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Coping with Information Overload: Is your E-mail an E-pile?

Tips and tricks to help organize, maintain and control your email inbox

• • • • • • • • • Introductions Overview of GroupWise 7.0 What’s New – Navigational Toolbar GroupWise Cabinet and folders Adding Columns Categories, Colors and Rules Archiving emails Tips on writing a good email Questions and review

GroupWise 7.0 - Overview
Proxy Access/ Archive Navigational Bar (Colored Bar) Filter box and icon Toolbar View Button

Graphic thankfully used with permission (GW 6.5 training manual)

5 vs.5 2 levels of navigation Category filter symbol 7.0 3 levels of navigation Larger icons Mutable background Customizable tabs Quick Filter (5) 2006 Library Staff Day – Is Your E-mail an E-pile? . 7.GroupWise 6.0 Small icons Fixed gray background 6.

Customize Nav Bar dialogue box appears 4. Right click anywhere along colored toolbar 2.0 has a cool new way to help you access and save emails to your most frequented folders – shortcut tabs along the top of the toolbar To Create Tab 1. Select Customize Nav Bar 3. Navigate to the folder you wish to add and place a check mark next to it 5.Navigational Toolbar – Customizable Tabs GW 7. Click on OK (6) 2006 Library Staff Day – Is Your E-mail an E-pile? .

Right click on colored toolbar 2. Customize Nav Bar dialogue box appears 4. Select Customize Nav Bar 3.Navigational Toolbar – Customizable Tabs GW 7. New tab created! A shortcut to whatever folder you selected is now accessible via the toolbar (7) 2006 Library Staff Day – Is Your E-mail an E-pile? .0 has a cool new way to help you access and save emails to your most frequented folders – shortcut tabs along the top of your screen To Create Tab 1. Click on OK 6. Navigate to the folder you wish to add and place a check mark next to it 5.

Navigational Toolbar – Customizable Tabs II • Cabinet tab not enough? You can add more! – – – Right click to get Customizable Nav Bar Scroll through folder list to find new folder (can drill down as far as you want) Check folder and hit ok • New tab for Book-It now created next to Cabinet (8) 2006 Library Staff Day – Is Your E-mail an E-pile? .

Instead of navigating to the folder you are looking for via the left pane. 2.g. Click on tab shortcut 2. Cabinet) . you can use a “shortcut tab” to navigate first to higher level folder (e. GroupWise opens folder to display messages 1.Navigational Tabs – What do they do? Access • Quickly access and open folders you use most often 1. Navigational tabs can speed up you searching as well.

Drop! (Message disappears) 4. Drag message up to folder shortcut in navigational toolbar 3. to move 2. Highlight message you wish 3. Message has now been 4.Navigational Tabs – Quick Save Save 1. Before 1. After moved to new folder without going through cabinet navigation .

Nav Bar – Changing Layout Colors To Change Layout Colors 1. Right click on colored toolbar 2. Adjust color scheme (8 to choose from!) at bottom 4. Select Customize Nav Bar 3. Click on OK .

GroupWise – Cabinet Introduction • • • Used to sort and store messages Looks similar to Windows Explorer Currently saves until you delete – may change in the future to autodelete in 45 days (like other City departments) Use naming conventions – – • – – Select name that is both descriptive and short Folder name should be easily understood/ deciphered (especially important for shared folders) Length should be no more than two words – short is good! Use consistent punctuation .

Right-Click on the Cabinet Select New Folder You’ll now see the Create Personal Folder Dialog Box (below) . 2.GroupWise – Creating Folders 1. 3.

Enter the Name of the Folder in the next Window – click Next 5. New folder is created (Default is not alphabetical. Use Up/ Down buttons to place) .GroupWise – Creating Folders II 4.

.GroupWise – Creating Folders III 6. Click Finish – ignore everything else. 7. The New Folder appears under the Cabinet.

Inbox to folder 3. 2. Highlight message you wish to move/save Drag and drop email message into folder 1.Cabinet – Adding Messages 1. Email is transferred from 3. 2. .

You can add columns to your mailbox (Inbox) or folders Sorting Columns • Click the Wedge shape in any of the column headers to Sort • Ascending or Descending. NOTE: the Wedge Changes shape depending on Ascending or Descending. • • .GroupWise – Using Columns • Email column headers are similar to those found in Windows Explorer You can sort by column (next step). or add new columns that better suit your needs.

Date. Subject – Size – Category – Folder – Message Status – And many more You can add columns to your Inbox (above) or specific folders (right) • .GroupWise – Using Columns II • Not limited to Name.

Select new column header from list with cursor 3. New column appears New columns are sortable! . Right click anywhere along the grey toolbar 2. 1. – • To add new columns (simple): 1.GroupWise – Adding Columns • Benefits of additional columns: – – Can easily see data/ information that helps you quickly scan emails Only add columns you find useful Easy to add and delete 3.

Select More columns 3. Highlight the column you wish to remove and select Remove . Highlight new column and click Add 5. Select More columns 3. Right click anywhere along the grey toolbar 2. Right click anywhere along the grey toolbar 2.GroupWise – Adding/Deleting Columns • To add more columns: 1. Click OK • To delete columns: 1. You’re now given a choice of dozens of additional columns to add to your Inbox or Folder 4.

or create your own (next slide) . Select a pre-set category. Highlight message you wish to color-code 2. Right click and select Categories 3.Colors and Categories • Create eye-catching emails through the use of color and categories To Access: 1.

