics. Emo is not bad for them because they could find some interest in Emo’s style . "If you listen to the lyrics. but the bottom line is emotional does not mean suicide. they say.As I said. you will see there is nothing that promotes suicide. Inevitably. "Emo has become an easy target for ridicule like this.' ' a self-confessed emo wrote last week on a music website following the inquest into Hannah's death. and anyone who takes it further has something inherently wrong with them. and even if there was. "I don't think anyone can say that there is a link between emo and suicide ? it's just a myth." Those above ideas are teens’ who don’t think people have to cut themselves to become Emo.

Some Emos can handle rejection well. . This is because they have high self-esteem.What happens to teens‟ brains make them get in „Emo‟? As you know. So Emo-teens’ brain do. Some who has low-esteem might put themselves in suicide by cutting wrist. Why do teens do like that? For answer this question. so they become to Emo to get a new culture life. without even the thought of suicide. different teens’ brains work in different ways. we have to think about what makes teens think they want to be Emo. Perhaps. teens get depress they might think they had nothing to live for.

Nowadays. Tv or the developed society.It could be teens are under pressure from family. feelings) is growing fast. studying or friendships which make them feel sad about. It makes them get the strong emotions and feelings about everything around them. . everything could effect teens such as: Internet. The most important thing is they have got strong emotion. Because of the developing Amygdala( the part of brain which control emotions. They just want to get everyone’s attention and they feel that makes them special. It could be their natural essence but vice versa it could be something effects their brain that make them get the strong emotions than the others.

It shows that: Emos or teens who look like Emo but they are not don’t really want to die to prove that they are Emos. That is what somebody calls ‘Crying inside’. By that. some Emos might ‘kill’ themselves by different causes. one teenager who names Sam was death by teasing from his friends. he likes Emo’s dressing and music.Somehow. fault. sad or depress because someone teasing them. . In fact. He’s just only 13. so he was teased by his own friends. Like. Teasing from the people around them damages their brain makes them put themselves into suicide. Somebody thinks Emos are so bad and hates them within the bad attitude about Emos. That makes Emo feel shameful and makes them suicide. They feel bad. Talking and listening to them could be a good method to help Emo-kids. some Emos are teased by their friends or people around them. I hope everyone could understand for Emo but we also need to care more about them. It’s not only their fault but it’s also someone-who likes teasing Emo culture.

That’s self-fish but being Emo might make you happy. becoming Emo could be a psychological development because some teens’ brain would change after affect. People should respect Emo culture because that’s not thing between Emo and suicide. especially the Amygdala. Getting a strong feeling is not really bad.Is Emo culture a psychological development? For many reasons. not bad at all. People don’t have to cut or push themselves toward to suicide to be Emo. If they did something like that. they’d have psychological illness. Having a strong emotions could effect your life because sometimes you don’t really care about what would your family think about you if you turned to Emo. just so you know be what you want to be. Emo culture is just a group of kids who could adore sadness or loves. . Be what you think you would be happy at is more important.

for fears of emo being a "dangerous teen trend" promoting anti-social behaviour. which is connected with suicidal tendencies of teenagers 12-16 years of age.” . a law has been presented at the Duma to regulate emo websites and forbid emo style at schools and government buildings.In Russia. It‟s regarded as negative youth subculture. social withdrawal and even suicide. depression.

some of them got really fun-look hair style .Emos are attractive each other somehow Emo boys who usually look like these above pictures Emo girl usually look like these above pictures.


blueblack hair. Clothing with pink and black coloures.Emo fashion and music. often confessional lyrics. . Emo is a style of rock music typically characterized by melodic musicianship and expressive.


What do you think about eMO ? 14% 56% 30% Good Not bad Bad .


How to draw Emo? .


Music influence .

