• Leader who can influence thinking, decision making and action of other members. • A behaviour that affects the behaviour of other people more than their behaviour affects that of the leader. (Lapiere an Farnsworths) • The art of process of influencing and supporting others to work enthusiastically towards achieving objectives or goals. (Temenbaum).

Types of Leader:
• Leadership due to pre-eminence by unique achievements. • By position or virtue of position. • Person who emerge in the group and help the group to determine and achieve their objectives (situational Leader).

Leadership style:
• Autocratic Leadership / Authoritarian / Directive / Monothetic Style. • Democratic Leadership / Participative / Consultative. • Laissez – Faire Leadership.

Decision Making (Cognitive Response) Diagnosis (Clarifying Simplifying) Planning (Over viewing Progressing) Awareness (Situation Analysis) Directing (Strength & Weakness) Decision Making Behaviour (Emotional Institutive responses) Drive (Insisting)

Qualities of a Good Nurse Leader
• Possess sound knowledge, efficient administrative skill in the area of working. • Prepare a master plan, in advance to carry out the activities in a smooth manner with scheduled time. • Established good inter-personal relationship with fellow workers and win the confidence of the followers. • Formulate the job recruitment policies selected the candidates for varied positions by following organization policies.

Qualities of a Good Nurse Leader cont… • Delegate the responsibilities, by prepared chart, encourage group work, team spirit inspire the members for cohesiveness. • Co-ordinate interdepartmental and intradepartmental activities. • Conduct counseling sessions with affected employees during problematic situations; help them to cope up with traumatic experience

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