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This shot is usually used to portray the scene in which the chapter/film will be shot. Usually shown at the beginning of the video, this shot tells the user where the scene will be shot as well as the weather of the location.


A long shot is similar to an Extreme Long Shot, although its is usually slightly more zoomed in. This shot usually includes a person and is used to portray the characters location and situation. It can also be used to portray the emotion of the character, i.e. loneliness.


The mid shot is extremely useful when attempting to portray a characters emotions, giving a general idea of the actors feelings and thoughts.

CLOSE-UP The close up is a very emotional shot, giving a deep insight into the characters mind and thoughts. This is especially useful during emotional or romantic scenes, as well as dramatic shots.


This shot emphasises on emotion. This shot is usually used to portray shock or awe, and can prove very effective during a dramatic or stunning scene.

BIRDS-EYE VIEW The birds-eye view is very useful when setting the scene. This shot can also be used to give an impression of insignificance, making huge structure or crowds seem ant-like. The shot can also be used to show the locations of certain places in the films or when the film location jumps from one area to another.


The high angle can also be used to portray insignificance. shot can be used to suggest that the character has a lack of power.

EYE-LEVEL SHOT An eye-level shot is often used to create a relationship between the character and audience. This shot allows the audience to relate to the character, showing that they are equal to us.


The low-angle shot portrays power and is often used when showing a dangerous or important character. The shot can also be used to exaggerate the size of an object or structure. This shot can also help create fear, of the character or structure, in the mind of the viewer.

CANTED ANGLE The canted angle shot can is often used to suggest imbalance or movement, this shot is often used in horror films.