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Group Members

Waleed Fazal Fatima Haroon Abdul Nasir

I would like to acknowledge respected Miss Amina Rizwan for her effort in teaching me and my classmates about report writing and teaching International Business. Our primary thanks to go to the many prime marts who have advanced our knowledge of making the report.

Mission statement :

Our mission is to provide the highest quality fruit and vegetable related juices and products to retail and food services customers

Marketing Mix
Marketing Mix is the set of controllable tactical marketing tools that are product, price, placement and promotion


Pricing Strategy

Shezan when introduced twist juice in the market set the price at Rs. 12/- while the competitive price was Rs. 10/-. Current Price The current price of one 250ml pack of Twist is Rs.15/When we purchase 3dozen of 250ml of Twist than the price of this is Rs.468/-


Some of people who wants to purchases very heavy amount of the twist juice , they come to the company directly and buy which is required The whole seller are purchasing them for the resale able purpose but less then the first once They have Zonal offices in different areas such as Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan e.t.c to make it easy to sell

Distribution Areas

They are distributing in major cities such as:City Name Distributors Lahore 200 Karachi 200 Islamabad 100 Total 500

Shezan is using following mediums for promotion of twist

3. 4. 5. 6.

Billboards Television Radio Newspapers Broachers Internet

Raw Material

Treated Water 75% Fruit Pulp 17% Sugar Citric Acid Fruit Flavor 5%-10%

Process flow

Performance in the Market of the Product

Nestle juice Country juice Tropico Juice Shezan Twist juice International

40% 5% 18% 35% 02%


They have huge capital, they should advertise more. As we have mentioned that Shezan needs to improve its distribution strategy. Shezan is targeting youngsters as a potential and big market for its twist juice so if company supply directly to the schools, colleges and universities it removes intermediaries and due to high profit ratio caf owners will promote Twist compared to other juices.