Everyone knows that music can affect their life in some way or another. It impact on their brains and emotions . They should just enjoy listening to it.people shouldn’t let them affect them in such a huge way. .How can music positively influence us? Music is a powerful thing. But.


arrogance. relaxation. they are reminded of of a particular event. Particular songs are attributed to particular moments or experiences in someone's life. Here we say music provokes memories good or bad. music can stimulate excitement. festivity. anger just to name a few. Here people react to it by dancing or singing along side. Music can also be used to remind someone of the past or worries. . Music heals the soul or makes people forget of their worries. boredom. Therefore at different times.• Music can be used for entertainment. sexuality. such that each times they listen to a song.

it would most likely make them depressed or they would be stressed most of their time. Also. anything really. People may listen to sad music could be because of heartbreak. If people just sit there and listen to this kind of music. but the most popular music that makes people sad would have to be Country people depressed or suicidal . a death of someone they knew. If they have a bad day.Country music usually makes Sad Musi c There isn’t a lot of music that can make someone sad. it just brings people down and it brings up old memories people try to forget about. they are most likely to put on a sad song that they can relate to . they feel the pain and sorrow in the song that’s being sung.

Angry Music : Rock . which can program someone’s mind and creating new beliefs. . Angry music is not the kind of music someone wouldn’t want to be listening to all the time. Rap . They may become destructive to themselves and others around them . Hard Rock . Heavy Metal … Most angry music contains negative.

Angry Music : Rock , Hard Rock , Rap , Heavy Metal …
To themselves :
Since most angry music has songs containing constructive words ,it affects people’s state of mind, sub consciousness, and their behavior.

Angry Music : Rock , Hard Rock , Rap , Heavy Metal …
Other people around them :
Listening to this kind of music had a negative impact of people’s society. Such as, they may be rude to their parents, relative, and to their friends. Also, they would become angry with the world, blaming everything except themselves for their problems. They often become criminals, join various criminal groups, or have problems with t he law.

Listening to happy music just makes you a happier person.

Happy Music :

When listening to music, people can hear the happiness in someone’s voice and it may have a huge impact on them :  It can inspire and motivate people. It may get people pumped to do things they always wanted to do before.  It can inspire them to start something new. Such as, start a new life, career, anything really. Also, if people actually sit and listen to the lyrics, then they would notice that the song is encouraging  It can also help reduce stress, help you relax, and help elevate your mood It can also cheer someone up. It usually reminds them of the good times they had.  It usually gives people hope that everything would be okay


Research has shown that the silence between two musical notes triggers brain cells which are responsible for the development of sharp memory . It has been found to increase memory levels of Alzheimer's and dementia patients. Improves Memory : It is known that music helps increase your concentration levels. It helps improve memory.Music increases Concentration Levels.

 Learning music helps increase self-discipline.  Classical music . cause the brain waves to resonate in synch with the beat. This also trains the brain to change speeds of processing easily. Flute music. and instruments like santoor and sarod are recommended for the enhancement of concentration and memory.  Strong beats.improves the ability to recall what's retained in the brain in the form of memory. . as need be. thus leading to increased levels of concentration and increased mental alertness.

thus giving us an added advantage in other creative tasks. Listening to Mozart's music is known to have a positive effect on the spatial-temporal reasoning. simply put. Music has a positive impact on the right side of the brain. . Music increases spatial and abstract reasoning skills. Music triggers brain centers which deal with the enhancement of creativity. it makes you smarter. Certain ragas are known to activate the chakras of our body. solving puzzles and taking decisions. These are the skills required in tackling problems.Music increases Creativity and Problem-solving Skills Music plays a vital role in enhancing creativity.

Music makes Learning Easier • Have you tried learning anything by combining it with music or rhythm? For example. . analyzing and planning. or learning the alphabet by giving it a tune. Learning beat patterns. thus enhancing one's organizational skills. • This is what music does. The study of rhythm is known to help students learn math. counting with a certain repeating pattern. helps improve math skills. Music stimulates the brain centers that deal with thinking. Or remember learning poetry by reciting it musically? Didn't that help you learn things faster? Basically you can remember songs because they are musical compositions and not plain words lacking music or rhythm. It makes learning easier.


there are different kinds of music that have both negative and positive influence on people who listen to them. It is clear that any societies have special tradition music which are produced through different kinds of tradition instruments and these musics not only are used in many kinds of tradition ceremonies that are hold in these societies but they also are the best symbols of the musics country and when the people listen to them and share them among each other these days.• These days. in fact. they help to broadcast their culture .

