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Control Engineering

Syed Sohail Ahmed Assistant Professor, UET Taxila

Course Objectives
Course Objective: This course strikes the balance between theory and practice. While the undergraduate student needs a firm foundation in the theoretical aspects of the subject, it is also important that he or she be exposed to real world of engineering design. The reason for this approach is twofold. First, an introduction to real world problems serves as an motivating factor. Second, it eases the transition from academia to industry.

Course Objectives
Following are the main goals for this course.

To guide the students through the key steps involved in system identification and system simulation To provide a hands-on experience in extracting mathematical models from raw input-output data, with emphasis from a user viewpoint To familiarize the students with some common and important functions collected within the System Identification Toolbox of MATLAB. To expose the student to acquisition of real data from a real physical system of their choice, and to go through the entire modeling and simulation process. Concerned with the analysis and design of a closed-loop systems.

Pre Requisites
Prerequisites by Topic: Basic concepts in Linear Algebra
Laplace Transform Basics of MatLab

Course Staff
Syed Sohail Ahmed
Tel: 051-9047592 Email:

Teaching assistant:
Tel: Email:

Course Discussion Forum

Discussion / mailing list Discussions, queries, announcements, everything!

Web page to join the group: Click on Join this group You must provide name & roll no in your request

Course Schedule
Class lectures
Thurs :11:30 am 1:45 pm. Sat: 10:45 11:30 am

Lab Sessions
Mon: 8:30 10:45 am (G2) Sat: 8:30 10:45 am (G1)

Midterm exam
Tentative: Mid of May2008

Assessment and Grading

Quizzes Labs Assignments
6 (or more) assignments will be given Late assignments are not accepted!

05% 05% 05%

Midterm exam Final exam

10% 100%

Marking Policy
Relative marking: marks are given according to the class standing of a student
Average marks of the class will be approx centered around 70. Approx 10% of the top students will get More than 90.

Assignments / Projects
Its your responsibility to regularly check the course yahoogroup for important notifications Assignments will usually contain:
Questions on course topics, research papers, etc. Late assignment / project is not accepted

Lab Sessions/MATLAB
Lab sessions will be conducted by the TA
These sessions must be attended by all the students.

Academic Honesty
Your work in this class must be your own For the first infraction, all involved students will receive 0 marks
If they are found to have collaborated excessively or to have cheated e.g. by copying or sharing answers during an assignment, project or examination

Further infractions will result in failure in the course

Course Material
Reference books
No single textbook covers the whole course!

Lot of research papers!

Many will be recommended and given in assign

Web resources
Tutorials, white papers, reports, etc.

Text Books
Phillips & Harbor, FeedBack Control Systems, 1st/3rd/4th edition (Prentice-Hall) References: Richard C. Dorf & Robert H. Bishop, Modern Control Systems, 8th edition (AddisonWesley Series) J . J . DAzzo, FeedBack Control System Analysis & Synthesis,2nd edition (McGraw- Hill)

Course Contents
Introduction of Linear Control systems Models of Physical systems Masons Gain Formula State Variable Modeling Simulation Diagrams System Responses Time and Frequency Response specifications

Course Contents
Stability Analysis
Stability by Simulation Control Systems Characteristics Steady state accuracy Root-Locus Techniques Root-Locus Design Frequency Response Analysis Bode Diagrams Nyquist Criterion


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