Select Edit Color 3. Enter Category name 2. Choose color from available swatch 4.Creating Categories • Categories you select (or create) are fully editable – you can easily add or change name or color To Create New Category 1. New Category will now be viewable the next time you right click on highlighted message To Change Color 1. Click OK . Highlight Category you wish to modify 2. Click Add 3.

Why Categories? • Why Categories? – Quickly add eye-catching color to emails you want/need to see first – Can filter by categories – Can create custom categories and then automatically have emails colored via Rules .

. 2. 3. 3. 2. Set up a Rule Tools - Rules Click New Name rule 1.Rules – Set up To 1.

Appointment. About a specific topic? 3. Define Conditions 1. 5. From a specific person? 2.Rules – Set up II To 1. 3. 4. Mail 2. 4. With a specific word in header? . etc. Set up a Rule Tools - Rules Click New Name rule Select Item Type 1. 2. 5.

From a specific person? 2.Rules – Set up III To 1. etc. Set up a Rule Tools - Rules Click New Name rule Select Item Type 1. About a specific topic? 3. then Run . 4. 6. 6. 3. 2. once you see the Rule Execution complete message box. Define Conditions 1. 5. Hit OK. Mail 2. Appointment. With a specific word in header? You’ll know your rule is working.

What to do with Rules Why Rules are cool • Create a rule to automatically color specific emails when they come into your email box • Create a rule that will automatically move emails into a specific folder Note: This is where you set up your out of office and vacation rules too! .

GroupWise .Archive • Archive protects items from being Accidentally Deleted. What to Archive • Old correspondence • Closed or obsolete projects • Emails related to completed past events Why Archive? • Tidies up your Inbox and folders – decreases amount of email • Removes emails you aren’t using/accessing on a regular basis • Might one day be the only way to save emails longer than 45 days . you may need to use the Archive feature to Save E-Mail Messages to Keep Records of Substantive City Business. Depending on your job requirements.

You can archive either from the main Group Wise mailbox (right pane) or from a folder (on left). reminding myself to archive at the start of each month. Message (or folder) disappears and is sent to your Archive Helpful Hint I send myself a recurring appointment at the start of each year. Locate email (or folder) you wish to Archive and highlight 2. Right click on message (or folder) and select Move To Archive 3. .GroupWise – How To Archive 1.

Select Archive Method 2 • Click on File and select Open Archive . Click on Online above your mailbox Name 2.GroupWise – Opening Your Archive There are two ways to open your archive: Method 1 1.

GroupWise – Navigating the Archive • You can always tell if you’re in the Archive as it will say (Archive) – Novell GroupWise – Mailbox • To un-archive any message 1. This unchecks the box and moves the message back to your Inbox • To return to mailbox. uncheck Open Archive . Highlight message and right click 2. Click on the checked “Move to Archive” 3.

you don’t have to keep it • Not all email needs to be saved – – – – What can be deleted General City or Dept. “all” notices Notices from IT Requests for general information Personal emails Remember: Delete after you read! .GroupWise – What Not to Keep • Rule of thumb: If someone else has it.

250).GroupWise – Fine Print • City Employees Should Retain Electronic Records That Contain Substantive City Policy .http://sclweb/dpp/misc/EMailuse. Retention of Electronic Records from . • Scope of Requirement . most electronic documents generated for a City purpose. are subject to the State open records act (RCW 42. A useful rule of thumb is that electronic records.g.For all routine/non-policy notes.This is equally true for both paper and electronic records. messages. Excel. or transmittal letters short-term retention in the employee’s mailbox is sufficient.Like most paper records. All policy correspondence and reports (either messages or attached files) should be archived on individual hard drives or on the City Light server. Word.htm . e-mail. regardless of the format (e.17. including e-mail messages. should be composed with the same care given a comparable paper memorandum.) • Most Records are Subject to Public Disclosure .

Tips on writing good emails .

This is more paper than the Legislative Dept. of Neighborhoods combined. Personnel. to be exact) . part-time and temp) • If everyone prints just one email a day… – 11.000 x 52 weeks = 2.5 Space Needles! (953 ft.. and the Dept. • Bottom-line: If everyone can print one less page per day. the City will save nearly 3 million sheets – that’s more than 1.000 sheets x 5 = 55.000 sheets a year – That’s 5720 reams.000 – approximate number of City of Seattle employees (regular.000 sheets a week – 55.860.Emails and Printing • 11.

Recap • • – – – Introduction to the new GroupWise 7.GroupWise 7. but re-archive to save again • • • • Introduction to categories and colors Short intro/demo on Rules Overview of what to keep and not to keep Confidence in finding old emails = less likelihood you print for fear you’ll never find again .0 .0 navigation bar and quick tabs Introduction of GroupWise Cabinet How to create and organize emails by project or topics Organized similar to Windows Explorer How to add and sort columns • – – – Introduction to GroupWise Archive Emails are saved longer than 45 days Same file folder structure as In-box Un-archive to reply or forward.

Thank you! .