and keep it alive through these tradition musics that is being produce by unknown musicians which would not be if the people did not pay decent attention to these musics and and did not use them in their tradition ceremonies • On the other hand. there is some music which is produce by some one who likes to release voice pollution. . Moreover. this people who produce some musics just for voice pollution little by little impact on people favorites and even lead to many different kinds of psychological problems in their societies which is why advent irreversible damage in long term.

it might be a better idea to try to deal with the causes that make these rap singers write such lyrics rather then to impose a censorship over the thins they say. If people try to select some certain musics that are produced by unknown companies. . The lyrics of the rap singers. Indeed. Some people see the vulgar language of rap music lyrics as the main cause for street murders and drug problems of youngsters. music is often being criticised for corrupting children’s and teenagers’ minds. • In conclusion. I think music can have both negative and positive effects on individuals and societies. they can take advantages of these choice and reap the benefits like being calm down or getting good feeling by listening them which would never happened if they listen to any musics that are made by anyone who have psychological problem and like to release voice pollution. reflect the problems in our society and forbidding them to sing about their life will not make the problems disappear. however. More and more parents insist that rap music should be censored and thus made suitable for their kids to listen to.• In nowadays.


and research projects have been performed to try and discover the extent of the power of music. certain patterns of rhythm. . This order includes repetition and changes. This is realized by the body and the human mind performs better when listening to this ordered music. One key ingredient to the order of music from the baroque and classical periods is math. Faster music was found to speed up these same body measurements. It was found that slow music could slow the heartbeat and the breathing rate as well as bring down blood pressure.• Many revealing scientific experiments. most of the research done on music had to do with studying the effects of the beat of the music. The order of the music from the baroque and classical periods causes the brain to respond in special ways. Up until 1970.The key component of music that makes it beneficial is order. and pitch and mood contrasts. studies.

. John Diamond. He discovered that all of the muscles in the entire body go weak when subjected to the "stopped anapestic beat" of music from hard rock musicians. Bachman . The strength of the rhythm is enhanced by the instruments types • Bad influence • An Australian physician and psychiatrist. Dr. Queen. Alice Cooper. Janis Joplin. including Led Zeppelin.• Music is now used in hospitals to ease pain especially during labor. found a direct link between muscle strength/weakness and music.Turner Overdrive. The Doors. or surgery. it is used to put the mentally handicapped in a calmer situation. Two components of music are the rhythm and melody. and The Band.

The eggs would be hard boiled by the music before the end of the concert and could be eaten. Earl W. Dr. a Christian minister and former rock musician. and a "general malaise in adults. Chambers showed that proteins in a liquid medium were coagulated when subjected to piercing high-pitched sounds . He called it a "switching" of the brain.• Dr. remembers that in the 70's teens would bring raw eggs to a rock concert and put them on the front of the stage. Leslie A. • Bob Larson. Diamond found another effect of the anapestic beat. Flosdorf and Dr. learning and behavior problems in children. shrill frequencies prove to also be harmful to the body. • Dr." In addition to harmful. irregular beats in rock music. Diamond said this switching occurs when the actual symmetry between both of the cerebral hemispheres is destroyed causing alarm in the body along with lessened work performance.


The rats were placed into two different boxes.• Tests on the effects of music on living organisms besides humans have shown that special pieces of music (including The Blue Danube) aid hens in laying more eggs. Music can also help cows to yield more milk. Rock music was played in one of the boxes while Bach's music was played in the other box. The rats could choose to switch boxes through a tunnel that connected both boxes. Almost all of the rats chose to go into the box with the Bach music even after the type of music was switched from one box to the other. . Rats were tested by psychologists to see how they would react to Bach's music and rock music. Researchers from Canada and the former Soviet Union found that wheat will grow faster when exposed to special ultrasonic and musical sounds.

Influence of music on teens .


Does Rap music influence violent behavior ? .


Influence of music on our lives .

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